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Midge Screens

Midge Screens

Stop Those Pesky Midges from Entering your Home!

Midges are a problem for many people in Scotland, especially in highland areas, from spring into summer and autumn months. Our Midge Screens for Windows and Doors, allow you to keep your doors and windows open during midge season, allowing the circulation of fresh air, but keeping out midges, and of course other insects.

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    Buy Midge Screens Online!

    We have a range of midge screens to suit every budget and application. You can buy online! Simply follow a link below:

    We also have a wide range of fly screen kits for windows and fly screen door kits which can be combined with our midge proof mesh. Simply purchase your choice of kit along with some midge mesh.

    Midge Screens are suitable for the home, conservatory or business use. We often find that our midge screens are installed in holiday parks and other hospitality settings such as hotels and restaurants, where in peak midge season, these biting pests can cause real discomfort and distraction to guests and clientel. In the home and conservatory, at certain times of the year it is impossible to leave windows or doors open without midges getting in. Our screens allow a cooling breeze whilst stopping these irritating pests in their tracks.