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Measuring your Window for Blinds


No matter what type of blind you want, measuring your windows couldn't be easier. It won't take long, just follow our simple instructions.

What you will need

  1. Tape measure (Metal ones are best)
  2. Pen and paper


You will need to decide whether it is best to provide "Exact Blind Size", "Recess Size" or "Fabric Size". Read on to find out more about the size of blinds. Click on an image below to read our simple instructions...

Exact Blind Size

 Exact Blind Size

Read: Exact Blind Size:

This is when you know exactly what size you want your blind to be, for example if you want your blind to hang outside of the window recess.

Recess Size 

Rcess Size Diagram

Read: Recess Size:

This is when you want your blind to fit inside the window recess.

Fabric Size

This is when you are buying a roller blind and know the exact size of the fabric you need to cover a recess.

Read: Fabric Size:































Handy Hints

All of our blinds are made-to-measure. Please follow the instructions carefully. Please make sure you take your measurements using a STEEL rule or tape.

Take all your measurements in millimetres (mm).

  • Inches can be converted to millimetres by multiplying your measurement in inches by 25.4.
  • Centimetres can be converted to millimetres by multiplying your measurement in centimetres by 10.

When measuring, always look out for things like window handles or tiles and take their position into account if necessary. This is so you can be sure of the perfect fit.

When taking measurements please follow this rule to help- "measure once, measure again and measure again"!

All our blinds can be fitted into the face of your window frame or wall, or into the top of the lintel. This gives you complete control over the positioning of your blind. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure the width of my window?

Start by measuring the width at the top, middle, and bottom of your window. For most blinds, you should use the smallest measurement as your width to ensure the blinds fit inside the window frame. Since roller blinds are wider at the top than they are at the middle or bottom, you should always use the width at the top as your width measurement.

How to measure Perfect Fit Blinds?

Here is a video on how to measure Perfect Fit Blinds:

How do I choose between inside mount and outside mount?

Inside mount blinds are installed within the window recess, providing a clean and built-in look. Choose an inside mount if your window frame has enough depth to accommodate the blinds - taking into account any window furniture such as handles. Outside mount blinds are face-fixed around the window recess and are ideal for windows with insufficient depth. They are also useful for enhancing light exclusion. Overlapping the window recess by, for example, 50mm (5cm) on either side provides greater coverage of the recess and excludes more light and glare.

Can I install blinds if my window is not a standard size?

Absolutely! Many companies offer custom-sized blinds that are made to fit your unique window dimensions. Measure your window carefully and consult with the blind provider to ensure a perfect fit.

Why are my measurements different each time I measure?

Measurement discrepancies can occur due to using an inaccurate measuring tool or not measuring in the right places. Always use a metal tape measure for accuracy and measure in multiple places (top, middle, and bottom for width; left, right, center for height). It’s normal for a window to measure slightly differently at different points of the recess - e.g. top middle and bottom. If you continue to get different measurements at one point of the recess, consider changing your measuring device or seeking professional assistance.

What if there isn’t enough depth to install inside mount blinds?

If your window recess doesn’t have enough depth for inside mount blinds, consider opting for outside mount blinds. Measure the depth carefully and compare it with the product specifications for your chosen blinds. If necessary, consider selecting a different style that requires less depth.

What should I do if my window measurements are uneven?

Uneven measurements might be due to an irregular window frame. Always use the smallest measurement to ensure the blinds will fit. Except for roller blinds, where the width at the top should be used since the top of the blind is the widest part. Consider using a laser level to check the level of your fixing surface, especially at the top where the blind is being installed. If the frame is significantly out of square, you might want to consider professional installation.

How much depth is needed to install inside mount blinds?

The required depth varies depending on the type of blinds you choose. Refer to our product specifications for the exact depth needed for each style.

What if my window isn’t perfectly square?

It’s common for windows not to be perfectly square. Always use the smallest width and height measurements to ensure your blinds fit snugly. Except for roller blinds, where you should always use the width measurement at the top.

How to measure Perfect Fit Shutters LITE?

Here is a video on how to measure Perfect Fit Shutters LITE: