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Roller Fly Screens

Hideaway protection from flying pests, midges and pollen.

This discrete and effective roller fly screen for windows and doors is our all-time best-seller.
Offering stylish protection from flying pests or pollen, it is easy to install and operate - hiding away when not in use.
Easy to operate: Simply pull down when you open your window (or pull across for door screens). A tilt of the bottom rail to release, and the insect screen will smoothly retract into its slim-line cassette.
Available with a choice of mesh types (fly screen, midge mesh, pollen mesh and pet resistant fly screen mesh) and with either white or brown aluminium profiles.
Suitable for the home, conservatory or business and is custom made to your measurements.

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    Why buy our Roller Fly Screens?

    Slim-line, Hideaway Screen:  

    System 41 Roller Insect Screens comprise of a 41mm roller cassette containing a roller tube, mesh and spring mechanism. The mesh is pulled over the window or door with colour-coded handles. The mesh runs between 30mm x 22mm guide rails and either pulls closed to a window sill, or for opening lights without a sill, pulls to an L-shaped closing profile. Beyond its slim-line aesthetics, the beauty of the system is that when your door or window is not open, the screen simply retracts smoothly back into the cassette and you can forget about it. You don't need to take the screen down and store it away outside of the summer season. 

    Custom Made to Your Measurements & Specification: 

    Unlike many low-cost roller screen products, our screens are hand-made in our UK-based factory to the sizes that you enter and the specification that you select during purchase. This means that when you receive your screens they are ready to install, without any awkward trimming hassle. All of the hard work is done for you in our factory!

    Choice of Mesh Types: 

    All of our roller insect screens are available with a choice of mesh. You choose from:

    • Fly Screen mesh - standard gauge fibreglass mesh - keeps out flies, spiders, wasps, bees and most other insects.
    • Midge Mesh - a finer gauge mesh which will additionally keep out small midges often found in the highlands of Scotland, and elsewhere. 
    • Pet Mesh - standard gauge, but hardwearing and "claw resistant". This mesh is ideal for those who wish to let fresh air inside on summer days and evenings but have exuberant pets who might otherwise tear standard mesh to shreds! 
    • Pollen Mesh - Our finest mesh, designed specifically for those suffering from pollen allergies, such as hay fever. Enjoy fresh air but keep pollen (and insects) out!

    Unique Brake System:

    Our screens are spring operated and free from operating chains, which can get tangled and pose a hazard to younger children. In addition, all of our screens feature a unique and 100% reliable brake system which slows down the recoil of the screen. This prevents the screen from clattering back into its cassette when released, eliminating the risk of damage to the product or worse still, harm to trapped or pinched fingers! 

    Strong, Long Lasting Powder Coated Aluminium Profiles: 

    Unlike other screens which use flimsy plastic or lightweight metal profiles, our screens use rigid corrosion-proof aluminium, protected with a strong powder-coated finish, which is available in either White RAL9010, Brown RAL8014 or popular Anthacite Grey RAL7016. For special "project" requirements additional RAL colours are available and we can even powder coat to custom RAL colours. In the UK, as most windows open outwards, our screens are most often installed internally. However, they are designed to withstand the rigours of year-long external installation. So you can be sure that both mesh and profile will not deteriorate for many years!

    The UK's Best Selling and Most Established Roller Fly Screen: 

    We've been selling our roller insect screen system in the UK since 1994, exclusively. That's a track record of over 25 years, during which time it has been used in both commercial and residential environments. Its proven quality, durability and sleek, discrete aesthetics have found our system installed as part of major long-term contracts furnishing military accommodation for the UK Ministry of Defence and US Airforce.

    Suitable for business and food preparation areas:  

    Our roller insect screens comply with all current and proposed European Community regulations - see regulation no. 93/43 EC on hygiene in foodstuff preparation.

    Convinced Yet? Have a look at our roller fly screens for windows or single and double doors and buy online with fast UK delivery! You can also check out our full collection of fly screens here.


    Frequently Asked Questions about Roller Fly Screens


    Do retractable fly screens work?

    Retractable insect screens are compatible with big and small apertures, ranging from windows and single doors to french doors and bi-fold doors. They are an excellent way to keep unwelcome pests such as flies, wasps and creepy crawlies at bay without obstructing your view. No matter the size of your window apertures, retractable fly screens will not let you down.

    Are retractable fly screens good?

    In comparison to other types of fly screens, such as framed window fly screens, velcro mesh screens, mesh panel screens and hinged door fly screens, retractable fly screens is an excellent solution. The main benefit of retractable fly screens is that when the window or door is not open, the mesh screen itself rolls away onto the tube that is concealed in the cassette. Because of course, your door is closed the majority of the time, especially out of the summer months, the screen is rolled away the majority of the time protecting it from damage and build up of dirt and grime. Screens that are permanently in place and have the mesh exposed 365 days per year are at greater risk of damage, both to the frames and to the mesh itself.

    How long do retractable screen doors last?

    Since the mesh of the fly screen is retracted when it is not in use, the mesh fabric is protected the majority of the year from UV radiation, dirt, and weather elements. As a result, retractable screens will outlast ordinary flat framed screens by a large margin. In the winter, there is no need to remove and store the screens. We have customers that are still using their retractable roller fly screens 10 to 15 years after they were purchased. Although life span will of course depend on usage and fair treatment.

    What is the difference between a retractable screen door and a sliding screen door?

    Retractable screen doors feature a spring loaded roller cassette on one side of the door into which the mesh rolls up out of the way. The screen is pulled across using a sliding bar, running in top and bottom rails, and latches into a magnetic profile. Sliding screen doors are flat framed screens containing mesh which slides in top and bottom channels. Of the two types of screens retractable screens are more discrete and tend to be long lasting.

    How do retractable fly screens work?

    A retractable fly screen is similar to a roller blind. Instead of decorative or shading fabric, fly screen mesh is used and rolls onto the tube, which is contained in an aluminium cassette. The blind itself is spring-loaded, and operated using a handle on the hem bar. For a window configuration, the screen runs in side channels, left and right and is pulled down to the window sill which creates the 4th side of the frame. When not in use, the mesh screen rolls away out of sight into the cassette. The cassette and side channels are slim-line and discrete in appearance so the screen is not visually obtrusive when in use or when rolled away.

    Can you see through net blinds?

    Yes, net blinds are made from a fine mesh material that allows light and air to filter through while still providing privacy and protection against insects. However, the level of privacy depends on the thickness, colour and tightness of the mesh weave. For example, white mesh actually more visible than traditional grey mesh, and thus provides more of a visual barrier. There are different grades of mesh depending on what you wish to keep out - standard fly screen mesh is least visible and provides the best view out, whilst anti-pollen and anti midge nettings are both tighter weave, and made of thicker fibres in the case of midge netting, therefore the view out is slightly less.


    Can you have nets and blinds together?

    Yes, you can have fly screen nets and blinds for solar protection and decoration together. Insect net curtains or blinds can be used as a protective layer for windows and can be paired with other types of window treatments such as roller blinds or curtains for additional privacy and light control. Usually one of the solutions would be fitted in the recess or against the window opening, leaving space for the other solution to be positioned further forward in the recess or outside of the recess.


    How does a pull-down screen work?

    A pull-down screen is a type of retractable screen that can be mounted on a window or door frame. In the case of a window, the screen is housed in a cassette at the top of the frame and can be pulled down manually to cover the opening. For doors, the cassette is usually situated at the side, and pulled across. When not in use, the screen can be retracted back into the cassette, providing an unobstructed view. When pulled down (or across), the screen is held in place with a locking mechanism, usually a magnet or latch, and can be released with a simple touch to retract the screen.

    What is the installation process for a door screen?

    The installation process for a door screen from is straightforward and user-friendly. Each of our door screens comes with a detailed step-by-step installation guide, and no professional experience is needed.

    However, if you encounter any challenges or need any form of assistance during your installation process, our team is always ready to offer support. Remember that the proper installation of your door screen is imperative to its functioning and longevity.

    Do your roller fly screens also include door fly screens for UK homes? 

    Yes, at NewBlinds, we do offer a range of roller door fly screens UK for our customers to choose from. A roller fly screen door uses the same components as a roller window screen, with the screen effectively turned on its side. The roller cassette is fixed at the side of the door, with guide rails on top and bottom. Single doors have a magnetic u-profile that the roller screen sliding bar snaps securely into. Double screens have a roller cassette on either side, pulling close to the middle, held in place with magnetic strips on each of the sliding bars. We ensure the utmost quality and durability in all our products so that you can enjoy a bug-free environment at your convenience in the UK.

    How easy is it to install a roller window fly screen from

    It's surprisingly straightforward to install a roller window fly screen from It’s a simple case of screw fixing the bracket into which the cassette is clipped, and also screw fixing the two side channels. Each product comes with a user-friendly instructions guide that details step-by-step procedures on how to correctly fit your fly screen. Moreover, if you encounter any problems during installation, our customer service team is always ready to offer assistance.