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SOMFY Electric Curtain Track
SOMFY Electric Curtain Track

SOMFY Electric Curtain Track

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If you are looking for an electric curtain track in order to automate your curtains, then look no further than our SOMFY Electric Curtain Rail. 

Endless Control Possibilities

Curtain rails can either be controlled wirelessly using SOMFY's radio protocol known as SOMFY RTS, or they can be controlled directly by wire by connecting them to a 230vAC Relay provided by a smart home system or building management system (BMS). Where wire-free control is chosen, curtains can be controlled by a handset, wireless wall switch, mobile app, voice, or by Smart Home. Wireless control by smart home, mobile app or voice assistant each require bridge devices.

Completely Wirefree Options

For those who are looking for retrofit automation, our SOMFY Irismo RTS Wirefree and Movolite RTS Wirefree battery-powered curtain rails are the ideal solutions. Adding that touch of convenience and the luxury of automating your curtains without having to channel out plasterwork and lay mains power cabling is priceless at the later stage of a refurbishment project or in a scenario where you simply want to upgrade from a manual curtain rail to an automated one. Both Movelite and Irismo battery-powered motors are operated by radio which means they have rich possibilities in terms of control - handset, switch, app, voice or smart home. Batteries are rechargeable and integrated with the motor and will require charging every 6 to 12 months depending on size, load and usage. Amazingly, the Irismo motor is capable of pulling 40kg of curtains on a  maximum rail width of 10m, with the Movelite having a 35kg and 6 metre limit, which is still impressive for a battery-powered product.

Compatible with Popular Curtain Styles

In addition to standard 3'' pencil pleat style curtains, our electric curtain rails can be manufactured to be compatible with the increasingly popular wave style of curtain header with 60mm or 80mm spacing. Not only this, but you can also choose for your curtain rail to pull a single curtain to stack at either the left or right-hand side, or a pair of curtains to stack equally to each side. We'd recommend speaking with your curtain maker prior to placing an order for your curtain track since both track and curtains will need to be manufactured according to the same choices.

Powerful Enough for Wide Windows and Heavy Curtains

When configuring your curtain track, you will see that the motor choices detail the maximum weight that can be operated by that motor along a straight track. Our Glydea mains-powered (230vAC) electric curtain tracks can pull up to 60kg of curtain across a rail up to 10m wide. Our battery-powered Irismo motor will also operate rails up to 10m wide, but with a smaller weight of 40kg. If you have smaller spans or weights, then you can also consider our cost-effective SOMFY Movelite ranges

Please note that for split draw curtains, electric rails with widths over 4m will need to be fabricated with a joint for transit purposes. One-way draw rails will be jointed over 4.8m. The rail will arrive with you 'folded' with joining plates allowing you to securely join the two lengths of rail together. The curtain operating belt which is driven by the motor will be supplied in one piece within the curtain track profile.

Options for Every Budget

Electric curtain rails will have a massive impact on the comfort, convenience and style of your home. Automating your curtains to close to keep heat in your home can also have a great impact on its energy efficiency given that 25% of heat loss occurs via windows and doors. However, automating your curtains needn't break the bank, with our new range of Movelite mains-powered and battery-powered motors.

Custom-made to your sizes with fast UK delivery

All of our high-quality electric curtain rails are hand-fabricated to your exact sizes and specification here in the UK.


  • Blind Type: Electric Curtain Track
  • Operation: Motorised
  • Motor Type:
    • Battery Radio Operation
    • 230vAC Radio Operation
    • 230vAC Relay Operation

Can you motorize curtains?

Curtains can be motorised by purchasing an electric curtain track such as the SOMFY Glydea, Irismo or Movelite motorised curtain rails. Such curtain rails are automated with a motor which is powered either by mains (230vAC) or a rechargeable battery. Electric curtain rails can be controlled wirelessly by radio handsets or wall switches, mobile app or voice assistants. Or they can be operated by wire using a smart home 230vAC relay. The rails can either pull a single curtain to one side or draw a pair of curtains apart so that they stack equally to each side of the window or door.


How does an electric curtain work?

It's important to first point out that there is no such thing as an electric curtain. It is actually the curtain track that is motorised. An electric curtain track is powered either by mains electricity (230vAC) requiring a standard 3-pin plug socket nearby or a switched fused spur. Or it can be powered by an integrated battery, which will require charging once in a while - normally between every 6 and 12 months depending on size, load and frequency of usage. Normally electric curtain tracks have a motor positioned at one end of the track, covered by the curtain itself. When the motor receives a signal, which is either a radio signal from a handset or input from a wired relay, the curtain motor pulls a rubber belt, which is looped the length of the curtain rail and back. Attached to this belt are the curtain runners, which in turn are connected to the curtain header by curtain hooks. As the belt is driven by the motor, the curtain is pulled either open or closed depending on the direction of the signal.


How much do automated curtains cost?

Automated curtain rails have become lower in cost over the years, with the advent of more cost-effective systems such as SOMFY's Movelite, which uses the same rail and belt system as their original Glydea system, but a motor which can pull less load (35kg rather than 60kg). Prices range from £226 for a small mains-powered Movelite relay or radio-operated track, up to £1430 for 9.5 metre wide Irismo battery-powered radio-operated rail. A relay or radio-operated Movelite mains-powered track is £519. Prices listed are correct at 12th October 2022. Prices also exclude the curtain itself, which is not supplied by, currently.


Which curtain motor is best?

Which curtain motor is best for you depends on several factors (1) availability of mains power; (2) weight of curtain; (3) Size of rail and (4) Preferred method of control.


Can I use electric blinds and curtains on UPVC windows in my bathroom?

You can use electric blinds on UPVC windows in your bathroom, especially thoise with low voltage battery powered motors. Electric blinds are a great option for bathrooms because they are easy to operate and can help keep the room cool. When choosing electric blinds for your bathroom, it is important to choose a blind that is made from a moisture-resistant material. We’d also recommend against installing in areas where it may come into direct contact with splashes of water or where the humidity and moistur levels are too high. Electric curtains are probably not as suitable since curtain fabrics tend not to be water, mould or mildew resistant.


How difficult is curtain and blind fitting?

The difficulty of curtain and blind fitting depends on the type of blind and the installation method. Curtain rails are often long in width and it is critical that they are installed level, so you will need to be fairly competent and know how to use a spirit level and a power drill. Some blinds, such as perfect fit blinds, are really easy to fit yourself, since they don’t require any drilling or screwing

Electric Curtain Tracks and Child Safety

Child Safe By Design - Motorised Operation: Electric Curtain Tracks are be operated using an integrated motor. We call this ‘Child Safe by design’ as there are no looped cords or chains required to operate the blind.

About Child Safety

At, child safety is of paramount importance. If left hanging freely, chains and cords from blinds can pose a direct threat to children. For this reason, we are working towards all of our products being cord-less or chain-free and therefore “safe by design”.

Where it is not yet feasible to supply a product that is “safe by design”, we ensure that the product is fully compliant with Child Safety legislation. Not only do we ensure that, where necessary, our products are supplied/fitted with child safety cleats/devices, but we also supply, free of charge, these items to our previous customers.

Click the link above to inform us of your requirements. To learn more about the BBSA ‘Make it Safe’ campaign and blind cord safety, you can watch the video below.