Set of Brackets, White (Code: 03547) Fly Screen Accessories

SKU: 03547

The Framed Insect Screen ( Code 03900 and 03898) can be installed using brackets. Brackets are face fixed, using screws. Once installed, the fly screen simply lifts in and out of the brackets. This is a great way of installing, if you wish to be able to remove your screen either occasionally or for storage. The brackets are white in colour and each set purchased consists of 4 brackets. If you are fabricating more than one screen with your framed insect screen kit, then you will need one set of brackets per screen that you wish to fabricate.

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  • Accessory Type:
    • Brackets
    • Mounting

Ideal for affixing frame windows to the window frame or brickwork, the 4 pack of white flyscreen brackets are one of a number of optional extras that can be used to install framed window insect screen. 

Each "Bracket Set" contains 4 x white plastic brackets and screws. Brackets are fitted to the window frame or around the window recess.