OSLO 89 BIRCH Electric Vertical blinds

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Electric Vertical Blinds are available with two different types of motor.
Both motor types are 230vAC powered and come with 2m of power cable. As this is a European system, the cable is supplied pre-fitted with a European 2-pin plug head. The 2-pin plug is typically used in the factory for programming purposes. We recommend this is removed and the blind is wired back to a 230vAC switched power source such as a fused spur, although you can fit a standard 3-pin UK plug if that is your preference. Longer 5m cables are available on request, at additional cost.
The key difference between the two motors is the method of control, which is explained below:
230v Somfy RTS (Radio Operation): This motor has an in-built SOMFY radio receiver allowing control by any of the Somfy controls in our electric blinds accessories section - including radio handsets, wall switches, app control devices (Connexoon and Tahoma) and bridging devices that allow wireless control from AV/Smart homes systems such as the RS485 RTS Transmitter or DCT Transmitter. You will recieve a FREE single channel wall switch/handset per order. This will already be paired with your blind.  However, we would recommend control purchase of either a Telis 1 Modulis or Telis 4 Modulis handset as these allow precision tilt of the louvres using a scroll wheel. Note: The radio operated motor also allows volt free wired control.
230v Volt Free (Wired Operation): This motor is volt free (wired) control. This allows the motor to be wired back directly to an AV/Smarthomes system or wired switch for control using either volt free or reverse polarity method. Your motor will have a terminal and a green pheonix plug for connecting your own control wire.  For further information regarding cabling for either of these two wired control methods, please contact customer.services@newblinds.co.uk.
There is also an option for control by 230vAC Relay, however, this is less common and requires an additional cost module which plugs into one of the above motors. Please contact us for further information or to purchase this module.

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  • 89mm Louvre size
  • Full tilt and draw automation
  • 230v Mains Power
  • Control using:
    • Somfy Radio (RTS) - select from a range of Somfy Handsets, Switches, Timers or use Somfy TaHoMa.
    • Volt Free Wired (Dry Contact) Operation.
  • Integrate into Smart Homes systems using:
    • Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter (Uses RS485 or RS232 out put from your sytem)
    • Using Volt Free (Dry Contact) output from your System.


  • Colour: Natural
  • Fabric Brand: Louvolite
  • Light Control: Voiles and Screens
  • Design: Textured
  • View Out: Transparent
  • Wipe Clean: Yes
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Heat Transmission %: 20
  • Heat Reflection %: 34
  • Heat Absorbtion %: 46
  • Light Transmission %: 17
  • Light Reflection %: 31
  • Light Absorbtion %: 52
  • Solar Control: 0.67
  • tot g: 0.32
  • UV Block %: 92
  • BS LF N: 6+
  • Energy Band: 2
  • SAL GREEN: ü
  • Fabric Openess %: 1
  • Dimout Factor: 2
  • Material Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Fabric Weight (gsm): 260
  • Fabric Weight (oz/sqy): 7.7
  • Fabric Thickness (mm): 0.45
  • Blind Types: Contract, Vertical, Panel, Roman, Roller