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Whether you are concerned with child safety or whether you are simply aiming for clean and simple aesthetics, cordless blinds are a tidy and safe solution which removes the need for dangling cords and chains.  

We can offer a range of blind types including cordless roller blinds and cordless blackout blinds. Our selection includes several 'no-drill' blind systems including Perfect Fit and INTU blinds, which are operated with a discrete tab handle on the hem bar of the blind.

Another option for cordless blind control includes operation by control rod for vertical blinds and panel blinds. For many blind types such as roller blinds, vertical, venetian and pleated blinds, operation by battery or mains powered motor is available with control by handset, wall switch, app or voice assistant. 

You can select a blind type below and browse our wide range of stylish fabrics. Free fabric samples are available. Or you can obtain an instant price and buy online with fast UK delivery.

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    Voile and Sheer Roller Blinds

    Our collection of voile and sheer roller blinds are perfect for rooms where you would like to benefit from diffused daylight, whilst maintaining a sense of privacy. A modern alternative to voile or sheer curtains, our voile roller blinds can be operated by chain or, for the ultimate in convenience, by an in-built motor.


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    LUCID Sand Electric Voile Roller Blinds

    LUCID Sand Electric Voile Roller Blinds
    Electric Roller Blinds, Battery Powered Roller Blinds

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    Privacy Roller Shades

    Our range of privacy roller shades offer both enhanced sun-shading and privacy as a simple roller blind, which can be operated by either a traditional chain or an integrated motor. Available in a range of popular colours, this durable translucent fabric will allow a degree of natural light to pass and provide privacy from the outside world.


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    SECLUSION Cream Electric Roller Blinds

    SECLUSION Cream Electric Roller Blinds
    Electric Roller Blinds, Battery Powered Roller Blinds

    £64.55 + VAT
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    SECLUSION Oyster Electric Roller Shades

    SECLUSION Oyster Electric Roller Shades
    Electric Roller Blinds, Battery Powered Roller Blinds

    £64.55 + VAT
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    SECLUSION Storm Electric Roller Blinds

    SECLUSION Storm Electric Roller Blinds
    Electric Roller Blinds, Battery Powered Roller Blinds

    £64.55 + VAT
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    Blackout Roller Blinds

    For those looking to darken their rooms by reducing light levels, our blackout roller blinds are a great solution. Available in a soft palette of popular colours, our durable blackout fabrics will block light, significantly lowering light levels. They can be operated by a simple side-chain or, for the ultimate convenience, using an in-built motor. Note that some light will seep around the edges of the blind.



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    PVC Wipe-Clean Blackout Roller Blinds

    Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens or any other steamy, humid or wet environment, our PVC roller blinds use a PVC fabric that is water-resistant and can be wiped clean. Equipped with fire-retardent and anti-microbial coatings, this highly durable fabric is also blackout, so is an ideal option for nurseries, as well as medical and educational environments.


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    Frequently Asked Questions about Cordless Blinds

    Are cordless blinds worth it?

    The term ‘cordless blinds’ tends to refer to blind types that do not require a cord (or chain) for operation. Instead, they may be operated using handles on the hem bars, crank handles or motors. If you're searching for a safe, fashionable, and easy-to-use window treatment, cordless blinds are an excellent choice. Not only are they safer for families with young children or pets, but they also have a sleek appearance that complements any design scheme.


    How do cordless blinds stay in place?

    Depending on whether your cordless blind is operated by a tab handle on the hem bar, a crank mechanism or a motor, the blind will be held in it’s current position using the motor or crank mechanism. Blinds with handles on the hem bar, tend to rely on some form of tensioning cords internal to the blind to maintain their current position.

    How do cordless blinds pull down?

    Cordless blinds with a tab handle on the hem bar can be lowered simply by pulling down on the bottom rail using the tab handle. Conversely, raising cordless blinds is as easy as sliding your hand under the bottom rail and lifting it up. Blinds with motors can be operated using a handset or app. And blinds with crank handles are operated by winding the handle.


    Do cordless blinds last longer?

    Cordless blinds operated with motors and cranks can be more durable than cord or chain-operated blinds. By comparison, blinds with tab handles that rely on internal tensioning cords may be susceptible to longer-term fraying of the tensioning cords, which may lead to them needing re-cording. However, if treated with care, all types of cordless blinds should have a long life.

    Why won't my cordless blinds stay up?

    A common problem with cordless spring-operated roller blinds is that they can drop down on their own and refuse to go back up if the spring tension fails. This indicates that your spring is completely relaxed. The spring may need to be re-tensioned or replaced. You should contact the supplier of the blind for re-tensioning instructions.

    Are cordless blinds durable?

    Shades without cords are more safe, long-lasting, and easy to use. Hanging cords or operating chains present a danger to small children and whilst such chains and cords now legally have to be fitted with child safety devices, the best option as far as child safety goes is to opt for blinds without any operating cords or chains.  Whether operated instead by motor, crank handle, spring or tab handle, cordless blinds can be durable. Those with handles or springs can be opened or closed just by using your hands to pull them up or down. Those with motors or crank handles require no contact with the blind itself, reducing or eliminating much of the wear and tear involved in their operation. The most durable cordless blinds are motorised or crank operated. 


    Can you wash cordless blinds?

    Dusting and cleaning are typically all that's needed to keep cordless blinds looking brand new. Spot treatment with warm water and a light detergent can remove even deeply ingrained stains. Refer to the fabric manufacturer's care instructions for details on how to clean each fabric.

    Why are my cordless blinds so hard to pull down?

    Depending on the method of operation, if your cordless blinds suddenly stop lowering, you can try a few things to get them working again. Firstly, always check for obstructions that are stopping the blind from lowering. For motorised blinds, check the power or battery of your motor, or if the remote's batteries need replacing. For crank-operated blinds, ensure that the crank mechanism of the blind is securely located in the roller tube. For cord-tensioned or spring-operated blinds, difficulty in pulling your blind down may be a sign that the blind is over-tensioned. Refer to the manufacturer for instructions on how to re-tension.


    How do cordless blinds stay up?

    Typically, for blinds operated using a tab handle on the hem bar or by moving the hem bar itself, there is a tensioning system or spring concealed within the top rail of a cordless blind or shade. This mechanism prevents the blind from travelling down under its own weight. Motorised blinds and crank-operated cordless blinds are held in the up position by the motor or crank mechanism itself. These are systems that will only move up or down when power is applied to the motor, or when the crank mechanism is wound by the handle.


    How do cordless roller blinds work?

    Cordless roller blinds use a spring-loaded mechanism within the roller tube that allows the blinds to be raised or lowered without the need for operating cords. Instead, the blinds are operated by simply pushing or pulling the bottom rail of the blind to raise or lower it to the desired height. Cordless roller blinds from the Perfect Fit and INTU brands are installed without screws directly to the frame of the window, up against the glass. Their hem bars run within side frames or side channels, that allow the blind to be operated to any position between the top and the bottom.


    Are cordless roller blinds safe for children and pets?

    Yes, cordless roller blinds are generally considered to be safer for children and pets than blinds operated by cords or chains. Corded blinds can pose a strangulation hazard if the cords are within reach of very young children or pets. Whilst this risk will be mitigated by using safety breakers or tensioning anchors and ensuring that chains and cords are an appropriate distance from floor level, cordless blinds eliminate this risk altogether and are considered to be ‘safe by design’.


    Can cordless roller blinds be motorised?

    Yes, cordless roller blinds can be motorised for added convenience and ease of use. Motorised cordless blinds can be controlled with a remote, a smartphone app, or a voice assistant, allowing you to raise or lower the blinds from anywhere in the home, or even outside the home. With the appropriate accessories, such as a home hub, motorised cordless blinds can even be programmed to open and close automatically at set times of the day.

    Do cordless blackout blinds completely block out light?

    Cordless blackouts are designed to block out as much light as possible. The fabric used for these blinds is specifically designed to block out light and prevent it from passing through the window. However, some light may still seep around the edges of the blinds. Some blind types have bigger gaps around their edges than others. Some types include cassettes and side channels specifically designed to reduce the ingress of light. So, light ingress will vary according to the blind type and features, and how well they have been measured and installed. If the light exclusion is critical to you, we would suggest consulting with your blinds retailer to select the best product for your needs.

    How do I use a Velux remote control?

    To use a Velux remote control, you will need to first pair it with the blinds if the blind is not already paired. Once the remote control is paired with the blinds, you can use it to open and close the blinds using the up and down buttons on the handset, simply pressing the buttons for a second.

    Are Perfect fit window blinds cordless blinds?

    Yes, perfect fit window blinds are cordless blinds. The majority of perfect fit blind types are operated by a handle on the hember. Certain types can also be motorised using battery powered motor.

    Are white wooden shutters cordless?

    White wooden shutters are cordless. Our Perfect Fit Shutters are operated with a cordless tilt wand which is attached to each of the slats in the shutter in order to operate them all in unison. If you are looking for a safe option for homes with children or pets, then cordless ‘no drill’ Perfect Fit Shutters are a good choice. Rather than being made of real wood, they are made from a robust and hard-wearing PVC which gives them the look of painted white wooden shutters but makes them wipe clean and waterproof.

    Are cordless skylight blinds safe?

    Yes, cordless skylight blinds are safe. They do not have any cords that could be a hazard, especially for children and pets. You can open and close cordless skylight blinds using a wand or, where the blind is motorised, a remote control, without having to touch the blinds themselves.

    Are there cordless no drill blinds for the bathroom?

    Yes, there are cordless no drill blinds for the bathroom available. These blinds are typically installed using a grip fit headrail or clip-fix beading brackets, so there is no need to drill any holes in your bathroom window frame or in any surrounding tiling. Grip Fit blinds are a good option for window recesses with tiling which have enough depths for a standard blind. Clip-fit blinds such as Perfect Fit are mounted directly to the window drame itself. They are a good option for windows where the recess is not deep enough for standard blind, or where the window sills are used to store or display items.

    What types of blinds are suitable for French doors?

    We offer a variety of blind styles and colours to choose from, ensuring you'll be able to find what suits your aesthetic These range from Rollers and pleated to Vertical even electric blinds. Best of all, our blinds to fit French doors are bespoke made to ensure a perfect fit every time. So, you can benefit from the privacy and shade of the blinds, without sacrificing the elegance of your French doors.

    What types of cordless blinds do you offer and how are they operated?

    At, we offer a variety of cordless blinds including our range of bead-fit blinds and electric blinds. One of our popular options is the electric honeycomb blinds. These are cordless and use battery power to operate. They can be opened or closed with the help of a remote control, allowing for the ultimate convenience, safety, and sophistication in home window coverings.

    Are cordless blinds safe and easy to use for my home?

    Cordless blinds from are perfect for homes with children and pets. They eliminate the risk of entanglement with cords. Additionally, our cordless blinds are easy to operate, and they give your windows a clean, clutter-free appearance. We are also one of the premier online stores for perfect fit blinds, offering a range of cordless options for your windows. You can also enjoy hassle-free installation with our perfect fit blinds, as they don't require any drilling or screwing.

    Can I use cordless blinds on small roof lanterns?

    Our blinds for roof lanterns are motorised so do not use a cord to operate the blind. However, as they are for horizontal or angled windows they are tensioned with a cord so they will not droop/sag with gravity.

    Can Perfect Fit Blinds be used on uPVC windows?

    Yes, perfect fit blinds are specifically designed for use on uPVC windows. To add, these custom-made blinds are cordless, making them super safe for households with children and pets. You can effortlessly install them without the need for any drilling or screwing. Choose from our wide range of colours and styles to perfectly complement your interior décor.

    Can I get cordless blinds that don't require drilling for installation?

    Yes, at, we offer a range of no-drill blinds UK. These hassle-free blinds are designed to be easy to install, without the need for drilling or screws. They come with unique click-fit clips for your convenience, making window dressing a breeze. Whether you want a roller, pleated or Venetian style, you'll find the perfect cordless, no-drill solution in our extensive range.

    What varieties of cordless blinds do you offer for doors?

    We offer a wide range of cordless blinds suitable for UPVC doors. Specifically, we have our popular INTU door blinds and Perfect Fit blinds. These are ideal for integrating into your door without any need for drilling or screwing, offering a clean and streamlined look.

    What are the benefits of Cordless Blinds?

    Cordless blinds offer a multitude of benefits: they provide cleaner aesthetics with no unsightly cords hanging down, contributing to a minimalist environment. They are child-safe, as there are no cords that children or pets can become entangled in. Our cordless range includes various styles and types, many are tensioned like our Rollers for Velux windows being particularly popular for their ability to block out light, ensuring complete privacy and tranquillity.

    Can I install cordless blinds on my bay windows? 

    Most of our cordless blind range is also suitable for fitting to Bay windows It does of course depend on your bay and the space available and the window type that you have. Cordless blinds give your windows a sleek and stylish look, while also ensuring child safety by eliminating the need for hanging cords. Take a look at our bay window collection for further details.

    Can I use roller blinds for my patio doors?

    Our range of cordless blinds includes motorised roller blinds perfect for patio doors. With these innovative automated roller blinds for patio doors, you can easily control the amount of sunlight entering your home while maintaining your privacy. Designed with a sleek, modern look, our patio door roller blinds are available in various colours and patterns to match your home's aesthetic. They're also safety-enhanced with no external cords, making them an ideal choice for homes with children or pets.

    Do you offer fitted electric blinds?

    Yes, at, we specialize in providing a variety of cordless blind options which include fitted electric blinds. Not only are these innovative blinds custom-made to fit the specific size of your window, they offer convenience, safety, and a sleek, modern aesthetic to any window in your home or office. They are available with fast and free UK delivery and free fabric samples so that you can see the quality, colour and texture of your fabric choice before you buy.

    Can I utilise cordless blinds for my conservatory?

    Cordless blinds are an excellent choice for conservatories. Our blinds for the conservatory create a modern touch and offer an optimal level of light control. Being cordless, these blinds are a particularly safe option for households with children or pets. You can select from a range of different styles and colours to best suit your conservatory’s style and aesthetics.

    Can I install electric blinds at my bifold doors?

    Yes, you certainly can. Our electric blinds for bifold doors are a perfect solution for providing privacy, controlling sunlight and enhancing the aesthetics of your rooms. They are cordless, making them a safe option for households with children or pets. Moreover, they come with a remote control for easy operation. Available in numerous styles and colours, our electric blinds ensure a neat and stylish appearance.

    How do I install my new Velux electric blinds?

    The roof blinds are one of the easiest blinds to install. Velux electric blind installation instructions are straightforward to follow and do not require expert knowledge. You can see the instructions on the link below we also have a video version as well if preferred.
    Instructions-Installation-Solar-Powered-Electric-VELUX-Blinds.pdf (

    Can I get cordless blinds in wide wooden designs?

    At, we offer a diverse range of options for cordless operation. One of our most popular choices is our cordless motorised wide wooden blinds. These not only offer a high degree of convenience but also add a touch of elegance and warmth to any room.

    Do you offer a cordless electric option for Venetian wooden blinds?

    Yes, we're pleased to offer electric Venetian wooden blinds which of course require no operating cords. Electric wooden blinds combine the classic appeal of wooden Venetian blinds with the contemporary convenience of electric operation. This allows you to adjust the lighting and privacy levels of your room with just the touch of a button.

    Can I install cordless blinds in my kitchen, specifically over the sink area?

    Cordless blinds, especially battery-powered motorised blinds are an excellent choice for kitchen window blinds over the sink. They offer ease of operation, safety, and a modern and streamlined look. Cordless blinds in materials such as PVC or aluminium are highly resistant to moisture and humidity, making them suitable for areas around the sink where water spray is common.