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Pet Screens

Pet Screens

Pet screens are flyscreens for windows and doors which contain specially designed extra-strong tear-resistant mesh called TuffScreen (a.k.a Pet Mesh).

Pet screens allow those with pets to keep doors and windows open and fly screens deployed without fear of the mesh being torn to shreds by over-exhuberant pet cats, pet dogs or pet birds! 

If you are looking for a way of letting your cat in and out without opening and closing your fly screen, look no further than our cat flap for hinged fly screen doors.

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    We also have a wide range of fly screen kits for doors and windows whichcan be used with Pet Resistant mesh, instead of standard fly screen mesh. Simply purchase your choice of kit and select the appropriate metrage of Pet Mesh

    *Will your screens keep my pet inside? 

    To date, many of our customers happily use our standard fly screen mesh to keep smaller pets indoors whilst allowing fresh air to circulate. The primary function of pet screen mesh is to keep out insects with the added benefit of being more durable than standard mesh, in the face of pets, large and small. However, let's not forget that pets can be determined and strong creatures. So, if you want to be 100% sure that your pet stays inside, we would always recommend using supplementary measures.

    More about Pet Mesh: "TuffScreen" a.k.a. Pet mesh is a heavy duty vynl coated polyester mesh that is 3 times stronger than standard fly screen mesh. It is resistant to pets, tears and punctures. It is thicker than standard mesh but is still flexible which makes it idea for use in our most popular fly screen systems.