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Mesh Type
Fly screen hinged doors are supplied with standard fibre glass mesh as standard. However it is also possible to upgrade to the following mesh types:
  • Midge Mesh - 20x20 holes per inch.
  • Extra Fine Midge Mesh - 20x30 holes per inch.
  • Pet Resistent Mesh - a standard gauge mesh, made from tear proof toughened glass fibre. Ideal for those with pets. 
Please bear in mind that the meshes available as optional upgrades are only available at widths of 120cm.
Include Sub-Frame
A sub-frame allows easy install of a fly screen within a door recess without drilling or screwing into the door frame or recess.
The sub-frame consists of a 3 sided powder-coated aluminium box frame, which has extendable "feet" which act to clamp the frame within the recess. The fly screen door is then mounted directly to the sub-frame. 
The sub-frame kit is 125cm wide x 240cm high, but can be trimmed to suit the size of your door recess.
Simple installation of the sub-frame into the door recess.
Diagram of Sub-frame for Fly screen doors
Features a brush seal which creates a seal between the fly screen frame and the subframe
Include Cat Flap
If you have a cat or small dog, then our cat flap is great addition to our hinged framed fly screen door which will allow your pet to enter and exit when the fly screen is shut.
The cat flap is easily installed to hinged fly screen doors as part of the process of building your fly screen for the first time. It can also be retrofitted.
  • 20cm x 25cm.
  • Black plastic frame
  • Charcoal fibreglass insert.
  • Top hinged with lock.
  • Suitable for cats and small dogs.

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Product details




  • Mesh Colour: Grey/Black
  • Mesh Material: Fibreglass
  • Mesh Feature:
    • Insect Proof
    • Pet/Claw Resistent
    • Midge Proof



  • Complete assembly kit made from stable aluminium profiles 
  • U V-resistant, tear-proof fibreglass fabric
  •  Affixes with self-closing hinges (fordrilling or sticking into place) 
  • With brush seal against the window frame, running all the way around in order to ensure complete protection with no gaps
  • Size can be adapted to individual window size

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