140x150cm | White Framed Window Screens

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-Complete self assembly framed insect screen kit composed of:

  • White, powder-coated aluminium frame profiles
  • Weather-proof, fibre glass "clear view" fly screen mesh
  • Brush seal against the window frame, running all the way around to ensure complete protection with no gaps

-Frame size can be adapted to individual door or window size. Multiple screens can be fabricated from one kit, subject to size.
-Choice of Mesh Types - standard fly screen, midge mesh, pet screen, pollen mesh.

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This high quality, premium framed window fly screen is available with a range of fixing methods and mesh types.


  • 150cm x 140cm
  • Can be trimmed to suit smaller window sizes.
  • Extra corners can be purchased to enable you to make multiple screens from one kit.

Pack contents:

  • Extruded, white powder-coated aluminium frame profiles
  • Fibreglass fly Screen Mesh 
  • Rubber Cord
  • Wool pile strips
  • Corners
  • Fixings
  • Drilling Template
  • Continental style brackets (we recommend selection of either hinges, spring pins or brackets)

Why buy this screen?

  • Complete kit composed of ridgid extruded, powder-coated aluminium profiles
  • High-quality fly screen - fibreglass, weather-proof and tear-proof
  • Brush seal against the window frame, running all the way around to ensure complete protection with no gaps
  • Frame size can be trimmed to individual window size
  • Purchase additional corners to fabricate more than one screen.
  • Choice of fixing types to suit your installation.
  • Choice of mesh types - fly screen, midge mesh or pollen mesh.
  • Screen Application: Windows
  • Screen Type: Framed Screens
  • Frame Size: 140cm x 150cm
  • Frame Colour: White
  • Mesh Feature:
    • Insect Proof
    • Pollen Proof
    • Pet/Claw Resistent
    • Midge Proof
  • Mesh Colour: Grey/Black
  • Mesh Material: Fibreglass
  • Self Assembly: Yes

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