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Measuring your Window Recess for a Blind


You should follow these instructions if:

  • You are installing your blinds inside of a recess.
  • You would like us to make the manufacturers recommended deductions so that the blind fits within this recess perfectly.

Recess size

If you intend to hang your blinds within the window recess (sometimes called the reveal), you should measure the "recess size" which is the exact width and drop of the window recess. You should follow the instructions below.

  1. Measure the width of the recess from wall to wall in 3 places. Note down the shortest measurement.
  2. Measure the drop from the top of the recess to the window sill in 3 places. Note down the shortest measurement - this is the one you should use.

When you enter your measurements, select size type as "recess size". Do not make a deduction! As you have given us the exact dimensions of the recess, we will make the necessary deductions so that your blind will fit perfectly into the recess.

Measuring your window recess for blinds

Should you have any concerns when measuring your window, please contact us via e-mail ([email protected]) or on 0161 494 9616 (9am - 5pm Monday-Friday 9am-12am Saturday).

Read about "exact blind size" and "fabric size" measurements


Frequently Asked Questions

What does recess mean in blinds?

In layman’s terms, the recess is the hole in the wall into which the window is fitted. You would generally install your blinds inside of the recess. You may also install your blinds outside of the recess, face fixing them to the wall surface. Inside recess installation is the most common method of blind installation.

How do I fit blinds to uPVC windows without drilling?

To fit blinds to UPVC windows without drilling, you can install Grip Fit blinds within your window recess or use clip fix mounting brackets to mount directly to the window. No drill blinds are a popular option for renters or homeowners who want to avoid drilling holes in their walls or windows. A Grip Fit blind is inserted into the top of the window recess and expands to create a tight fit. Clip fix mounting brackets, such as those used by Perfect Fit or INTU blinds, are inserted under the window beading.

How do I go about measuring my window recess for a blind?

Measuring your window recess for a blind is a straightforward process. Start by ensuring you have a reliable tape measure. Measure the width at the top, middle, and bottom of the window recess, always using the smallest measurement for the perfect fit. Measure the drop (length) at the left, centre, and right, again using the smallest measurement. Please remember to check for any obstructions in the window that may interfere with the fitting like handles or tiles. If you are planning to install blinds for French doors as well, the procedure is the same, again still keeping in mind any obstructions like door handles and skirting. Our website offers easy-to-follow step-by-step guides to ensure you get the best measurements possible.

How do I go about measuring my window recess for a blind, specifically for electric honeycomb blinds?

To measure your window recess for electric honeycomb blinds,Here's a simple guide:

1) Measure the width in three places - at the top, middle, and bottom. Write down the shortest measurement, this is your recess width. - Be sure to ensure tiles or skirting is taken into account.

2) Measure the drop (height) in three places- at the left, middle, and right. Record the shortest measurement as your recess drop.

Note: These measurements must always be made wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor respectively, without any additions or subtractions. 

It's recommended to use a metal tape measure for accuracy. For electric honeycomb blinds, these can have a battery so you will need enough depth in the recess to house this or they can have a plug in power supply so you will need a socket near to the window.

How do I measure for wide vertical blinds?

To measure for wide vertical blinds, If fitting in the recess around the window you will need to measure the width and height of the recess. We always recommend measuring at least 3 points e.g. top middle and bottom for the width and left centre and right for the drop, entering the smallest measurement into our online form. Please contact customer services for any further help and advice on measuring 

How do I measure for a roof lantern shade?

To measure for a roof lantern shade, you will need to measure the width and length of the recess ensuring you measure in three places for each measurement. Enter the smallest measurement on the online form and if you place the order we will be in touch to take all 3 of the measurements for the width and length from you so we can ensure your blind will fit perfectly.  We have a detailed measure form on our site and also a measure video for you to follow.

How can I accurately measure my window, especially for Velux window blackout blinds?

Velux windows do not actually require measuring - There should be a plaque on the window, usually, this is only visible when the window is open. This has a code on it which will determine the window type and size code of the window - We just need the size code - older models sometimes do not have the latest code so if your code does not match our site please contact customer services with your window details and we can supply you with the latest code.

Can I use wooden blinds for my bay window, and how do I measure it correctly?

Yes, wooden blinds for bay windows are a popular choice due to their aesthetic appeal and durability. To measure accurately will depend on the bay shape, square, angled or curved and if an allowance is required for the blind to butt up together or to overlap  - To ensure your measurements are correct please ask the advice of our customer service team with regards to your specific bay before making a purchase. If you are limited on space another option to consider is the Perfect fit wooden Venetian which fits to the actual UPVC windows so no need to worry about the headrail of a standard wooden blind. 

Can I order extra wide blackout blinds from New Blinds?

Absolutely! At New Blinds, we offer a range of extra-wide blackout blinds that are designed to provide optimal privacy and block out as much light as possible. Just ensure that you carefully measure your window recess before you place your order, so that we can create perfectly fitting blinds for your windows. Please refer to our online guide for detailed steps on how to do so.

How do I measure for a custom skylight blind?

To measure for a custom skylight blind, you will need to measure the recess size of the skylight. This is the exact width and length of the opening where the blind will be installed. To do this, measure the width from wall to wall in three places - at each end and in the middle. Then, measure the length from the top of the recess to the bottom of the skylight. This is the length of the blind and you should measure it on both sides. Full instructions are available on the product page.

When measuring for perfect fit window shutters, should I measure the recess or the window?

When measuring for perfect fit window shutters, you should measure the visible glass of each pane where you would like to install shutter blinds. You should also measure the depth of the beading, from glass to surface of the frame. Full instructions are available in video form on the product page.

How do I measure for perfect fit in day and night blinds?

To measure for a perfect fit of day and night blinds, you need to measure the width and height of the visible glass of each pane at you wish to install blinds. You also need to measure the depth of the beading form glass to face of frame. Easy to follow video instructions are available on each product page.

What do recess and exact mean on blinds?

Recess size is where you measure the width and height, inside of the window opening but in front of the window frame itself, from side to side and top to window sill. To ensure a perfect fit, when you submit recess size, a manufacturer would generally make a small deduction to the recess size. The exact size is where the customer knows the exact blind width and drop that they wish for the blind to be including all hardware/brackets. When the exact size is submitted, the manufacturer will not make any deductions. 

How far into recess to fit blinds?

Where you position your blinds within the depth of the recess will depend on a few things. Firstly, the depth, from front to back, of the recess. Secondly, any obstructions within the recess that would make any that depth unusable - this might include window hardware, such as handles or inward opening window panes. You should position the blind forward of these obstructions. You should also consider the remaining recess depth from the obstruction to the edge of the window recess, and whether the blind can be accommodate within this remaining space. If not, then you should consider face-fixing the blind outside of the recess.

If the blind can be accommodated, then really the final positioning of the recess fitted blind is down to aesthetics and light exclusion. You may personally feel that the blind looks better flush with the edge of the recess, or perhaps set back a little. For roller blinds, the closer you can position the blind to the window itself, the less light ingress you will see around the edges of the fabric. 

What is full recess depth?

When installing a blind within a recess, the full recess depth is the distance from the window itself to the front edge of the recess. Please note, the full recess depth might not be fully usable due to obstructions such as window handles, vents or inward opening panels. Where this is the case, it is important to check the remaining usable recess depth versus the front to back dimension of the blind itself to ensure that there is sufficient space to install the blind within the recess. 

Should blinds be fitted inside or outside the recess?

Normally blinds are inside-mounted. Blinds fitted within the recess look neater and maximise the room space. However, there are several cases where it might be better to install your blind outside of the recess.

Firstly, if there is not enough usable space within the recess to accommodate the blind.

Secondly, if you wish to keep your window sill free to display ornaments, flowers or pictures for example.

Thirdly, if your blind is a secondary window dressing - for example, if you already have a wooden Venetian blind fitted within the recess for privacy and day-time light control, you may wish to install a roman blind outside of the recess as a decorative soft furnishing that also provides blackout.

Finally, if you are looking to exclude light and increase privacy, then installation of blinds outside of the recess may be the best option because it allows the fabric to overlap the recess edges. This outside recess installation with ‘overlap’ is most common with roller blinds and Roman blinds. 

What does recess fit mean?

When a blind is recess fitted, it is installed within the opening in the wall which contains the window. This is often done to keep the blind from dominating the room space and also can make the room look brighter, more organised and spacious and neatly put together. 

What does recess mean when ordering a blind?

When you order a recess blind, the manufacturer will make any necessary deductions so that the blind will fit inside the window recess. The recess is the ‘hole in the wall’ in which your window is installed. Usually, there will be plasterwork at the left, right and top, and a window sill finishing the bottom of the recess. If you intend to recess fit your blind, then measure the recess width and drop and select ‘recess size’ when submitting your sizes. The manufacturer will make any necessary deductions without you having to make any additional calculations.

Should blinds be recessed or not?

Fitting blinds inside the recess is preferred by many who want a neater, brighter and more spacious appearance. However, if there is not enough space in your recess to mount the blind, due to opening panes, window handles, ornaments or other decorative items, or if you wish your blind to overlap the recess edges to provide more blackout, then the alternative is to mount the blind outside of the recess.

What is the difference between recess fit and exact fit for blinds?

The distinction between exact and recess-fit blinds revolves around how the blinds are fitted in relation to the window recess:

Recess Fit Blinds:

  • Recess-fit blinds are installed within the window recess.
  • They are typically sized to fit within the window recess, filling the entire window area, less a small deduction
  • When you order a recess fit blind, you do not need to make any adjustments to the sizes - the manufacturer will make small deductions

Exact Fit Blinds:

  • Exact-fit blinds, on the other hand, are generally fitted outside the window recess.
  • They are attached to the wall above the window, covering both the window recess and a portion of the wall on either side of the recess​.
  • This fitting style is commonly referred to as an exact fitting​.
  • You may also wish to submit exact sizes in any situation where you would like the blind manufactured to your exact sizes and do not want the manufacturer to make any deductions.

How do I measure my living room window recess for electric wooden blinds?

Measuring your living room window recess for electric wooden blinds for the living room involves straightforward steps. Firstly, measure the width of the recess at three different points - top, middle, and bottom. Record the narrowest measurement. Secondly, measure the drop (height) at three points - left, middle, and right. Note down the shortest measurement. It is crucial to provide these accurate measurements to ensure your electric wooden blinds fit perfectly within your living room window recess.


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