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Pet screens are flyscreens for windows and doors which contain specially designed extra-strong tear-resistant mesh called TuffScreen (a.k.a Pet Mesh). Pet screens allow those with pets to keep doors and windows open and fly screens deployed without fear of the mesh being torn to shreds by over-exuberant pet cats, pet dogs or pet birds! 

Pet screens, also known as cat-proof window screens or cat-safe window screens, are specially designed-flyscreens for windows and doors. Say goodbye to torn mesh caused by playful cats, energetic dogs, or curious birds. 

Now you can enjoy a refreshing breeze without the worry of your pet damaging your fly screens. Embrace worry-free relaxation with cat-proof blinds, your reliable companion for a harmonious indoor-outdoor experience.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Screens


    What is a Pet screen?

    A Pet Screen is a fly screen that incorporates a hard-wearing mesh that is more resistant to the claws of household animals. 


    Will your screens keep my pet inside? 

    To date, many of our customers happily use our standard fly screen mesh to keep smaller pets indoors whilst allowing fresh air to circulate. The primary function of pet screen mesh is to keep out insects with the added benefit of being more durable than standard mesh, in the face of pets, large and small. However, let's not forget that pets can be determined and strong creatures. So, if you want to be 100% sure that your pet stays inside, we would always recommend using supplementary measures.


    What are the different types of Pet Screen?

    We have a number of different screen types that can be purchased with Pet Mesh. Our most popular and long-lasting is our hide-away roller screen which is available for windows and doors. In addition, for doors, we also have hinged and sliding systems -  and for windows, simple framed screens. For those who wish to replace the mesh on an existing screen, we also offer mesh by the metre.


    What makes a screen pet resistant?

    A standard flyscreen can easily be torn or damaged by exuberant pets, especially those with sharp beaks or claws. A pet resistant screen features a special pet-proof or claw-proof mesh which is woven using PVC-coated polyester yarn, which is seven times more durable than untreated nylon or fibreglass. This mesh is more resistant to the claws and beaks of cats, dogs and birds, but remains flexible enough to be used in both framed mesh fly screens and roller screens.


    What screen material is best for pets?

    If you are looking to keep flies and other insects out of your property, but you already have pets, then you should consider pet mesh which is a vinyl-coated polyester. Also known as high resistant and claw resistant mesh, pet mesh is both flexible and up to 7 times stronger than the usual fibreglass screens, is used to make great pet-resistant fly screens in various formats ranging from framed fly screens to roller insect screens.

    Does pet screen really work?

    The material used in pet screens is not only more long-lasting, but it also allows for superb air circulation, doesn't obstruct the view outside, and effectively separates the indoors from the outdoors, preventing flies and other insects from entering your property during those warmer months. Whilst, pet screen keeps out flies, let’s air freely circulate and stands up to rough treatment by smaller pets, you should be careful when considering it as a means of keeping pets indoors. Some people use it successfully for this purpose with smaller pets. But we would also recommend a supplementary method of keeping your precious pet indoors.


    Are there any cheap, perfect-fit blinds available?

    Yes, there are a number of cheap, perfect-fit blinds available. The lowest cost option within the perfect fit range are venetian blinds. But within the other blind types there are always entry level options with lower cost plain translucent fabrics. These can be a good option for people on a budget.

    Are shutter blinds in the UK pet-friendly?

    Yes, shutter blinds in the UK can be pet-friendly. Perfect Fit Shutters are made from robust PVC materials. These materials are strong and durable, and they can withstand the wear and tear of pets.

    How can a pet screen also protect my home from insects?

    A pet screen is just a fly screen that uses a special toughened mesh which is able to better withstand the claws of pets such as cats, dogs and birds. In addition, it may withstand impact from birds, cats and smaller dogs.

    Because this mesh is simply a more robust version of fly screen mesh, aside from standing up to punishment from your pets, our pet screen of course serves as a robust and reliable fly screen. This dual functionality ensures that homes with pets can have long-lasting fly screens that prevent flies and other insects from entering whilst allowing fresh air to circulate. The open weave mesh structure of the fly screen ensures insiders a good view and breathability while keeping the insects out.

    Can I use a chain door curtain as a pet screen?

    Yes, you can certainly use a chain door curtain as a pet-resistant fly screen. It provides a suitable alternative to traditional fly screens. A chain door curtain allows your pets to walk through easily while keeping bugs and flies out. At New Blinds, we offer a variety of chain door curtain options, designed to be durable and easy to install.

    Do you offer retractable fly screens in the UK suitable for homes with pets?

    Yes, at, we offer retractable fly screens UK with different types of meshes including our ‘tuffscreen’ pet-resistent mesh which is ideal for homes with pets. This reinforced mesh not only provides excellent protection against insects but is also robust enough to withstand the usual wear and tear caused by pets.

    Can your pet screens be used as fly screens for uPVC doors?

    Our pet screens are extremely versatile and can certainly be used as fly screens for uPVC doors where installed within or around the recess of the door. Our pet screens are made from a tough, durable mesh material that will withstand rough treatment from your pet. They are of course highly effective in preventing flies and bugs from entering your home or business. They are perfect to be installed at uPVC doors, maintaining good air circulation while keeping unwanted pests out.

    Can I use pet screens on my windows? Will they be able to withstand the damage caused by pets?

    Yes, the mesh used in our pet screens is specifically designed and manufactured with durability in mind to resist damage caused by pets. Pet screens are essentially like normal window screens but rather than standard fibreglass fly screen mesh, they include a robust mesh material that can withstand scratching and clawing by pets while also keeping insects out. Our pet mesh will allay any concerns you might have about replacing window screens frequently due to pet-related damage. Once installed, these pet screens provide a long-lasting solution.


    More about Pet Mesh

    "TuffScreen" a.k.a. Pet mesh is a heavy-duty vinyl coated polyester mesh that is 3 times stronger than standard fly screen mesh. It is resistant to pets, tears and punctures. It is thicker than standard mesh but is still flexible which makes it ideal for use in our most popular fly screen systems.