0010 Pebble Venetian Blinds

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-Venetian blinds custom-made to your specification.
-Buy online with low prices and fast delivery.
-Top Quality 25mm Slatting in a wide range of colours/finishes.
-Adjust slat angle for light and glare control and privacy.
-Raise for a complete view out
-Optional Extras: Uniwand and Side Guide Wires
-Simple Measuring and Installation: Download Measuring Guide (PDF)

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Control Side
Tilt Rod and Cord to Raise
  • Tilting of Venetian Blind Slats is performed by twisting a transparent operating rod, which can be positioned either on the left or right hand side of the head-rail.
  • Raising and Lowering of Venetian Blind Slats is performed using an operating cords which can be positioned either on the left or right hand side of the head-rail. The cord control has a locking mechanism, which allows the slats to be raised to a specific position.
Uniwand: Uniwand is a transparent operating wand, which can be twisted to tilt the slats. The cord, which is used to raise and lower the slats, runs through the wand itself. The uniwand can be positioned either on the left hand side or right hand side of the blind head rail.
Child Safety: For child safety purposes, operating cords are supplied with a cleat which is used to tie back the cord when the slats are raised. For uniwand, the cleat is attached to the wand. Where uniwand is not chosen the cleat is separate and will need to be screwed to the wall next to the cord. Where this is the case, the cleat should be fixed no less than 1.5 metres from floor level.
        Image: Venetian Blind with Uniwand (below)
Side Guide Wires
Side guide wires are useful when blinds are being installed to a pitched window. Or an opening pane such as a door or tilt and turn window. The guide wires run down each side of the blinds through holes punched in the slats and are fixed at the bottom of the blind.
Side Guide Wires
Hold Down Brackets
An alternative to side guide wires, for tilt and turn windows or backs of doors, are "hold down brackets", which are fixed at the bottom of the blind. The bottom bar of the blind simply clicks into the brackets. However, it is important to note that the bottom bar will need to be manually clipped and unclipped to the brackets each time you raise or lower the blind. 
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  • Fabric Brand: Newblinds.co.uk
  • Rollwidth: 0
  • Design: Plains


Child Safety

Child Safety and Venetian Blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds are raised and lowered using a control cord. When blinds are fully lowered, this cord will be manufactured to be no longer than 1 metre. This ensures that they are out of reach of small children.

You will also receive a child safety cleat which is used to retain any loose cord.

For blinds with separate cord and tilt rod, the cleat is a separate item and should be fixed to the wall next to the cord. The cleat should be no more than 1.5m from floor level.

For blinds with uniwand, the cleat is attached to the wand itself.

Safety devices have been fully tested in compliance with British safety standard EN13120. You will find details of how to install the devices in the installation instructions. Please contact our friendly customer service team if you need any further advice.

Please note that beds, cots and other items of furniture should not be positioned next to operating cords, in order that the cords remain out of reach.

About Child Safety

At newblinds.co.uk, child safety is of paramount importance. If left hanging freely, chains and cords from blinds can pose a direct threat to children. For this reason, we are working towards all of our products being cord-less or chain-free and therefore “safe by design”.

Where it is not yet feasible to supply a product that is “safe by design”, we ensure that the product is fully compliant with Child Safety legislation. Not only do we ensure that, where necessary, our products are supplied/fitted with child safety cleats/devices, but we also
supply, free of charge, these items to our previous customers.

Click the link above to inform us of your requirements. To learn more about the BBSA ‘Make it Safe’ campaign and blind cord safety, you can watch the video below.