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Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen | Windows
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen | Windows
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window
Roller Fly Screen - Window

Roller Fly Screen | Windows

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Roller Fly Screen | Windows

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Why Buy Our Roller Fly Screens?

 Enjoy Fresh Air this and every summer
Discrete Hideaway protection from flying pests and creepy crawlies
✔ Stylish but Robust and Long-Lasting - We use strong but minimalist aluminium profiles
Colour Coordinated to your window frames - white, brown or anthracite grey hardware
 Select from different mesh types - insect, midge, pollen or pet-resistant mesh
Available for Windows, Single and Double Doors
Custom-made to your measurements and specifications.
✔ Easy to Measure and Install - Simple and Safe to Operate
 Tried and Tested since 1997

Enjoy Fresh Air - This and Every Summer

Summers are becoming warmer and more tropical in the UK. Temperatures soar during heat waves and the hotter months and our houses and properties are not equipped with air-conditioning like they are in traditionally hotter countries. Often our only relief from this stifling heat is the cool breeze achieved by opening a window or door and allowing fresh air to circulate.

However, warmer summers along with milder winters mean more insects for an increased number of months in the year. Quite often leaving a window or door open, can lead to an invasion of unwanted visitors. These incoming insects and creepy crawlies can range from being a nuisance to a source of anxiety, especially for those with allergies to insect stings. 

Install our roller fly screen at your window or door and you can enjoy fresh air circulating in your home or property, this and every summer, without the worry of your home being invaded by flying pests and creepy crawlies. 

Discrete Hideaway Protection

Our roller fly screens are a superb quality solution for those who would like to have permanent but discreet protection against flying insects. The fly screen mesh is housed in a slim-line spring-loaded cassette, which is positioned at the top of the window or to one side for a door. When the window or door is open, simply deploy the screen using the handles on the sliding bar. When windows and doors aren't open, or at times of year when insects aren't a problem, the screen is retracted and hides away in the slim-line cassette.

Stylish but Robust and Long-Lasting

The roller fly screen cassette is discrete and stylish, measuring only 41mm from front to rear and 51mm from top to bottom. Side channels measure only 30mm wide and 22mm from back to front. These stylish and minimalist profiles are made of robust, rust-proof powder-coated aluminium. As the mesh only needs to be deployed when insect protection is required, the mesh spends the majority of its life within the protective cassette. All-in-all, this is a fly screen solution that will last for many years if treated with care.

Colour Coordinated to your window frames

The aluminium cassette, sliding bar and side channels are available in powder-coated white, dark brown or anthracite grey hardware (RAL7016) to match or coordinate with popular window frame colours. Non-aluminium parts such as the handles and cassette end caps are white when you select white hardware or black, when you select brown or anthracite grey hardware. 

Select from different mesh types

Roller Fly Screens are available with the following mesh types:

Standard Fly Screen
Midge Mesh
Pollen Mesh
Pet Resistant Mesh

Available for Windows, Single and Double Doors

Roller fly screens are available for the following applications which are made to measure and and be installed by a capable DIY'er:

✔ Windows and skylights
✔ Single Doors
✔ Double doors

Custom-made to your measurements and specification

During the ordering process, you can customise the screen that you will receive, by entering your precise sizes, selecting the frame colour, mesh type and fixing method. Each screen is completely custom-made in our factory to your measurements and specifications. 

Easy to Measure and Install. Simple and Safe to Operate

Measuring and installation of our roller fly screen is easy. You can download our Measuring Guide (PDF) and our Installation Guide (PDF) by following the links. Roller fly screens are a permanent solution and simple to install with only a drill and screwdriver. Once installed the fly screen need only be deployed when the window is opened. Simply pull the screen down using the handles on the sliding bar of the cassette, and the sliding bar simply and easily locks into catches that are concealed within the discrete side channels to each side of the screen. To retract the screen, simply tilt the sliding bar and the screen will start to retract automatically back into the cassette. All of our screens above 400mm wide are fitted as standard with a unique internal braking system, which slows the recoil of the screen into the cassette - preventing noise, damage or trapped fingers.

Tried and Tested since 1997

We have been importing, manufacturing and selling this roller fly screen system since 1997 as the sole UK distributor. Choose THIS roller fly screen and you can have confidence that you are purchasing a system directly from the factory that has been tried and tested in the UK market for many years. 

Technical information

Read more about cassette roller fly screens for windows by opening this PDF - including profile dimensions

  • Blind Type:
    • Roller Insect Screens
    • Roller Fly Screens for Windows
  • Operation: Handle Operated
  • Screen Feature: Roller Screens
  • Screen Application: Windows
  • Fly Screen Type:
    • Custom Sized
    • Screw Fix
  • Mesh Type: Insect Proof
  • Frame Colour:
    • White
    • Anthracite Grey (RAL7016)
    • Brown
  • Made to Measure: Yes
  • Self Assembly: No
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Measuring and installation of our roller insect screen is straightforward. You can find instructions below:

Roller Fly Screen - Window - Measuring Guide

Roller Fly Screen - Window - Installation Guide

If you have any queries about measuring and installation after reading the above instructions, feel free to contact our friendly team at [email protected].

Operation: You can view our video operating guide below. If you would like to read these instructions alongside the video, you can find them by clicking on the link. The link will open a new window.

roller fly screen operating guide

Frequently Asked Questions About Roller Fly Screens

How effective are your roller insect screens at keeping flies out?

Our roller insect screens are incredibly effective at preventing flies from entering your property. Our standard fly screen mesh has a thread count of 18 x 16 per square inch, meaning that our fly screens prevent flies, wasps and other insects including creepie crawlies are unable to penetrate through, giving you peace of mind and a fly-free home.

Our roller screens are also available with midge mesh which is intended for use in rural areas such as the Scottish Highlands and Islands which are prone to midges. For those with hay fever, our pollen mesh acts as a filter against pollen. Both midge and pollen mesh also act as a barrier to flies, wasps and bees whilst allowing good fresh air circulation. They are easy to use and can be discreetly rolled away when not needed. Despite their strength and durability, the fly screens do not obstruct your view or the flow of fresh air. Our screens are also suitable to be fitted on most window types and are custom-made to fit the specific measurements of your windows.

Can I install roller fly screens on my patio doors?

Yes, our double roller fly screens can be used on wider-span doors, including patio doors. Fly screens for patio doors are a common request from our customers. Our double roller fly screens are known for their superior quality, easy installation, and effectiveness in keeping insects out. Notably, these fly screens do not obstruct the view, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space seamlessly. 

Can I use a door fly screen with your product offerings?

Yes, absolutely. Although the page you're referring to discusses roller insect screens for windows, we also offer solutions for doors. A door fly screen can be equally effective in keeping out bugs, flies, and other pests. Like our window screens, our door screens are easy to install, durable, and can be discreetly rolled away when not in use. We offer different types of door fly screens, including roller screens, chain link curtains, and hinged screens to suit different door styles and customer needs.

How do I measure my window for Roller Fly Screens?

Measuring your window for roller fly screens is straightforward, but depends on how you are going to install your screens.

If you are fitting within the recess, then you will need to measure the width and drop of the recess. When you measure the width, pay particular attention to the measurement at the top as this is critical. When you measure the drop, measure in 3 places (left, middle, right) and use the shortest measurement. If you select recess size, we'll make the appropriate deductions for you.

If you are fitting outside of the recess or know exactly the size that you'd like your screen to be including all hardware, then you should submit these sizes as blind size, and we'll make no deductions.

You can read our detailed measuring guide for roller fly screens, here.

How do I install a roller fly screen to my window?

Roller fly screens can either be recess-fixed or face-fixed. You will need a power drill, a pencil for marking where you wish to drill and a screw driver.

Recess fixing involves drilling and screwing a clip-fix bracket for the cassette into the top of the recess, and fixing the left- and right-hand side channels into the recess by drilling and screwing.

Alternatively, you can face-fix, directly to the window frame, or face-fix around the window recess. The cassette is face-fixed by using an angle bracket which slides into a groove on the top of the cassette into the face of the wall or window. The side channels can also be face-fixed. We can pre-drill your side channels with screw holes in the rear of the side channels and 10mm holes in the front of the side channels which allow access to screw the side channels in place. Once fixed in place, the 10mm hole in the front of the side channel is filled using the cover caps supplied.

You can read detailed installation instructions for roller fly screens for windows by following the link.

Can roller fly screens be installed on the outside of my window?

Our roller fly screen system was designed on the continent, where the majority of windows open inwards. So it has been designed for outdoor installation. The aluminium profiles are powder-coated and rust-proof, other parts are made of nylon and are weather-resistant. The mesh itself is fibreglass and rott proof.

If installed outside in the UK, you may wish to consider that the weather is a lot poorer than on the continent. Over time, dirt, dust and other debris may accumulate in the side channels and any other grooves. Periodically, the fly screen can be taken down the components and mesh can be washed in soapy water.

What gauge is the Roller Fly Screen Mesh?

Our standard fly screen mesh has a thread count of 18x16 threads per square inch and prevents most flying insects and creepy crawlies from passing through it.

You can also customise your roller screen by selecting from other types of mesh for use in your roller screen:

  • Midge Mesh - has a thread count of 20x20 per square inch and prevents most midges from passing through it.
  • Pet Mesh - is a heavy-duty mesh which will withstand rough treatment from household pets. It has a thread count of 18x17 per square inch.
  • Pollen Mesh - is a super-fine filter mesh, which allows air to circulate into your room but prevents pollen from passing through.

Which insects will roller fly screens keep out?

Roller fly screens, using standard fly screen mesh, will keep out the majority of flying pests including flies, wasps, moths, daddy long-legs, bees and hornets. They will also keep out creepy crawlies such as spiders.

However, if you wish to keep out very tiny insects, such as midges, you should consider our roller midge screens which feature a very fine 'midge mesh', which has 20x20 threads per square inch.

Will roller fly screens keep my pets inside?

Although we would always recommend taking additional measures to keep pets inside, we have been told by some customers that our roller fly screens have been used successfully to keep smaller pets inside.

Additionally, our roller pet screens feature a special heavy-duty, claw-resistant fly screen mesh which may be more suitable for households which have pets where claws, teeth and general exuberance may cause rips and tears to standard fly screen mesh. Again, we would always suggest taking further measures to keep your precious pets inside.

What tools will I need to install a roller fly screen?

To install a roller fly screen, you will need the following tools:

  • Pencil
  • Power drill
  • Screw-driver

We would suggest sourcing rawl-plugs and screws that are suitable for your fixing surface.

Full installation instructions can be downloaded here.

Can roller fly screens be installed without drilling?

This particular system is best installed using screws.

It is a permanent solution and once installed does not need to be removed, because when not in use the mesh retracts back into the cassette. The cassette and side channels are discrete and unobtrusive enough to be kept in situ permanently.

Whilst we would recommend screw fixing, some customers have chosen to install their roller insect screens using very strong double-sided adhesive tape and found this to be a successful fixing method.

We do also offer 'no drill fly screens' and in particular for those who like the functionality and appearance of a retractable screen, we offer no drill roller fly screens for both windows and single doors, which use expanding end caps to grip the recess.. These are popular with renters and those who wish to remove their screen out-of-season.

Will fly screens spoil the view out of my window?

The standard fly screen mesh used in our roller fly screens is charcoal grey in colour. The thread of the mesh itself is relatively fine and the mesh has an open weave with 18x16 threads per square inch. Contrary to popular belief, grey (rather than white) mesh is the least obtrusive choice for fly screens. When held up against the window, whilst the grey screen is visible, it certainly allows a clear and unobstructed view out of the window.

Will the window handle get in the way of the roller fly screen.

This is a very common question. You should consider that, by design, a roller fly screen only needs to be deployed when the window is open.

For most windows, when the window is open, the handle is attached to the opening leaf of the window and is therefore also pushed outwards, not obstructing the fly screen from being deployed. 

When it comes to closing the window, and the handle being back in the 'closed' position - before closing the window, you would first retract the fly screen into its cassette, where it would stay until the window is opened again!

What are the RAL codes of the available colours?

For those wishing to match up or coordinate the fly screen hardware with window frames, you will find the RAL codes for the colours available below:

  • White - RAL 9010
  • Brown - RAL 8014
  • Anthracite Grey - RAL 7016

The RAL code 7016 Anthracite Grey is commonly used in modern aluminium window frames. White RAL 9010 provides a good match with most UPVC windows and doors.

Can I trim by roller insect screen down if I order it too big?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes but... 

Our window roller screens are custom-made to your measurements. We hope that if you measure carefully, paying specific attention to the top (cassette) measurement which is the most critical, you should not have to trim them down when you receive them.

Trimming down the side channels is straightforward with a hack saw.

However, trimming the cassette is a lot more involved. You would need to remove the end caps and tensioning spring (which will be under tension and may cause the end caps to spin). You will need a saw capable of cutting through the cassette, mesh, tube and sliding bar.

If you are at all uncertain about your measurements feel free to contact our team at [email protected].

My window is made up of a mixture of fixed and opening panes. Do I need to cover the whole window with one screen?

If you have a window that is made up of a mixture of fixed and opening panes, then you may not need to cover the whole window with a fly screen. Instead, you can cover just the opening pane. 

This has cost advantages, because you only need to order a screen to cover part of the overall window, so the screen that you order should be smaller and lower cost.

Covering one panel, rather than the whole window usually requires the screen to be face fixed to the frame itself. If you wish to avoid fixing directly to the window frame. Then you may still wish to order a screen to cover the full window and side/top fix into the recess.

If you decide only to cover the opening pane, then you will need to order the screen at the size that you would like it to be manufactured, including the cassette and side channels.

The following profile dimensions are useful to consider:

  • For the width measurement: Each side channel is 30mm wide. 

  • For the drop measurement: The cassette is 51mm high.

  • For the drop measurement, when you do not have a window sill: The L-profile is 26mm high.

You can read about two different window configurations by clicking the links below:

If you have read these guides, and you are uncertain about your measurements, our friendly team are here to help at [email protected]. Feel free to send us a photo of the windows you are covering and we will provide advice on how best to measure it.

If you are looking for answers to a question that isn't listed above, then feel free to contact our friendly team at [email protected].

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