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No Drill Fly Screens

If you live in a rental property, then you may not be able to drill holes in any windows, painted or plastered surfaces. This makes it very hard to make your rented property into a home, since everyday comforts such as window blinds and curtain rails normally require drilling and screwing to install. In summer months also, your rented property can get stuffy and uncomfortable. In many parts of the country, letting fresh air in also means letting in flies, wasps and a host of other creepy crawlies. So, in addition to our popular no-drill blinds collection, we have also now launched a collection of 'no drill' fly screens. There is a no-drill fly screen for every budget, ranging from temporary to more permanent solutions. They are the perfect insect protection solution for the windows and doors in your rented home. Browse our collection below. Many of our solutions are available for delivery in just a few short days. So order today and receive 'no drill' fly screens, so that you can enjoy the comfort of having fresh air circulating in your home, within days!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What options do I have if I need an insect screen solution for my home but I want to avoid drilling?

    Perfect for those who would rather avoid drilling, our no-drill roller fly screen blinds are an ideal choice. They are easy to install with a simple friction fit mechanism. Use an allen key to adjust the end caps of the cassette and the guide rails so that they push outwards into the walls and sill of the recess, using friction to hold the screen in place. Our roller fly screen blinds are attractive, discrete and highly effective at keeping insects out. They cause no alteration or damage to your window or door frames or recesses making them ideal for renters or those who are not confident with drills. Plus, they are really easy to remove for cleaning or storage.

    Do you offer fly screens suitable for patio doors?

    Yes, fly screen for patio doors is a popular application of our products. In particular, our double roller screens, pleated door screens and sliding door screens are particularly suitable for large recess openings such as patio doors, allowing you to enjoy fresh air and views without the nuisance of insects. They also ensure high airflow and visibility. 

    Do I need any special tools to install my no-drill roller fly screens?

    Once the product has been trimmed to size and assembled (for which you will need a saw, screwdriver and tape measure), you will not need any special tools to install your no-drill roller fly screens other than the allen keys supplied. The beauty of this product is its simplicity and ease of installation. You simply move the window screen into position within your recess and adjust the end caps of the cassette and the end caps of the side channels using the allen keys, so that the end caps expand to grip the recess. This means it’s quick and easy to put up and take down, perfect for those hot summer months when flies can become a problem. Plus, there’s no need for drilling or screwing anything into your window frames, making it an ideal solution for renters or anyone who doesn’t want to damage their frames.