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Roller Fly Screen Door

Our spring-operated Roller Fly Screen Door system is available in single-door and double-door formats to buy online. Screens are custom-made to your measurements, with your choice of mesh type.

Our roller insect screen door is spring-loaded and features a smooth recoil! We are able to offer 4 types of mesh giving protection against insects, midges or pollen whilst allowing free circulation of fresh air through your door.

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  • Blind Type: Roller Fly Screen Door

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Roller screens for doors feature the following mesh types

1) Standard Fly Mesh - keeps out most flying pests.

2) Anti-Pollen Mesh: Keeps out pollen helping prevent hay fever. Also keeps out most flying pests.

3) 20x20 Midge Mesh: Keeps out smaller flying pests using fine mesh with 20x20 holes per square inch. 

4) Pet Resistent Mesh"TuffScreen" a.k.a. Pet mesh is 3 times stronger than standard fly screen mesh. Keeps out most insects. Resistant to pets, tears and punctures.


Frequently Asked Questions about Roller Fly Screen Doors

How does the roller fly screen door effectively prevent insects from entering the home?

The roller fly screen door from functions as an effective insect door screen, designed to keep your home free from flying insects. The screen allows fresh air to circulate through the room while providing a barrier against various types of insects. Its ‘hide-away’ retractable nature and spring-tensioned system make it a user-friendly and discrete addition to your home for insect control. The screen material is durable, providing optimal visibility and longevity.

Can I install a metal door curtain instead of a roller fly screen door?

Yes, you certainly can. While we specialise in roller fly screen doors, metal door curtains can be an alternative solution to prevent flies and other insects from entering your home. Chain fly screens are best suited to doors which require regular access since they don’t need to be opened or closed, you can simply walk through them by parting the chains. Our aluminium chain fly curtains, although not as subtle as a roller fly screen, can add a unique aesthetic appeal to your door while serving a practical purpose, as they are available in a range of colours and designs. 

What are the available options if I need roller fly screen doors in the UK?

Perfectly designed to protect your home from bugs, our roller fly screen door is one of our most sought-after products under the blind screens UK category. They are available in single-door and double-door configurations, with white, brown and anthracite grey hardware. Our roller fly screen doors are available with four different meshes depending on your specific needs - standard fly screen mesh, robust pet-resistant fly screen mesh (pet screen), extra fine midge mesh and anti-pollen mesh. Our roller fly screens are easy to install, use, and maintain, making them an ideal choice for UK homes.

What are the benefits of installing roller fly screen doors from NewBlinds?

Installing roller fly screens from NewBlinds offers a range of benefits. The primary advantage is they provide an effective barrier against flies, mosquitoes and other insects. The second benefit is the increased ventilation, which allows a fresh breeze to circulate in your home without letting in unwanted pests. The roller fly screens are easy to install, durable, and can be custom-made to your size to fit all types of doors. Plus, the mesh is discrete and doesn't obstruct your view or natural light. In addition, roller fly screens are available with 4 different types of mesh - standard fly screen, midge screen, pet-resistant screen and anti-pollen screen. All act as effective barriers to flies and other pests.

Do you have a roller fly screen that is suitable for uPVC windows?

Yes, in addition to being suitable for doors, our roller fly screen solutions can also be fitted onto windows. They make great fly screens for uPVC windows since the cassette and side channels of a roller fly screen are available in white, dark brown or anthracite grey, which are popular colours of UPVC windows, meaning they blend seamlessly with your window frames, providing an effective barrier against flies and insects without obstructing your view or ventilation. With regard to installation, they can either be face-fixed against the window frame itself, recess-fixed or face-fixed around the recess. Installation is straightforward and can be done by anyone with a basic knowledge of DIY tasks. The fly screens are retractable, meaning they hide away discretely when not in use, making them a practical choice for uPVC windows.