Roller Pet Screen - Double Door Roller Insect Screens for Double Doors


- Enjoy Fresh Air this Summer
- Discrete Hideaway protection from Flying Pests
- Robust Claw Proof Pet Mesh
- Custom made to your measurements
- Easy to Install
- Measuring and Installation is Simple
: Download our Measuring Guide (PDF)

Roller Pet Screen - Double Door

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  • Blind size: The finished size of the screen from outer edge to outer edge. We'll not make any deductions to this size.
  • Recess size: The size of the recess that you are fitting the screen into, in which case we'll make standard deductions so that your screen will fit perfectly into this recess.
Hardware Colour

Roller Insect Screen Hardware is available in three colours:
White: Any aluminium hardware is powder-coated to RAL9010, White. Accessories such as handles, brackets, cassette end sets are also in white.

Roller Fly Screen in White RAL9010

Anthracite Grey: In-keeping with modern aluminium bi-fold doors and window systems, we are now able to offer hardware powder coated to RAL7016 Anthracite Grey. Accessories such as handles, brackets, cassette endsets and cover caps are black.

Brown: Any aluminium hardware is powder-coated to RAL8014, Brown. Accessories such as handles, brackets, cassette end sets are in Black.

Please note: Mesh is always in charcoal grey. Brush Pile is always in Black.
Cassette Fixing

It is possible to secure the cassette of the roller fly screen using two methods.
Recess Fix - No Bracket: If you are fixing the fly screen into a recess, then no bracket is required for fixing the cassette. The screen is held in position by fixing the top and bottom channels with screws. Lateral movement of the cassette is prevented by the recess itself.

Face Fix Bracket: If you are face fixing your screen around the recess or against the door frame, then select "face fix bracket". The face fix bracket is provided to prevent lateral movement of the cassette. This bracket slides onto the side of the cassette, and is then fixed using two screws.
Guide Rail Fixing

The guide rails of your roller fly screen can be installed using two methods. If you aren't sure which to use, you can select "Prepare for Both" and we will prepare your screen so that the guide rails can be installed using either method. See below for a more detailed explanation of the fixing methods.
Recess Fix (using Screws): The guides rails are fixed using screws into the top and bottom of the recess, through pre-drilled holes in "the bottom of the U" of the side channels. 

Recess Fixing of Guide Rails for Roller Fly Screen Doors

Face Fix (using Screws): The guides rails are face-fixed using screws. This option should be selected if you are face fixing around a recess, or face fixing to the door frame. If you select this option, we will drill a 10mm hole in the front face of the guide rails and a smaller screw hole in the back face of the guide rails. The larger hole will allow you to screw through the back face into your fixing surface. We will also provide a "cover cap" to close off into the 10mm hole. We would always suggest face fixing the side channels, if possible as it is a much simpler and "forgiving" method of install.

Face fix of guide rail for roller insect screen door

Prepare for both: If you select this option, we will prepare the guides rails for both recess and face fixing.

Sliding Bolts
Sliding bolts are used to secure the screen in a position of your choice. 
If you select "1 set", we will provide a set of sliding bolts and keepers (2 bolts, 2 keepers). The bolts are fitted to the sliding bar of the fly screen, top and bottom. The keeper is fitted to the guide rail, top and bottom, at the position where you would like the screen to be secured. Simply pull the screen across to the desired position and slide the bolts into their keepers.
If you select "2 sets", we will provide 2 sets of sliding bolts and keepers, which will provide the necessary bolts and keepers to secure both sides of the double roller fly screen.
Please note: a roller insect screen, is not a security barrier and will not prevent an intruder from entering your house, even when bolts and keepers are installed. 
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Question: Will your screens keep my pet inside? 

To date, many of our customers happily use our standard fly screen mesh to keep smaller pets indoors whilst allowing fresh air to circulate. The primary function of pet screen mesh is to keep out insects with the added benefit of being more durable than standard mesh, in the face of pets, large and small. However, let's not forget that pets can be determined and strong creatures. So, if you want to be 100% sure that your pet stays inside, we would always recommend using supplementary measures.

More about Pet Mesh: "TuffScreen" a.k.a. Pet mesh is a heavy duty vynl coated polyester mesh that is 3 times stronger than standard fly screen mesh. It is resistant to pets, tears and punctures. It is thicker than standard mesh but is still flexible which makes it idea for use in our most popular fly screen systems.

However, let's not forget that pets can be determined and strong creatures. So, if you want to be 100% sure that your pet stays inside, we would always recommend using supplementary measures.

  • Screen Application:
    • Double Doors
    • French Doors
  • Screen Type: Roller Screens
  • Recess Fix Only: No
  • Made to Measure: Yes
  • Mesh Feature:
    • Insect Proof
    • Pet/Claw Resistent
  • Mesh Colour: Grey/Black
  • Mesh Material: Fibreglass
  • Self Assembly: No
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Roller Pet Screen for Double Door and Child Safety

Child Safe By Design - Handle on Sliding Bar: Roller Pet Screen for Double Door can be operated using discrete handle on the sliding bar. We call this ‘child safe by design’ as there are no looped cords or chains to operate the blind.

About Child Safety

At, child safety is of paramount importance. If left hanging freely, chains and cords from blinds can pose a direct threat to children. For this reason, we are working towards all of our products being cord-less or chain-free and therefore “safe by design”.

Where it is not yet feasible to supply a product that is “safe by design”, we ensure that the product is fully compliant with Child Safety legislation. Not only do we ensure that, where necessary, our products are supplied/fitted with child safety cleats/devices, but we also
supply, free of charge, these items to our previous customers.

Click the link above to inform us of your requirements. To learn more about the BBSA ‘Make it Safe’ campaign and blind cord safety, you can watch the video below.