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Perfect Fit Shutters

Perfect Fit Shutters are now available to buy online from Available in two colours to coordinate with your window frame colour. These 'no-drill' shutter blinds simply clip fit into your window beading in minutes with no need for drilling or screwing, making them perfect fit shutters suitable for quick and easy installation.

Thanks to this cost-effective and innovative product, you can get the look of traditional plantation shutters at a fraction of the price without the long wait times. They are so easy to measure and install—no need for a joiner or installer with our quick fit no-drill shutters! Select a colour below and enter your prices for an instant price. Buy online with quick delivery within the mainland UK.

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    Arctic White Perfect Fit Shutters

    Arctic White Perfect Fit Shutters

    £27.49 + VAT
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    Cotton White Perfect Fit Shutters

    Cotton White Perfect Fit Shutters

    £27.49 + VAT
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    Measuring and Installing Perfect Fit Shutters

    For a measure and install guide, watch our super-simple, step-by-step Perfect Fit Shutter video instructionsOtherwise, please take a look at our product video below and read more about this new innovation!




    Frequently Asked Questions about Perfect Fit Shutters

    What are Louvolite's Perfect Fit Shutters?

    If you have ever dreamed of having beautiful plantation shutters at your window dressing but have been discouraged by the cost, then you aren't alone. Great news from British window blind component and fabric manufacturer Louvolite has launched an innovative shutter product that is easy to measure, quick, and simple to install and is available to buy at a fraction of the cost of existing plantation shutters.

    Can you manually close an electric VELUX?

    Electric VELUX roof windows can be closed manually by releasing the chain from the ventilation flap in the event of a power outage or dead battery. VELUX blinds which are motorised cannot be over-ridden manually and can only be operated from the handset, switch or app.

    Are solar powered VELUX blinds any good?

    Solar skylight blinds provide several advantages. They don’t require hard wiring, cabling, or an electrician to make connections. They are low maintenance because the battery is constantly being charged by the solar panel, ensuring continuous operation and a good night's sleep. They are radio-operated, meaning they can be controlled using a handset or even the VELUX app.

    VELUX app control allows for seamless voice control of your electric VELUX blinds, enhancing air quality and temperature regulation. By using VELUX intelligent home control, you can ensure a good night's sleep by easily managing light levels in your children's rooms and living rooms. Installing electric or solar powered blinds in your VELUX roof window can improve your home's indoor climate, providing fresh air and optimal temperature control.

    All of these benefits become especially important where your blind is out of reach - as once installed you will not need to physically access it to either operate or maintain it. In addition, they provide all the benefits of a manually operated VELUX blind, whether that be privacy, complete blackout, heat or glare control.

    How are VELUX blinds powered?

    VELUX have a choice of electric and solar-powered blinds. Electric blinds are ideal for installation at VELUX INTEGRA windows, which feature a discrete power supply which provides power to the blind. Solar-powered blinds are also available and are ideal for standard VELUX roof windows. No mains electricity is required, and there are no tricky cables or wiring as these blinds feature an integrated solar panel that keeps the built-in battery charged.

    What are the best wide blackout blinds?

    Wide blackout blinds are a great option for windows that are wider than 120 cm. The most effective at darkening the room would be the Roller blinds. They can help block out sunlight and provide privacy while also adding style to your décor.

    Are there no drill blinds and shutters available for UPVC doors?

    Yes, there are no drill blinds and shutters available for UPVC doors. They are a great option for renters or homeowners who want to avoid damaging their doors, and they are also a good choice for those who want a blind that is easy to install, remove and maintain. No drill blinds for UPVC doors are available in a variety of blind types, including roller, pleated, Venetian, wooden and shutters. There is a wide range of colours available, so you can find the perfect ones for your home.

    What other products does Louvolite offer under the Perfect Fit range?

    Perfect Fit Blinds by Louvolite are an innovative product that allows different styles of window blinds to be installed directly to the frame of your window or door without the need for drilling or screwing, making them perfect for UPVC windows. Perfect Fit Roller, Venetian, Wooden, Vision, Pleated and Cellular blinds are simply and satisfyingly snap-fitted to your window, mounted on brackets that slide between the glass and the beading of your window and door.

    What are the structural benefits offered by Perfect Fit Shutters?

    As they are fitted directly to the window frame, of course, this means that window sills are kept free. Also when opening panes are opened, the Perfect Fit Shutter moves with the opening pane, rather than having to open the traditional shutter in order to open the window.

    The panel of the shutter is fixed in place against the window frame and does not swing open, providing a seamless look that integrates perfectly with your UPVC windows. The horizontal shutter louvres can be tilted to any angle, giving you full control over light and privacy. You can tilt them fully closed to block out light and allow full privacy. Or rotate them open to allow daylight while still offering a degree of sun protection and privacy.

    Ahead of what will be a much-anticipated launch in Spring 2023, we were given a 'sneak-peak' of the Perfect Fit Shutters product at a recent industry show. The product is a natural extension of their existing and popular Urban Shutter product, combined with their best-selling and highly innovative Perfect Fit Shutter lite no-drill blinds range.

    What visual appeal does Perfect Fit Shutters offer?

    From the outside of the property, Perfect Fit Shutters will offer that classic traditional aesthetic offered by any other window shutter product, giving your home a seamless look. From the inside, the Perfect Fit blinds appear less clunky and more slim-line in comparison to other joiner-fitted shutter products.

    How are Perfect Fit Shutters different from other plantation shutters?

    Measuring and installation of plantation shutters have previously required a highly skilled professional fitter, but Perfect Fit Shutters differ by being easy for anyone to install, effectively saving time and effort. By completely 'de-skilling' the survey and installation process and eliminating the outer frame, therefore reducing the materials required, Perfect Fit Shutters clip provides an innovative shading solution that significantly reduces the overall cost compared to traditional shutters.

    What benefits does Perfect Fit Shutter offer?

    Custom manufactured to size using durable and striking poly-silk vinyl, Louvolite's Perfect Fit Shutters require no tools, no drilling, and no screwing, making them an innovative product that saves time and provides a perfect fit to your windows. Because Perfect Fit Shutters will simply clip fit directly to your existing window frames, they will not require the usual outer framing, making them easy to wipe clean and maintaining their perfect fit.

    How long do VELUX solar blinds last?

    Genuine VELUX solar-powered blinds and shutters are warrantied for 3 years, but in reality, may last a lot longer so long as they are not mistreated and are correctly installed. By comparison, our own brand solar powered blinds for VELUX skylight windows have a more limited 1 year warranty. Handset and wall switches used to operate solar powered blinds should last you about two years under normal use.