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Chain Fly Screens

Chain Link Fly Screens - A Durable, "Walk Through" Barrier to Pests

Keep out flying pests and enjoy fresh air this summer.
Buy highest quality European Chain Link Screens online at at the UKs best prices.
We have both standard-sized door screens (900mm w x 2100mm h) and custom-sized screens available to order.
Our chain is top quality European anodised chain - It stays strong, clean, shiny and doesn`t rust, go brittle or fade.
You'll use our screens for years to come, unlike cheap imported imitations.  

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Chain Screen - Key features

  • Walk-through fly screen.
  • High quality and durable 20mm anodised chain
  • Silver, blue, bronze-brown and green chain available.
  • Unique pattern designs.
  • Rust proof and colour-fast  - will not tarnish.
  • 77 lengths of chain per metre of width
  • Sturdy aluminium headrail in Silver 
  • Simple to Install
  • UK's best prices

Why buy Our Chain Fly Screens?

Top Quality European Chain - Insist on Quality!
Over a number of years, we have noticed a cheap imitation chain link screen imported from the far-east being sold cheaply within the UK. We have been asked why our chain is more expensive than this cheap imitation. The reason is simple... Ours is better quality and will last longer!

Years of Experience: 
The European manufacturers of our chain have been in business for many years making this high-quality chain.

We only use top quality anodised chain, sourced from within the EU. Sourcing only top quality chain means that our product remains:

  • Strong: The process of anodisation strengthens our chain and protects it from bending out of shape or becoming brittle.
  • Clean and Shiny: Anodisation repels dirt and grime meaning that our chain stays looking clean, bright and shiny.
  • Colour-Fast: Anodisation protects chain that has been coloured ensuring that it retains its colour for many years.
  • Evenly Spaced: Our European manufacturer has perfected the process of making uniformly spaced chain. So our chain looks evenly spaced and tidy.
  • Beware of cheap imported chain that is either not anodised or has not been properly anodised which means that within a matter of months it can become dull and dirty, colour faded, brittle and deformed.

Our satisfied customers will recommend our chain link flyscreens to their family and friends and use our screens for years to come!

Available in a number of Colours and Pattern Designs
Our chain is available in a number of popular colours and in a number of unique patterned designs. So you can choose a colour to suit your decor. You can brighten up your doorway with a splash of colour, or opt for simple and sophisticated silver chain. You can make a feature of your door with one of our unique SunArt or Fish Designs

Custom Made to Your Measurements & Specification
As well as offering standard-sized kits for doors, which are 900mm wide x 2100mm high, we are also able to offer custom-sized screens. Simply enter your sizes and select whether you wish to assemble yourself (self-assembly), or if you wish us to do that for you in our factory (ready-made).

Next-Day Dispatch: 
We offer next day dispatch on all of our standard sized door kits, subject to stock. Custom sized screens take a little longer due to the time involved.

Suitable for business and food preparation areas:
Our chain insect screens are commonly used in food preparation areas and are also ideal for home and business use.

Convinced Yet? Take a look at our standard sized door chain screens and custom sized chain screens and buy online with fast UK delivery!