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MC R4 Four Blind Relay Controller
MC R4 Four Blind Relay Controller
MC R4 Four Blind Relay Controller
MC R4 Four Blind Relay Controller
MC R4 Four Blind Relay Controller

MC R4 Four Blind Relay Controller

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If you are planning to control multiple relay-operated electric blinds, curtain rails, or roller shutters using a wired switch. Or if you wish to integrate (by wire) with a home or building automation system, then our MC R4 Four Blind Relay Controller is a 'must-have'.

Provide a single 230vAC power supply to this controller, and connect up to four blinds. 

Individual Control

The MC R4 has four individual inputs which each allow control of an individual blind either from a wired wall switch or from a smart home system or BMS. This requires 3x0.75 230vAC cable.

Group and Central Control

MC R4 also has one volt-free input for group control of ALL blinds by wired switch (CAT5 cable required) and one volt-free input for central control of ALL blinds by BMS or Smart Home System (CAT5 cable required)

Multi-Controller Installations

You can wire multiple relays in parallel for group and central control of larger quantities of blinds.

Important notes:

- Motors must have 4 core cable (3 core + earth)
- Switches must be latching or depressed during operation (no run-time logic included)
- Smart homes / BMS: A delay must be programmed between switching direction of control.



Wired Blind Control

Accessories for those who wish to control 230vAC relay operated blinds, roller shutters or curtains using wired wall switches or via wired integration with a Smart Home System or Building Management system. Our range of wired blind control accessories are ideal for those who are in a position to plan the cabling and containment required to implement wired blind control.

  • Control By:
    • Wall Switch
    • Smart Homes System
  • Automation Brand: Vestamatic
  • Power: Mains Power (230vAC)
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