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SOMFY Battery Powered motors are the ideal choice where it's not possible to access mains electricity. They are operated using Somfy Radio (RTS). Each motor has an integrated radio receiver and can be operated by handset or wireless switch. There are even options for integration with Smart Home Systems or App Control. 
We have two excellent motors available which are concealed within the tube of the roller blind.
  • Somfy Junior Battery Powered Motor: Suitable for smaller blinds. 
  • Somfy Battery Powered Motor: For larger blinds. 
Where you have a mix of small and large blinds, you may wish to use the same motor throughout your project, or you can chose the Junior motor where appropriate to lower cost.
Enter your sizes, and the motors available for that size will be displayed.
Motor Position
Your motor can be positioned at either the left hand or the right hand of the blind. You may wish to consider the accessibility of your motor when making this decision as when replacing or re-charging batteries, you will need easy access to the motor end of the blind to remove and replace the battery tube.
Fixing Type
Roller blinds can either be installed with standard fixing brackets, positioned at each end of the roller tube, meaning that the roller tube and fabric is exposed. Or you can select an open cassette - this partially covers the roller tube.
Bracket Fixing: Roller blinds are often installed using brackets as illustrated below. Brackets can be top fixed, face fixed or side fixed. Roller blind brackets are available with bracket covers
Roller Blind Brackets with Covers.
Open Cassette: Open cassettes are often selected where blinds are being installed within a recess. They provide a stylish finishing touch to the head of the blind. Open cassettes are available in a range of colours, with optional fabric insert. It is shown below in a satin finish.
Open Cassette in Satin Finish
Open cassettes by Louvolite are a stylish finishing touch to any roller blind, partly concealing the brackets, mechanism and roller tube. Open Cassettes are available in a range of colours shown below.
Louvolite White Open Cassette
White Open Cassette
Louvolite Open Cassette in Beige
Beige Open Cassette
Black Louvolite Open Cassette for Roller Blinds
Black Open Cassette
Satin Open Cassette for Roller Blinds
Satin Open Cassette
Chrome Open Cassette for Roller Blinds by Louvolite
Chrome Open Cassette
Bronze Open Cassette
Bronze Open Cassette

Bracket Covers
You may wish to customise the colour of the roller blind fixing brackets to suit your chosen fabric or to co-ordinate with your room decor. 

Bracket covers are available in white, beige, grey, black or brown.
Fabric Rolls From
You can choose to have your blind fabric rolling from either:
Window Side of the Roller Tube: This is standard and where the blind is face fixed around a recess minimises the gap between the fabric and the fixing surface.
Room Side of the Roller Tube: This is also known as "reverse roll". This is a good option for where blinds are being installed within a recess which is not very deep and there is window furniture (such as window handles) protruding into the space allowed.
Side Guiding
Roller blinds are available with two different types of side guiding.
Side Guide Wires: Are designed to stabilise the roller blind, preventing any uneccessary movement. The PVC coated steel guide wire runs from special brackets at the top of the blinds to glass filled nylon plastic fixing units at the bottom of the blind. If you choose "recess size" when entering your measurements, the fixing units will be suitable for recess fixing (to the sill or floor), if you choose "exact blind size", then we will provide fixing units suitable for face fixing.
Battery Operated Roller Blinds with Side Guide Wires
Side Channels: We are also able to provide white angular closed cassette with optional white side channels for extra light exclusion. Optional bottom profile is also available. These are not available to buy online currently but if you require these, please email for a quotation.
Bottom Bar
The bottom bar provides a finishing touch to the bottom of the fabric of a roller blind. We have a number of fantastic options.
Fabric Covered Hem Bar: An oval bottom bar is provided and this is concealed by wrapping it in the roller blind fabric that you have selected. For thicker fabrics, we may only be able to cover the room-facing side of the bottom bar with fabric. Dimensions of the fabric covered hem bar are 15mm deep x30mm height
Fabric Covered and Tubular Bottom Bar
White Round Aluminium  Hem Bar (above): A 23mm diameter aluminium bottom bar in white is provided. The fabric is securely attached to the hem bar, which is left exposed.
Silver Round Aluminium Hem Bar: A 23mm diameter aluminium bottom bar in brushed silver is provided. The fabric is securely attached to the hem bar, which is left exposed.
Silver Circular Exposed Bottom Bar
Exposed Wooden Hem Bar: A luxury finishing touch for your roller blind. Wooden hem bars are available in a range of warming wood colours and painted.
You have a few options for powering SOMFY battery operated motors - these include battery tubes, which can be mounted discretely behind the blind, or a plug in power supply:
Single Use Battery Holder inc. Batteries: Holder Including 8 AA single use batteries. Batteries are Alkaline. NiMH batteries can also be used. The holder is a white tube which is 432mm in length. 21mm diameter. It comes comes with 254mm cable, plus mounting clips.
Battery Wand including 8AA disposable batteries.
Rechargable Battery Holder inc. Batteries: Holder including 10 AA Lithium Rechargeable batteries. The holder is a tube which is 532mm in length. 21mm diameter. It comes with a 254mm cable, plus mounting clips. Batteries can be charged directly from the Somfy charger without unloading the batteries from the tube.
Battery Wand including 8AA disposable batteries.
Plug in Power Supply: If you have a 3 pin plug socket near to your window, this plug in power supply connects directly to the battery cable socket of your motor. It comes with 3m of cable.
Plug in power supply for battery powered roller blinds
Solar Pack
Roller blinds using SOMFY motors can be powered using the energy of the sun. This handy solar panel fixes with adhesive strips to the inside of the window pane or can be mounted with brackets (supplied). 
SOMFY Solar Panel
Schematic for SOMFY solar pack

The solar panel connects to the rechargeable battery wand. During day time, the panel charges the rechargable batteries contained in the battery tube. The panel will charge the batteries even when only a little sunlight is available.
The SOMFY Solar Pack will save you both money and time, whilst saving the environment. Whilst we recommend buying a charger as back up, it's unlikely that you will need it. No need also for expensive replacement batteries.
Panel dimensions: 301mm x 41mm x 10mm
Includes: Adhesive pads or brackets for installation; Y-connector Cable
Cable length: 350mm
If you've chosen to power your blind using rechargable batteries, then you're likely to need a wall charger. This charger plugs straight into the battery holder, meaning you don't have to remove your AA batteries from the tube to recharge. 
The charger features a LED indicator which glows green when the batteries are fully charged.
Remote Control

You have a selection of handsets and wireless wall switches to choose from:
1 Channel 'Situo' Wall Switch / Handset: A single channel transmitter with a detatchable flat rear casing. Remove the rear casing to mount this to your wall, and the  unit simple snaps into place as a permanent wall switch. If you prefer not to wall mount the unit, it can just as effectively be used as a handset. 
1 Channel 'Telis 1' Handset: A handset with a single channel.
Smoove Wireless Wall Switch: A square wireless wall switch with integrated frame, single channel.
4 Channel 'Telis 4' Handset: A handset with 4 channels.
6 Channel 'Telis 6 Chronis' Handset / Timer: A handset with 6 channels and an integrated programmable timer with digital interface.
16 Channel 'Telis 16' Handset: A handset with 16 channels and a digital interface. 
Each channel can control a single blind or more than one blind. So you may not need to purchase a controller with each blind. Where this is the case, then select 'No Remote Control'.
All handset sold via our website are from the PURE range meaning they are off white with grey trim.
Each handset / wall switch has an UP, DOWN and MY button. As part of the programming process, you will set upper and lower limits and an optional favourite 'MY' position. Press the UP or DOWN buttons to take the blind straight to its limit. The MY button can be used to take the blind to the favourite position, or to stop the blind mid-travel.

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Affordable Automation from only £84 per Blind 

  • Junior MOTOR + HANDSET + BATTERIES only £84!
  • Standard MOTOR + HANDSET + BATTERIES only £121!
  • Includes Motor, 10AA Single Use Batteries, Battery Holder AND Situo Handset.
  • Somfy Junior Motor is a NEW quiet battery operated motor especially designed for windows up to (1450x1450mm Maximum).
  • Upgrade to Rechargeable Batteries Available.

Finishing Touches:
Our battery operated roller blinds are radio operated and use SOMFY RTS motors, which are backed by a 5 year warranty. They are available with a wide range of finishing touches including:

  • Open Cassette - in a variety of colours.
  • Choice of Bottom Bar - including fabric covered, exposed circular aluminium, or exposed wood.
  • Handsets, switches, timers - You can select from simple 1 and 4 channel handsets, a 1-channel wall switch with integrated timer, or a 6-channel handset with integrated timer. Having more than one channel allows you to control blinds or sets of blinds independently of each other. Each channel can control between 1 and 8 blinds simultaneously. Handsets and switches are cream in colour.  
  • Choice of motor position - The motor sits inside the roller blind tube and can go on either side of the blind. For battery operated, we recommend that the motor is positioned on the side of the blind that is most accessible.    
  • Power: They can be powered by disposable and rechargeable batteries, plug in power supplies of Solar Panel.

Don't forget that you can order free samples of fabric, which will be sent by first class post

Smart Home Integration

Blinds using SOMFY RTS motors can be integrated with many brands of smart home automation system, using a SOMFY RS485-RTS Interface which has 16 channels and is programmable using a RS485 setting tool


See our guide to measuring roller blinds (clicking this link opens a new window).

Installation and Programming:

Remote roller blinds are simple to install. You can watch our video play list below or read our step by step instructions  (clicking this link opens a new window)

The video instructions above show installation of a roller blind incorporating a Louvolite open cassette, which is an optional finishing touch for our battery operated remote control blinds.


  • Colour: Grey / Silver
  • Fabric Brand: Fabric Box
  • Rollwidth: 2000
  • Light Control: Dim Out
  • Design: Plains
  • Kids: No
  • View Out: Opaque


Child Safety

Child Safe Battery Powered Roller Blinds

Batter Powered Roller Blinds are ‘safe by design’ as they do not have cords or chains.

About Child Safety

At, child safety is of paramount importance. If left hanging freely, chains and cords from blinds can pose a direct threat to children. For this reason, we are working towards all of our products being cord-less or chain-free and therefore “safe by design”.

Where it is not yet feasible to supply a product that is “safe by design”, we ensure that the product is fully compliant with Child Safety legislation. Not only do we ensure that, where necessary, our products are supplied/fitted with child safety cleats/devices, but we also supply, free of charge, these items to our previous customers.

Click the link above to inform us of your requirements. To learn more about the BBSA ‘Make it Safe’ campaign and blind cord safety, you can watch the video below.