Fly Screen Doors

Fly Screen Doors

Let fresh air in but keep insects out! Select from our vast range of fly screens for doors available to buy online at the UK's most competitive prices and with next day dispatch! 

If you are looking for speedy delivery, we have a selection of self-assembly kits available on a super speedy next day dispatch service - including mesh panel, hinged screens, sliding panel doors.

Available as custom made ready to install fly screen doors, we have roller fly screens for single and double doors, as well as walk through chain link fly screens.

At newblinds.co.uk, we have a system to suit every budget, taste and application. Be sure to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team if you have any questions!

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    What is a fly screen door?

    A fly screen door is a protective covering for a single or double door, that allows you to leave the door itself open, allowing fresh air into your home or business premises, whilst keeping out flies, wasps and other insects. Fly screens usually consist of a mesh, whose weave is wide enough to allow air-flow circulate, but tight enough to prevent certain insects from passing through. Mesh can be held within a rectangular frame - like a hinged or sliding door, or it can hang in strips or panels from a headrail allowing the user to walk through the screen. Our most popular system is the roller fly screen for single or double doors, where the mesh is housed on a roll within a spring loaded cassette and is only deployed when the door is open. An alternative to mesh, is a chain screen which consists of lengths of chain hanging from an aluminium headrail. 

    What types of insects do fly screen doors keep out?

    Whilst flies are irritating and quite unhygeinic, fly screens also have the advantage of keeping out other insects, depending on the mesh chosen.

    We offer a choice of mesh types our door screens, including:

    • Standard Mesh: Keeps out flies, wasps, hornets, bees, mosquitos and larger creepy crawlies.
    • Midge Mesh: Keeps out the above, but also midgies which are found in some areas for the UK such as the Scottish Highlands.
    • Pollen Mesh: An extremely fine guage mesh, which in addition to providing a barrier to all types of insects also acts as a protective filter against pollens which cause allergies such as hayfever. 
    • Pet Mesh: Pet screens aren't actually designed or intended to keep pets inside. As with standard mesh, the purpose is to let fresh air in through your door opening but keep the insects at bay. Howeverk, the mesh is a tough, hard-wearing mesh which is more claw-resistent and ideal for installation where you would be concerned about the durability of standard mesh. This mesh isn't indestructable, but will stand up to a great deal more punishment from your energetic furry or feathered friend than a standard mesh would.  

    Roller Fly Screens for Single and Double Doors

    Roller screens for single doors and double doors are our favourite solution. They are made to your measurements in our factory and will cover anything from a single door up to a double or french door. They are available with your choice of mesh, from the list above and with either white, brown or anthracite grey hardware to suit the most popular colours of windows and doors. The beauty of a roller screen in our opinion, is that they are so discrete. When not in use, the mesh itself retracts and rolls onto a spring loaded tube within a slimline cassette at the side of the door, or at each side in the case of double door systems. To deploy the screen, the screen is pulled out from the side using handles and it is held in position using magnetic strips on the opposite side of the door. To keep the screen more securely locked into position, you can select optional bolts and keepers. Insects are mostly a seasonal problem, and the great thing about a roller screen is that for the months of the year where it is not required for insect protection, the screen simply hides away in the cassette. It doesn't have to be taken down or stowed away.

    Hinged Fly Screen Doors

    Those of you who have visited the USA, will be familiar with the concept of a traditional hinged fly screen door. We offer these as self assembly kits on a rapid next day dispatch. So they are great for those who want their screen in a hurry and are comfortable with DIY. The screens themselves are available in white and anthracite grey, with a choice of mesh type. We offer superb optional accessories such as cat flaps, which allow your feline friend to exit the door even when your fly screen is closed, and also sub-frames. Hinged fly screens are cost effective and simple to use. You may wish to store the screen away out of season but they are weather proof and durable enough to be left in situ.

    Sliding Screen Doors

    Another popular product for patio doors, or for door configurations with a fixed panel next to an opening door. Sliding screen doors can be installed with or without a bottom rail for barrier free access. These screens are also available with a choice of mesh and they are sent as self assembly kits. Rapid delivery for those who are keen and competent DIY'ers.

    Mesh Panel Doors

    One of our biggest sellers due to their cost effective and walk through nature. We have a range of mesh panel doors for every budget, ranging from very low cost screens ideal for taking on holiday up to our more premium COMFORT mesh screens which are more durable and long lasting with aluminium headrails and weighted panels. This type of screen is only available in one type of mesh and they are a self assembly product, available with a rapid next day dispatch service.

    Chain Link Fly Screens

    Another incredibly popular product and probably our most durable - the chain flyscreen consists of an aluminium headrail and lengths of chain hung 77 lengths per metre of headrail. The chain itself is available in different colours - the most popular being silver, followed by bronze-brown, gunmetal grey and black. Brighter and more striking screens are available in red, blue and green. For those of you looking for something even more decorative, we have a number of cheerful stock patterns - SUN, ART and FISH. Chain screens are available either as a standard size of 900mm x 2100mm which is available with next day dispatch. We can also offer custom sizes - either ready made (take out of the box and hang it!) or self assembly (we send you the headrail cut to size and sufficient chain to make a screen to your sizes). As mentioned, a key benefit of the chain screen is it's durability - they can be used for years to come, and also the walk through nature of the screen.