Measuring your Window Recess for a Blind


You should follow these instructions if:

  • You are installing your blinds inside of a recess.
  • You would like us to make the manufacturers recommended deductions so that the blind fits within this recess perfectly.

Recess size

Measuring your window recess for blindsIf you intend to hang your blinds within the window recess (sometimes called the reveal), you should measure the "recess size" which is the exact width and drop of the window recess. You should follow the instructions below.

  1. Measure the width of the recess from wall to wall in 3 places. Note down the shortest measurement.
  2. Measure the drop from the top of the recess to the window sill in 3 places. Note down the shortest measurement - this is the one you should use.

When you enter your measurements, select size type as "recess size". Do not make a deduction! As you have given us the exact dimensions of the recess, we will make the necessary deductions so that your blind will fit perfectly into the recess.

Should you have any concerns when measuring your window, please contact us via e-mail ( or on 0161 494 9616 (9am - 5pm Monday-Friday 9am-12am Saturday).

Read about "exact blind size" and "fabric size" measurements


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