Framed Window Flyscreen 130x150cm, White (Value)

  • Complete assembly kit made from stable aluminium profiles
  • Choice of Mesh Types - standard fly screen, midge mesh, pet screen, pollen mesh.
  • Affixed with stainless steel springs - for hanging inside window frames
  • With brush seal against the window frame, running all the way around in order to ensure complete protection with no gaps
  • Size can be adapted to individual window size
£24.74+20% VAT
Blinds Delivered: NEXT WORKING DAY. Order before 12 noon 
Mesh Type
This screen is supplied with standard fibre glass mesh as standard. However it is also possible to upgrade to the following mesh types:
  • Midge Mesh - 20x20 holes per inch.
  • Extra Fine Midge Mesh - 20x30 holes per inch.
  • Pet Resistent Mesh - a standard gauge mesh, made from tear proof toughened glass fibre. Ideal for those with pets. 
  • Pollen Mesh - a super fine mesh, which allows air circulation but keeps out pollen - ideal for those with hayfever. Acts as a barrier to 20 micon pollen
Please bear in mind that the meshes available as optional upgrades are only available at widths of 120cm.


  • Screen Application: Windows
  • Mesh Colour: Grey/Black
  • Mesh Material: Fibreglass
  • Mesh Feature:
    • Insect Proof
    • Pollen Proof
    • Pet/Claw Resistent
    • Midge Proof
  • Screen Type: Framed Screens
  • Self Assembly: Yes