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Stop Those Pesky Midges from Entering your Home!

Midges are a problem for many people in Scotland, especially in highland areas, from spring into summer and autumn months. Our Midge Screens for Windows and Doors, allow you to keep your doors and windows open during midge season, allowing the circulation of fresh air, but keeping out midges and of course other insects.

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    Buy Midge Screens Online!

    We have a range of midge screens to suit every budget and application. You can buy online with speedy UK delivery!

    Midge Mesh 

    We are able to offer Midge Mesh - by the metre in order to allow you to fabricate your own protective screens or repair existing screens. We have mesh with 20x20 strands per inch, or super-fine 20x30 weave.

    Framed Screens

    We have a selection of Framed Midge Screens for Windows, which can be fitted with brackets or hinges. Our framed screens are DIY kits which can be cut to size and assembled to suit your window. They are available with a white aluminium frame or with an anthracite grey frame.

    Roller Screens

    Our best selling roller screen is also available incorporating 20x20 midge mesh to suit windows and doors. Available with white, brown or anthracite grey hardware, these screens consist of a slim-line aluminium cassette and side channels. The mesh is pulled from the cassette to cover the window or door opening and when not in use, they retract and hide-away.

    Framed Window and Door Screens

    Our wide range of fly screen kits for windows and fly screen door kits which can be combined with our midge-proof mesh. Simply purchase your choice of kit along with some midge mesh.

    Midge Screens are suitable for the home, conservatory or business use. We often find that our midge screens are installed in holiday parks and other hospitality settings such as hotels and restaurants, where in peak midge season, these biting pests can cause real discomfort and distraction to guests and clientele. In the home and conservatory, at certain times of the year, it is impossible to leave windows or doors open without midges getting in. Our screens allow a cooling breeze whilst stopping these irritating pests in their tracks.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can automated Velux windows be fitted with midge screens?

    Yes, automated Velux windows can be fitted with midge screens. A midge roller screen can be installed within the recess of the window providing the window does not pivot into the interior recess space of the window to such an extent that it would clash with the screen.

    Is the Midge Screen suitable as a screen door in the UK?

    The midge screen is a highly effective solution for use as a screen door in the UK. It uses fine 20x20 gauge mesh which is effective in keeping out midges which are common in rural areas such as those in the Scottish Islands and Highlands as well as other flying insects. Our screen door UK option has long been a popular choice for many customers across the country. It is perfect for use in residential homes, commercial offices, and even caravans.

    Do you offer a retractable screen door version of the midge screens?

    Yes, we do. At NewBlinds, we provide a variety of midge screens, including a retractable screen door in single-door and double-door configurations. This product is both convenient and discrete, as when not in use, the mesh rolls back into its stylish, slim-line cassette. Our roller midge screen door is a stylish, discrete and practical solution for preventing midges and other insects from entering your home or business premises.

    Can I install fly screens on my patio doors to prevent midges?

    Yes, we offer fly screens for patio doors which can include special 20x20 gauge mesh which is sufficient to prevent midges from entering your home or business. These screens function not only to keep midges and other insects out but also to allow fresh air to circulate in your home. At, we offer quality, custom-fit fly screens suitable for patio doors. Simple to install, these screens provide superior protection while ensuring your comfort.