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VOILE PLT 20 MOONDUST Pleated Blinds

SKU: PB-1829593T

- Pleated Blinds custom-made to your sizes and specification
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- Easy operation: Raise and lower with simple left or right-hand cord.
- Simple measuring and installation: Download our Measuring Guide (PDF)

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Our range of pleated blinds and cellular blinds are perfect for any normal window in your home, as well as conservatory side windows.

  • Stunning fabrics: We have a range of popular single pleated fabrics, decorative transparent VOILE fabrics. HALO cellular privacy and LUNA blackout are double-walled honeycomb fabrics that offer added insulation against heat loss and gain.
  • Simple Control: Operation is simple with left or right-hand lifting cord. To raise the blinds simply pull the lifting cord and lock the blind into position.
  • Free child safety cleats: are provided and should be installed 1.5m from floor level to stow loose cord. 
  • Clean aesthetics and full window coverage: Pleated and cellular blind fabrics run the full width of the headrail to offer full window coverage.
  • Low profile aluminium headrail and bottom bar: Blind headrails and bottom bars are made from strong but discrete powder-coated aluminium.
  • Simple installation: Using screw fix brackets to secure the headrail.
  • Great Savings: Delivery direct from the factory at low prices! 
  • BUY ONLINE with quick delivery. Or order FAST and FREE samples.

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  • Blind System: Blinds
  • Blind Type: Pleated Blinds
  • Colour: Grey
  • Design: Plain
  • Blind Feature: View Out
  • Light Control: Light Filtering
  • View Out: Transparent
  • Fabric Brand: Louvolite
  • Material: Polyester
  • Fixing Method: Screw Fix
  • Operation: Cord Operated
  • Window Type:
    • Window
    • Bay Window
    • Conservatory
  • Room:
    • Kitchen
    • Office
    • Dining Room
    • Living Room
  • Rollwidth: 2000
  • Heat Transmission %: 43
  • Heat Reflection %: 37
  • Heat Absorbtion %: 20
  • Light Transmission %: 34
  • Light Reflection %: 36
  • Light Absorbtion %: 30
  • Fabric Weight (gsm): 125
  • Fabric Thickness (mm): 0.3

Pleated Blinds and Child Safety

Pleated blinds are raised and lowered using a control cord. When blinds are fully lowered, this cord will be manufactured to be no longer than 1 metre. This ensures that they are out of reach of small children. You will also receive a child safety cleat which is used to retain any loose cord. The cleat is a separate item and should be fixed to the wall next to the cord. The cleat should be installed no less than 1.5m from floor level. Safety devices have been fully tested in compliance with British safety standard EN13120. You will find details of how to install the devices in the installation instructions. Please contact our friendly customer service team if you need any further advice. Please note that beds, cots and other items of furniture should not be positioned next to operating cords, in order that the cords remain out of reach.

About Child Safety
At, child safety is of paramount importance. If left hanging freely, chains and cords from blinds can pose a direct threat to children. For this reason, we are working towards all of our products being cord-less or chain-free and therefore “safe by design”.

Where it is not yet feasible to supply a product that is “safe by design”, we ensure that the product is fully compliant with Child Safety legislation. Not only do we ensure that, where necessary, our products are supplied/fitted with child safety cleats/devices, but we also supply, free of charge, these items to our previous customers.

Click the link above to inform us of your requirements. To learn more about the BBSA ‘Make it Safe’ campaign and blind cord safety, you can watch the video below.