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Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are ideal for the bedrooms of children & night workers, or those who enjoy an early night in summer. Many of our blinds have blackout fabric available. When browing our online shop, you can locate these fabrics by selecting the "Blackout" check box in the "Light Control" section of our "filter and search" feature. We also have a selection of products with additional features such as head cassettes and side channels that limit light ingress even further, as explained below.

Roller Blinds are perhaps the most popular form of blind used for light control. Our manual blinds are available with blackout fabrics and our 230v mains powered blinds have the option of a closed cassette and side channels to reduce incoming light even further.

Loft blinds - Our excellent quality, own brand skylight blinds for VELUX, RoofLITE, FAKRO and DAKSTRA feature light proof fabrics in a range of popular colourways. These also have fascia and side channels that serve to block out the light even further, making them extremely popular for those who have converted their loft space into an extra bedroom.

Blinds can be used in conservatories to transform them into a temporary bedroom in warmer months. Many of our blinds types are suitable for conservatories sides. We also have the option of a free no-obligation, home consultation for those who have tricky shaped roof windows or simply wish to receive expert advice..

Pleated blinds are available with cellular fabric. The lifting cords of the cellular pleated blinds, run through the honeycomb structure of the fabric meaning there are no visible holes in the fabric itself. Whilst standard 'zig zag' pleated blinds are available in black out fabric, light does shine through these holes, so for a clean looking, light proof fabric, we would recommend selecting cellular fabrics. 

Electric Blackout Blinds: Many of the blinds in our automated blinds section can be purchased with blackout fabrics. Our Motorised Roller Blinds in particular can be purchased with head cassettes, side channels and bottom profiles to enhance light exclusion. These performance of these blinds in terms of their ability to limit light ingress are suitable for most home and commercial installations. 

For those who need the ultimate in light control, we are also able to supply ZIP blinds Each side of the roller blind fabric features a "zip" which has been welded to the edges of the fabric. The blind has a head cassette and unique side channels which encapsulate the edges of the fabric and trap the zip, reducing the amount of light ingress and also retaining the fabric in the side channels under impact or during changes in room pressure caused by opening and closing doors and windows or strong draughts. ZIP blinds are a popular choice with those who have home cinemas. ZIP blinds are also available as roof blinds for challenging, large atrium, sloping or sky light windows. They are available as manually operated blinds, or can be motorised and controlled by radio handset, mobile app, AV or home automation system. Each ZIP blind is unique, so please contact us if you require further information or a quotation on 0161 494 9616 or by emailing [email protected].
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