Magnetic 'Snap Close' Mesh Panel Fly Screen, 95x215cm Mesh Panel Fly Screen Doors

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Keep flying bugs and pests out of your home or caravan with this magnetic "snap close" mesh panel door fly screen. It is suitable for standard sized door openings, up to 95x215cm. This clever, low-cost fly screen door, is ideal looking for an affordable "walk through" insect screen for their home, caravan or even to take on holiday. It is mounted without screws, using velcro and can therefore easily be removed, allowing the screen to be stored away out of season. Each kit consists of:

- 2 panels of washable polyester mesh, anthracite in colour which are hung side by side.
- Integrated magnet strips.
- Velcro Mounting Strips

This screen is simple to assemble and install.

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Product details

Keep flying bugs and pests out of your home or caravan with this Magnetic 'Snap Close' Mesh Panel Fly screen for doors. 

Screen Size: 95cm w x 215cm h

Material: Polyester mesh

Colour: Anthracite

Product Code: 03798

Standard lead time:   1-3 Working Days. Order Before 12noon

This excellent value for money fly screen door consists of:

  • 2 polyester mesh panels hung side by side.
  • Integrated magnet strips
  • Velcro installation fasteners.

This fly screen door is suitable for standard door sizes. It's fantastic value for money and a very cost effective and easy to install way of keeping insects like flies, wasps, hornets and other flying bugs out of your home or caravan. Because of it's compact packaging and low cost, it is also a great product to take on holiday with you.

The screen consists of two mesh panels, made of polyester and anthracite in colour. It is easy to part the 2 panels and walk through. The fly screen door is "self-closing" - thanks to integrated magnet system, you never have to worry about leaving your fly screen open again, it simply snaps shut.

The fly screen is installed to the door frame using Velcro mounting strips, which makes it easy to remove for storage.


  • Screen Application:
    • Single Doors
    • French Doors
  • Mesh Colour: Grey/Black
  • Mesh Material: 100% Polyester

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