RS485 RTS Transmitter Electric Blind Accessories

SKU: 1810803

The Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter is used to control blinds (and other Somfy RTS enabled devices) from any home or building control system or switch that is capable of outputting RS485 control signals (or RS232 if an adaptor is used).
It is a 16 channel device which translates RS485 out put into Somfy RTS (Radio) signal in order to control a 16 individual blinds or 16 groups of blinds.
It's a great way of controlling RTS enabled products (blinds, curtain rails, gates, plugs, garage doors and more) from a Smart-home system.
As it controls wirelessly, it is particularly useful where wired control cabling has not been implemented. In situations where no power has been implemented for blinds, it can also be used because Somfy have a great range of battery operated motors.
You will also need an RS485 demo kit to configure the transmitter - the 'RS485 demo kit' is a programming tool and can be re-used on future projects, if you are a smart homes custom installer.

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  • Control By: Smart Homes System
  • Automation Brand: Somfy


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