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Electric Roller Blinds

For the ultimate in convenience, our electric roller blinds feature mains-powered or battery-powered motors from leading suppliers including SOMFY, Louvolite and Shade Flow. Take advantage of the latest in modern technology and control your blinds with ease.

- Battery Powered Roller Blinds: Ideal to be retro-fitted where mains power is not available. Easy wire-free installation with options for control by radio handset or wall switch, smart phone app. SOMFY battery-powered blinds can be integrated with Alexa, Google Home and other big-brand smart home systems via a range of hubs and bridges. Shade Flow bluetooth roller blinds can be controlled directly from your smart phone - no hub required!

- Mains Powered Electric Roller Blinds with Radio Operation: If you have a mains power supply at your window, then our radio-operated 230vAC electric roller blinds are a great solution. Choose either SOMFY motors or our own brand NEWBLINDS quiet radio motors. Control using a handset, wireless wall switch, mobile app, or voice assistant. Smart home integration is available!

- Mains Powered Electric Roller Blinds with Operation by Wired Relay: For wired integration integration with Smart Home Systems and Building Management Systems (BMS), select our relay-operated roller blinds. Your choice of Genuine SOMFY motors or great value NEWBLINDS quiet relay motors.

We have a fabric range featuring hundreds of colour choices and Patterns. Order Free fabric samples!

Are you seeking trade electric blackout blinds for a commercial automation or smart home project? Or if you're a residential customer needing pricing or support on more complex blind requirements. Fill out our project enquiry form to receive advice and pricing from our friendly smart blinds team.

Choose a fabric from our full range to meet your shading needs, suitable for any window pane or door type. Browse and choose from hundreds of color choices and patterns. Free sample swatches available!

BUY ONLINE from SOMFY Accredited Expert Retailers and experienced shading automation experts. Select your fabric, enter your measurements and configure your new electric blinds. 

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    Voile and Sheer Roller Blinds

    Our collection of voile and sheer roller blinds are perfect for rooms where you would like to benefit from diffused daylight, whilst maintaining a sense of privacy. A modern alternative to voile or sheer curtains, our voile roller blinds can be operated by chain or, for the ultimate in convenience, by an in-built motor.


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    LUCID Sand Electric Voile Roller Blinds

    LUCID Sand Electric Voile Roller Blinds
    Electric Roller Blinds, Battery Powered Roller Blinds

    £64.55 + VAT
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    Privacy Roller Shades

    Our range of privacy roller shades offer both enhanced sun-shading and privacy as a simple roller blind, which can be operated by either a traditional chain or an integrated motor. Available in a range of popular colours, this durable translucent fabric will allow a degree of natural light to pass and provide privacy from the outside world.


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    SECLUSION Cream Electric Roller Blinds

    SECLUSION Cream Electric Roller Blinds
    Electric Roller Blinds, Battery Powered Roller Blinds

    £64.55 + VAT
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    SECLUSION Oyster Electric Roller Shades

    SECLUSION Oyster Electric Roller Shades
    Electric Roller Blinds, Battery Powered Roller Blinds

    £64.55 + VAT
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    SECLUSION Storm Electric Roller Blinds

    SECLUSION Storm Electric Roller Blinds
    Electric Roller Blinds, Battery Powered Roller Blinds

    £64.55 + VAT
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    Blackout Roller Blinds

    For those looking to darken their rooms by reducing light levels, our blackout roller blinds are a great solution. Available in a soft palette of popular colours, our durable blackout fabrics will block light, significantly lowering light levels. They can be operated by a simple side-chain or, for the ultimate convenience, using an in-built motor. Note that some light will seep around the edges of the blind.



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    PVC Wipe-Clean Blackout Roller Blinds

    Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens or any other steamy, humid or wet environment, our PVC roller blinds use a PVC fabric that is water-resistant and can be wiped clean. Equipped with fire-retardent and anti-microbial coatings, this highly durable fabric is also blackout, so is an ideal option for nurseries, as well as medical and educational environments.


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    Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Roller Blinds

    How do I control my electric roller blinds using a voice assistant?

    Roller blind control by mobile app or voice assistant is enabled using a hub, which can be connected to your WiFi network. Examples include the SOMFY TaHoMa Switch or SOMFY Cruze TaHoMa Mini. These simple hubs can be used with electric roller blinds fitted with radio operated SOMFY RTS branded motors. These motors can be mains powered or battery operated.


    Is it possible to integrate electric roller blinds with a Smart Home System?

    It is possible to integrate our electric roller blinds with many brands of Smart Home Systems including Control4, RAKO, Crestron, Lutron, Fibaro and LightwaveRF, to name but a few! You will need to select the correct motor type to ensure compatibility with your smart home system. If your smart home system is equipped with 230v wired relay outputs, then you will need to select a relay-operated motor, which will then be hardwired directly back to these relay outputs so that the blinds will be controlled by wire. If your smart home system can output RS485 signals then you can purchase and connect a SOMFY RS485 RTS Transmitter and use this to wirelessly control radio-operated roller blinds with SOMFY branded motors. An RS485 Transmitter is a useful "bridge" device in that once connected to your smart home system it can control up to 16 blinds or 16 groups of blinds wirelessly. These blinds can be either mains powered or battery operated.


    Do you offer battery-powered electric roller blinds?

    Yes! Battery-powered roller blinds are a fantastic solution for situations where customers would like roller blind automation, but do not have the cabling and power in place to install mains-powered blinds. There have been superb advancements in battery-powered motors in the last few years, and we can now offer a range of roller blind motors which have rechargeable batteries integrated within the body of the motor, which is itself concealed within the roller blind tube. Our battery-operated roller blind motors can power blinds up to 3m wide, and can be controlled by handsets, wireless wall switches, mobile apps or voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. They can even be integrated with many brands of Smart Home system such as Control4, Crestron, Lutron and Rako.


    What about blinds for extra wide windows or doors?

    Our STRONG Extra Wide Electric Roller Blinds are available for blinds up to 4 metres wide or up to 4.75 metres drop. Built with a robust 63mm diameter tube and heavy-duty fixing brackets our STRONG roller blind system is designed to cover wide-span windows and doors with minimal tube deflection. The system is available with 230vAC radio-operated or wired relay-operated motors.


    What are concealed electric roller blinds?

    Concealed electric roller blinds are motorized blinds where the mechanism, brackets and tube of the blind are hidden inside of a ‘pocket’ that recessed within the ceiling or within the top of the recess. When the blind is fully raised the fabric disappears into the pocket providing a sleek, unobstructed look to the window.


    How do concealed electric roller blinds work?

    Concealed electric roller blinds need to be considered during the planning stages of your build or refurbishment so that enough space can be allowed for the ‘pocket’ to be fabricated or installed. Pockets can either be constructed by your joiner, or pre-fabricated pockets can be purchased which are designed to accommodate blinds. An example of a pre-fabricated pocket is the BlindSpace pocket, which is available in a number of sizes depending on the size of your blind. Pockets are typically 3 sided (top, front and back) with a detachable cover for the bottom which leaves a small slot for the hem bar of the blind to retract into and drop out of during operation. Typically, you would purchase and install your pocket during the build/refurbishment ensuring that any power supplies are in place and feed into the pocket. You would then plaster around and up to the edge of the pocket. Once the room is plastered and decorated, you would install your blind within the pocket and connect your blind motor to the power supply. Concealed electric roller blinds are operated by a motor that is concealed within the tube of the roller blind. The motor can be controlled by a wall switch, remote control or a smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Raising the blind 


    What are the benefits of concealed electric roller blinds?

    If you are seeking a minimalist aesthetic, then the benefit of concealed electric roller blinds is that the brackets and roller tube of the blind is completely concealed within the ‘pocket’ at the head of the window, leaving a neat and clean window recess. As they are motorised, seeing the fabric drop out of the ceiling or head of the recess at the touch of a button or even by voice command is a real show-stopper.


    Can concealed electric roller blinds be customized for different windows?

    Yes, concealed electric roller blinds can be customized to fit different sizes of windows, including skylights and pitched windows. They can also be fitted with various fabrics, from open weave screens to blackout, to cater to different light filtering requirements.


    Can electric roller blinds be used for UPVC sliding windows?

    Yes, electric roller blinds can be used for UPVC sliding windows or sliding doors. Electric roller blinds are a convenient way to open and close your blinds, and they can be especially useful for larger sliding windows or doors and out of reach situations.

    Are perfect-fit roller blinds a good option?

    Perfect fit roller blinds are a good option for people who want to avoid drilling or screwing into their window frames. They are also a good option for people who want to be able to remove the blinds easily, such as if they are renting their property. If you are looking for a motorised blind, perfect fit roller blinds can also be supplied with an integrated battery powered motor which can be operated from a handset or by mobile app, with the addition of a home hub.

    What are the benefits of using electric skylight window blinds?

    Electric skylight window blinds offer a number of benefits, including convenience, privacy, insulation, glare reduction, and security. If you are looking for a convenient, stylish, and functional way to control your skylight, electric skylight window blinds are a great option.

    Can electric roller blinds be installed without drilling?

    Yes, electric roller blinds can be installed without drilling. If you are considering installing electric roller blinds without drilling, you could consider Perfect Fit Roller Blinds, which are available with battery operated motors and are controllable using handsets, or when paired with a home hub by mobile app or voice assistant.

    Can I install electric roller blinds on various types of doors?

    Electric roller blinds are very versatile and can be installed on most door types, including patio doors, bi-fold doors, and especially blinds on French doors. They provide an elegant solution for controlling light entry and enhancing privacy. Furthermore, their effortless remote operation adds a touch of luxury and convenience to your home.

    Can I control Electric Roller Blinds remotely or through smart devices?

    Yes, our electric roller blinds can be controlled with a remote, or wall switch The Somfy and Louvolite branded motors can be turned into smart blinds with the use of their hubs allowing you to control your blinds from a device using a mobile phone app or even through voice command using such as Alexa. This feature is not just limited to electric roller blinds; our motorised pleated blinds also offer this smart functionality for enhanced user convenience.

    Are blinds 350 cm wide available?

    Yes, we can custom-make blinds 350cm wide with electric operation. Electric roller blinds are a good choice for large windows or sliding doors, as they can be easily operated with a remote control, can be made up to 4mt wide and do not take up much space in the top of the window.

    Can I install electric roller blinds without drilling?

    Yes, the majority of our electric roller blinds will need to be held in place with screws. The only electric blind we sell that does not need to be fixed with screws is the no drill Perfect fit roller blind. This has an internal motor with an integrated battery and fits the beading around the glass.

    Can I Install Electric Roller Blinds on Bay Windows?

    Yes, Electric roller blinds can be used on bay windows. We offer a few different blinds for bay windows. The electric rollers include Battery operated, Mains Powered and even a Perfect fit option which can work particularly well on bay windows especially if there is not much room around the windows for installation. Contact our customer service team with any specifics about your bay and we will be happy to advise you further.

    Can I use your electric roller blinds for my patio sliding doors?

    Our electric roller blinds can be used at most patio sliding doors. They give you the ability to control the amount of light filtering into your living space in a single touch. Whether you are looking for sheer, privacy or blackout fabrics, our range of electric roller blinds cater to a wide range of requirements. These blinds can be fitted with ease and operated remotely, providing convenience for large or hard-to-reach patio doors.

    Can I order and customise my electric roller blinds through the internet?

    Yes, you certainly can! At, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology. This includes offering the convenience of ordering electric blinds online. Select the blind type, colour and pattern to fit your aesthetics and practical needs. Then enter dimensions and select the motor system you’d prefer along with any options such as handsets or control hubs. Your perfect electric blinds will then be delivered right to your door, ready for easy installation.

    Can I install Electric Roller Blinds on my bi-fold doors?

    Our electric roller bi-fold door blinds are a perfect choice for large expanses of glass including patio doors, curtain walling and bifold doors. Because they are fully made to measure, our electric roller blinds can be customised to fit these door types flawlessly, offering an excellent solution for light control and privacy. Place your order today and enjoy the convenience and sleek aesthetics of our top-quality bi-fold door blinds.

    Do you offer Velux-compatible electric roller blinds?

    Yes, we certainly do. At, we offer a selection of Velux-compatible blinds. If you have Velux windows in your home or office, you can easily install our solar-powered motorised blinds for Velux windows. This means you can enjoy the convenience and modernity of electric roller blinds while perfectly fitting your Velux windows. Because we understand the specific specification requirements of Velux windows, you can be sure of an ideal fit and excellent functionality.

    What options do I have if I need a wider window cover?

    At, we understand that window sizes can greatly vary. For larger windows, we would recommend our wide roller blind options which can cover spans of up to 4 metres wide. 4-metre wide roller blinds are motorised and can be easily controlled via a remote handset, mobile app or even integrated with a smart home system for your convenience. We are happy to assist you in helping you find the right solution for your larger windows.

    Do you offer electric living room wooden blinds?

    Whilst our electric roller blinds are extremely popular and a great solution for many rooms in the home, we also understand the appeal of wooden blinds especially for living areas. We have a fantastic range of electric living room wooden blinds. These combine the traditional aesthetic and flexible light control of wooden blinds with the modern convenience of automatic control using a handset, mobile app or smart home system, making them an excellent choice for your living room.

    Can I install electric roller blinds for my kitchen windows over the sink?

    Our battery-powered electric roller blinds can be used for kitchen windows. A splash-proof and moisture-resistant PVC fabric is ideal for blinds for kitchen windows over the sink as they can easily be wiped clean and are resistant to moisture and splashes. Battery-operated electric blinds also provide easy control over light without the need to reach over your sink or work surfaces, thanks to their remote-controlled functionality.