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Framed Windows Fly Screens

Our framed insect screens for windows can be easily trimmed down to your exact sizes!

Available with a wide range of accessories and fixings and can be combined with our different mesh types - including anti-pollen, pet resistant, midge or standard fly screen. 

Accessories include - extra corners, hinges, spring clip fixings, magnet closers, brackets and spare rubber cord. 

Dispatch is Next Working Day. Browse our options below and buy online!

  • Blind Type: Framed Window Fly Screens

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a screen door in the UK, and do you offer this product?

Yes, you definitely can install a fly screen door UK. In fact, we provide a wide range of high-quality door fly screens of different styles and price points. These include retractable roller screens, hinged and sliding screens, mesh panel screens and chain fly screens. So, whatever your door style or budget, you can effectively keep flies and other irritating insects out of your home without obstructing airflow.

Can I get roller versions of your framed window fly screens?

Yes, our roller fly screen is an innovative solution that provides efficient protection from insects whilst allowing air to circulate through your open window. The beauty of this system versus a framed fly screen is that the screen is only deployed when the window is open. When the window is closed the screen rolls away into a slim line roller cassette, which blends seamlessly with your window.

What are the key benefits of using framed window fly screens?

Our framed window fly screens are a great solution for those in the UK looking to protect their homes from pests. These insect screens for windows UK not only keep out flies but also other insects such as wasps, bees, spiders and other creepie crawlies, ensuring a bug-free environment. Whilst we have a number of different styles of fly screens, framed fly screens are a popular choice since they are cost-effective and robust and they can easily be removed for storage outside of the warmer months of the year. We offer simple DIY kits with white and anthracite-coloured frames which can be customised to fit most window sizes. Moreover, our framed fly screens are unobtrusive due to their slim profiles. Being durable and weather resistant, they are a highly effective and long-term solution for both residential and commercial properties.