VIDEO: Roller Fly Screens for Windows - How to Operate


Our roller fly screens for windows are an excellent way of letting fresh air circulate into your home, but keeping out flying pests and creepy crawlies. They are an excellent purchase for this spring and summer, and if used correctly will last for many summers to come!

We have produced the video at the bottom of this page as a "how to" guide for operation. As you can see, they are extremely straight forward to use!

Each screen consists of a spring loaded cassette, which houses the mesh and is attached to a sliding hem bar with a handle. Also included are two side channels, one for either side of the screen.

This is a "hide-away" screen and only needs to be deployed when your window is open. When your window is not open, the mesh simply rolls back into the spring loaded cassette at the top of your window, keeping the mesh safe and clean. Side channels on each side of the screen create an insect proof seal either side. The sliding bar of the screen will typically pull down to your window sill, which creates the fourth side of the frame.

If you don't have a window sill (for example, if you are installing around an opening pane at the top of your window), then you can opt to purchase an L-shaped closing profile, which can be fixed at the bottom of the screen underneath the side channels, to complete the fourth side of the frame.

Operation of the screen is so easy, as shown in our video below. If you feel inside of the side channels, at the bottom of the side channels on the front inside face, you will notice there is a discrete retaining hook. These hooks are used to retain the screen in position when it is pulled down. To pull the screen down, simply use the handle on the sliding hem bar to pull the screen from the cassette and down to your window sill. When you pull the screen down, the sliding bar clicks into place under the hooks at the bottom of the side channels. To ensure that your screen hooks into place, as you reach the sill, tilt the sliding bars top edge towards you. 

When you no longer need the screen to be deployed (when want to close your window), simply tilt the top edge of the sliding bar away from you and the sliding bar will come free of the retaining hooks. Inside the cassette at the top of the screen, the mesh is rolled back onto a roller tube which is tensioned by a spring - so the screen will automatically retract back into the cassette. The speed of the recoil is managed by a unique "brake" system hidden within the cassette - this slows the recoil, meaning your screen will smoothly retract into the cassette. However, for long lasting use, we always recommend using the handle on the sliding bar to guide the screen safely back into the cassette.

Roller fly screens are available to buy online with several different mesh types - including standard fly screen, pollen-proof mesh, extra-tough pet resistent mesh and midge mesh! Aluminium hardware is available in white, dark brown and new anthracite grey RAL7016. Non-aluminium hardware is white (when you select white hardware), or black (when you select brown or anthracite hardware). 

Please note that in the video, the outer frame (white with black corners) is a "sample display casing" and will not be supplied with your screen. As shown in the image at the top of this article, you will receive, the assembled cassette containing mesh and sliding bar, two side channels, and (if ordered) the closing L-profile.


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