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Pollen Screens

Pollen Screens

Suffering from Hay Fever?

Pollen Screens for Windows and Doors, enable you to keep your windows and doors open during those stuffy summer months, allowing fresh air to circulate, but keeping out both pollen and flying insects.

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    Buy Pollen Screens Online!

    We have a range of pollen screens for every application and budget, available to Buy Online! Simply follow a link below:

    We also have a wide range of fly screen kits for windows which can be combined with our pollen resistent mini rolls, instead of standard fly screen mesh. Simply purchase your choice of kit along with a mini roll of pollen mesh.

    Where to use Pollen Screens
    Pollen screens are an excellent way of reducing the impact of pollen-based allergies. They can be used throughout the home and in conservatories, but many allergy sufferers use them on bedroom windows - the combination of a cool summer breeze and our anti-pollen screens ensure the perfect night's sleep! 
    Anti-pollen screens are also a great product for businesses who wish to look after employees that have allergies. Streaming eyes, sneezes, coughs and splutters do not a productive employee make, after all!