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Perfect Fit Blinds by Louvolite - Revolutionary "NO-DRILL" window blinds that SNAP-FIT to become a seamless part of your UPVC window, door or conservatory. NO SCREWS! Click an image below to explore the range, get an instant price and Buy Online!
- Protect warranty - No drilling!
- Order Fast and FREE Fabric Samples!
- Easy installation - Snap-fit in 30 seconds!
- Fast Delivery to your door!
- Made to your measurements!
Perfect Fit Blinds are available as roller, aluminium or wooden venetian, pleated or cellular blinds. They are the ideal solution for bi-fold doors, french doors and tilt and turn windows. They keep window sills clear and are completely child safe! 

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Introducing Perfect Fit Blinds by Louvolite!

Welcome to, home of Perfect Fit Blinds by Louvolite. Made to your exact sizes - the snap-fit, no-drill system means fitting blinds has never been simpler! Watch the video play-list below to see perfect fit blinds in action, and read on below. 



Frequently Asked Questions about Perfect Fit Blinds

What are Perfect Fit Blinds?

Perfect Fit is a clip-fit blind system designed by Louvolite. It consists of the blind itself, mounted in a painted aluminium frame. The frame is available in a variety of colours including white, anthracite grey, brown, silver and wood finishes. No screwing or drilling is required because Perfect Fit blinds are supplied with a unique bracket system that simply slides under the window beading at the outside edge of the window glass, and the frame including the blind is mounted on these brackets. The perfect fit frame is suitable for a number of different common blind types - roller, venetian and wooden blinds, pleated and cellular shades and vision (a.k.a day and night) blinds. Each of these blind types has a myriad of fabric or slat options, making this no drill blinds system one of the most adaptable and creative on the market!

Are Perfect Fit blinds drill-free?

Yes, Perfect Fit Blinds are no drill blinds. They simply clip-fit into the window beading, so there is no need to drill or screw into your window frame. This makes them a great option for renters or homeowners who want to avoid damaging their windows. Perfect Fit Blinds are available in a variety of styles and materials, so you can find the perfect ones for your home. 

What are Perfect Fit blinds, and would they be suitable for French doors?

Perfect Fit blinds are a revolutionary window covering that is specifically designed for uPVC window frames and doors. These blinds are named "Perfect Fit" because they fit directly into the double glazing of your doors or windows without taking up any space. This makes them a fantastic, attractive, and minimalistic window covering option.

Perfect Fit blinds are especially ideal for doors because they move with the doors when opened or closed, eliminating the need to adjust the blinds each time you use the door. For French doors, they offer a clean, stylish, and functional solution. They are also available in several designs and fabrics, allowing you to match them with your home's decor.

We offer a broad range of high-quality French door blinds UK - Perfect Fit blinds are one of them. They offer added convenience and a luxurious feel for your French doors. Contact us for more information on how to transform your doors and windows with our Perfect Fit blinds.

What makes perfect fit blinds a popular choice for homeowners?

Perfect fit blinds are increasingly admired due to their unique design that allows them to be fitted flawlessly onto uPVC windows without any drilling or screwing. Aside from the simple installation process, homeowners favour perfect fit blinds due to the diverse range of styles and materials available, varying from roller and pleated to venetian blinds. For much wider windows an alternative to the Perfect fit would be electric honeycomb blinds. These innovative blinds offer high energy efficiency as the design aids in blocking out heat during summer and retaining warmth during winter, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. Furthermore, the automated feature of electric honeycomb blinds provides the convenience of controlling light and privacy settings at the touch of a button.

Are Perfect Fit Roller blinds available in extra wide sizes?

Perfect fit Roller blinds can be made to suit a maximum glass width of 1400mm. To cover windows that are up to 4 metres wide, please take a look at our, Extra wide roller blinds. These are a great option for large windows or sliding doors.

Can I use Perfect Fit Blinds with my PVC windows?

Yes, Perfect Fit Blinds are designed specifically for PVC windows and doors. When installing the PVC window blinds, there is no need for drilling or screwing into your window frames. Simply click them into place and enjoy the perfect fit and enhanced look provided by the blinds. You have a range of options to choose from, including roller, Venetian, and pleated styles to complement any room in your home.

Can I install Perfect Fit blinds without drilling into my windows?

Yes, absolutely. Perfect Fit blinds are an ideal solution for those who are hesitant to drill into their window frames. These innovative blinds cleverly fit directly into the window without the need for any drilling or screwing. The installation process involves a unique frame that clips to brackets which are slid between the glass and the rubber gasket of your UPVC windows. This makes them the perfect blinds without drilling, causing no damage to your windows. Plus, they're easy to uninstall and move if needed. Please note that this system is specifically designed for UPVC windows, and may not work with other types.

How do Perfect Fit Blinds compare to other window blind options?

Perfect Fit Blinds offer a unique and sleek solution for your windows. They are designed to integrate seamlessly with the uPVC window frame, providing optimal control over light and privacy. Unlike traditional window blind options, they do not require any drilling or screwing into your window frames. However, if you have roof windows, you might consider Velux Blinds UK, which are designed specifically for skylights and provide similar benefits.

Can I install Venetian blinds on a bay window?

Yes, Venetian blinds can be used in most bay windows. Venetian blinds for bay windows are available in wood or metal and as standard blinds, Perfect fit or INTU blinds. Some bays do not have much space for the fitting of the headrail, if this is the case you may wish to look at the Perfect fit or INTU range of blinds, or Perfect fit shutters as these fit to the actual opening window rather than in the recess or the ceiling of the bay. 

Can I use Perfect Fit roller blinds for my patio doors?

You can use roller blinds for patio doors. They are designed to fit neatly into the frame. This eliminates any swinging or banging as the door is used. These roller blinds offer an excellent way to control light, give privacy, and enhance the aesthetic value of your patio door. They are also easy to install and can be manually operated or motorised.

Do you sell electric blinds for windows?

Yes, at, we do offer a wide selection of electric blinds for windows. The perfect fit range, only the Roller blind version can be motorised. Motorised blinds are not only convenient but also add a touch of modern sophistication to your home or office. Simply adjust the lighting in your room at the touch of a button!. Visit our website for more details.

Are Perfect Fit Blinds suitable for conservatories?

Yes, Perfect Fit Blinds are an excellent choice for your conservatory. These blinds for conservatory settings are uniquely designed to fit snugly into the window frame without the need for drilling or screwing, causing no damage to your conservatory. Plus, with their stylish look and wide range of colours, they add aesthetic appeal while maintaining practical functionality such as light control and insulation.

Are wooden shutter blinds a good option for perfect fit blinds?

Wooden shutter blinds are available using the perfect fit no drill system. However, rather than wood, perfect fit shutters are made from robust and durable wood-effect PVC. No drill Perfect Fit Shutter blinds are a lower cost alternative to traditional plantation shutters, they are easy to measure, install, remove, clean and maintain. 

Can Perfect Fit Blinds be used on UPVC windows?

Yes, Perfect Fit Blinds and Shutters can be used on UPVC windows. The blinds simply clip into the beading of the window pane, so there is no need for drilling or screws. This makes them a quick and easy way to add privacy and stylish window dressing to your windows.

How do you clean behind perfect fit blinds?

Perfect Fit Blinds can easily be removed from the window frame to enable you to clean the glass and window behind the blind. Perfect Fit blinds are installed onto brackets which clip-fit into the perfect fit frame, holding the blind in place. By raising the blinds, you will see that the brackets clip into small holes within the side frame of the blind. These holes are usually positioned towards the bottom and top of the side frame profile but for tall blinds, there may also be a hole towards the middle of the side frame. Simply insert a flat headed screw driver into these holes to lever the frame free of the bracket. This can be done for each bracket until the Perfect Fit frame comes free of the window. Once the blind has been removed you can clean the window and it’s frame as normal. Depending on the blind type mounted within the Perfect Fit frame, cleaning of the blind iself may differ. Venetian and wooden blinds can be easily cleaned with a feather duster and some furniture polish. Pleated and honeycomb clip-fit blinds can be cleaned sarefully using a hoover with a brush nozzle, allowing you to safely clean the dust from your perfect fit blinds. Spots and stains can be removed by wiping the affected area with a cloth dampened with warm water and a drop or two of cleanser. Before cleaning the fabric of a roller blind such as a clip fit roller or blackout blind, you should check the fabric manufacturers cleaning instructions.

What types of blinds are available as Perfect Fit?

At, Our Perfect Fit Range Includes:

  • Perfect Fit Venetian BlindsVersatile shading for any window. Raise and lower with a discrete handle fitted to the bottom rail. Tilt with a simple twist of a transparent control rod. Available in over 100 different colours and finishes, find yours here.
  • Perfect Fit Roller Blinds: A range of shading fabrics for every application. Blackouts, privacy, decorative, voiles and more. The roller tube and fabric are concealed in an elegantly curved fascia at the top of the blind frame. Have a look at our stunning range here.
  • Perfect Fit Pleated and Honeycomb BlindsOur Perfect Fit Pleated and Cellular Blinds allow you to control the sunlight coming into your home, and also enhance your privacy. We have a huge range of stylish fabrics ranging from plain and patterned single pleats to privacy and blackout cellular fabrics. Can be installed as bottom-up or top-down blinds. Check out our full range here.
  • Perfect Fit Conservatory Blinds: Snap-fit installation to PVC-u Conservatories - no drilling or screws are required! Our Perfect Fit Blinds are specifically designed for conservatories. You can buy Conservatory Blinds Online, or alternatively, Request a brochure / home visit.
  • Perfect Fit Wooden Blinds: Our beautiful Perfect Fit Wooden Blinds will transform any room in your home! There's nothing like the hue of real wood to add a touch of warmth to your windows. Available in 10 different stunning finishes, you can find your ideal blind here.

Which type of windows and doors are Perfect Fit Blinds suited to?

Originally, Perfect Fit was intended as system to allow installation of blinds for upvc windows without invalidating their warranty by drilling and screwing. However, their use has quickly been adapted to different window types. We also now commonly see them used as door blinds and they are a particularly popular solution for bi-folding doors and french doors.

How to Fit Perfect Fit Blinds?

The beauty of this no-drill blinds system is that they are so simple to install. The blind will be supplied with discrete brackets, which slide into the beading around the edges of the glass. The blind itself is mounted within a frame, and this frame simply clips onto these brackets. Once installed, the blind appears to be an integral part of the window or door. You will find information on measuring and installing each Perfect Fit Blind type on the fabric page itself. We have video guides and written instructions to help you along your way. The best thing about this clip-fit installation method is that you don't need to use drills or screws to mount your new shade. This not only makes the system ideal for those with even the most basic DIY skills, but it also protects the warranty of your windows and doors - which is key!

Who manufactures perfect fit blinds?

Perfect Fit Blinds are designed by Louvolite and manufactured by fabricators throughout the UK and worldwide using components supplied by Louvolite. Perfect Fit Blinds are ideal for conservatories, french doors and bi-fold doors, in addition to being entirely compatible with the majority of PVC Windows.

Are perfect fit blinds easy to clean?

Perfect Fit Blinds are as easy to clean as normal blinds. They clip fit into the window beading up against the glass. To clean the blind and the glass behind the Perfect Fit Blinds, the blind frame can be unclipped from the bead-fix brackets. This means it is quite simple to remove for thorough cleaning or to clean the window or glass itself. The Perfect Fit frame itself can be wiped clean. The blind that is within the frame can be cleaned according to manufacturers instructions. 

Do perfect fit blinds damage seals?

The window seal should not be harmed by the perfect fit brackets - so long as the seal is not adhesive glazing tape, which is no longer commonly used, and care is taken when inserting the bracket  The blind itself will not harm your window in any way. To install a Perfect Fit Frame, just slide the brackets between the glass and the rubber gasket behind the internal beading. If this proves to be difficult, then do not force the bracket. Some washing-up liquid can be used to lubricate the bracket, making it easier to slide the bracket into place. Once in place, the Perfect Fit frame and the blind simply clip-mounts onto the brackets.

How are perfect fit blinds attached?

In order to attach to the beading on your PVC window frame, Perfect Fit blinds come with their own unique framework system. This frame clips onto brackets which are inserted between the internal beading of the window frame and the glass. There is no need for drills or screwdrivers. The blind itself is coupled to the Perfect Fit frame system and can be raised and lowered within the window casing.

Can perfect fit blinds be used in bathroom?

Perfect Fit Blinds can certainly be used in bathrooms. Custom blinds are a great way to improve the aesthetic value of any window, including those in bathrooms. Perfect Fit Blinds are particularly suited to bathrooms because, the blinds themselves are mounted within a neat frame, which once installed seems an integral part of the window frame. This means that the blinds are self contained within the frame against the glass, and do not hang down onto sills, keeping them free. The choice of blind type is also flexible. You can opt for blind types which are better suited to damp environments such as venetian blinds or roller blinds with moisture resistant fabrics. You can select a blind type or fabric which provides privacy, and control the amount of light coming in.

Can you open windows with perfect fit blinds?

Windows and doors can be opened and closed as normal when Perfect Fit Blinds have been installed. This is one of the key advantages of the Perfect Fit Blind system. By comparison, a normal free-hanging blind would need to be opened (raised or drawn open) to allow access to the window handle and window. Since Perfect Fit Blinds are clip-fitted to the window frame, installed directly against the glass, the window handle can be accessed at all times, regardless of whether the blind is raised or lowered. When the window or door is opened, the blind simply travels with it as if it were an integral part of the frame. Because the blind is held within a Perfect Fit frame, the blind will not swing or clatter. Please note, that the ability to open the blind, does not necessarily mean that the window should be left open in all conditions. Since humid, wet or damp outside conditions may cause the blind itself to become damp or wet, which depending on the blind or fabric type may cause damage or shorten the life span of the blind.

Do perfect fit blinds damage double glazing?

Perfect Fit Blinds do not damage double glazing. Most importantly, Perfect Fit Blinds do not require drilling or screwing into the double glazed window frame for installation. Many window suppliers will not honour the warranty of the window if the frame is pierced with screws. Instead, perfect fit is a clip fit blind system, which is mounted on clever brackets which slide between the glass and the internal beading of the window. So long as your window is internally beaded with a rubber gasket, rather than adhesive glazing tape, the bracket should slide into place. You can also use washing up liquid to lubricate the bracket. So long as care is taken, perfect fit blinds should not damage a double glazed window.

How far do perfect fit blinds protrude?

A standard perfect fit frame will normally protrude 10mm from the surface of the window frame into the room. Exceptions are where the beading of the window is shallow, in which case there may be a gap between the face of the window frame and the perfect fit frame, which is often filled with adhesive foam. Another exception is the Perfect Fit Roller Blind fascia element, which is rounded to contains the roller tube and fabric and projects beyond the standard side and bottom frame.

Can Perfect Fit Blinds be used on bifold doors?

Yes, Perfect Fit Pleated, Venetian and Honeycomb Blinds are suitable for use with bifold doors that are double glazed. The doors must be internally beaded with a bead depth of more than 18mm, and have a rubber gasket. Our bifold door blinds are designed to be unobtrusive and sleek, fitting seamlessly to the door frame. This provides a clean, clutter-free look and allows for full use of the door. With a range of styles and colours available, you're sure to find the perfect solution for your bifold doors.

If you require any extra information on our Perfect Fit Blinds, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]