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What Are Perfect Fit Blinds and How Do They Work?


Perfect Fit blinds are the revolutionary window blind for uPVC and aluminium windows, doors and conservatories. Manufactured by Louvolite, Perfect Fit blinds are so neat they become part of your window frames. Launched in 2005 they have now become Louvolite’s top seller.

The blinds require no drilling as they clip directly onto the window. Once the clips are in place a frame is added which holds the blinds. The frames come in a range of colours including white, brown, anthracite grey, golden oak and mahogany to match your window frames & sills which gives the effect that it is part of the window.

Fitting takes around 30 seconds and requires no expertise to fit. This makes perfect fit blinds great for people who don’t have a D.I.Y. enthusiast around the house, and also for those who do not wish to pay for a full survey and installation service from a local or national blind company.

You can buy perfect fit blinds online from for easy self-installation!

How do Perfect Fit blinds work?

Perfect fit blinds typically consist of a frame that attaches to the window frame using clever and discrete brackets that slide in between the glass and the internal window beading. The blind is mounted within this frame giving the appearance of a seamless integration with the window.

The frame is usually made of aluminum and comes in a range of colors to match the window frame or decor. The blind itself is available in a number of different styles - including roller, venetian, wooden, pleated, honeycomb and vision. Depending on the style chosen, blinds can be made of a variety of materials, including fabric, PVC, aluminum or wood.

To operate the blind, most perfect fit blinds come with a simple handle on the bottom bar of the blind, which is simply used to raise or lower it. The snug fit of the frame ensures that the blind moves smoothly and without any slippage or wobbling. Motorised and chain operated versions are also available depending on blind style.

In summary, perfect fit blinds work by using a frame that attaches directly to the window frame, allowing the blind to fit snugly without the need for drilling or screws. This design provides a seamless integration with the window, making them a popular choice for modern homes and conservatories.


The blinds themselves function in the same way as ordinary blinds and are available as aluminium Venetian blinds, wooden blinds, roller, vision, pleated and cellular blinds.

Pleated blind fabrics offer a diffused light effect, ideal for conservatoriesPerfect Fit Pleated Blinds. Yet another great option are pleated blinds with Solar Protective Coating (SPC), what this means is that the fabrics are treated with a silver-white tinted coating which helps filter solar glare. Also available in a cellular blackout variation which is suitable for bedrooms.

Pleated blinds are available in a wide range of stunning fabrics and colours and the aluminium venetians come in many colours which make perfect fit blinds 'perfect' for any room. 

All of our stunning array of roller blind fabrics are available within the perfect fit frame - ranging from our popular and cost effective Valeur privacy fabrics and Caprica blackout fabrics to our exotic Paradise range. 

Aluminum Venetian BlindsWooden blinds are availabe in a perfect fit frame in a range of colours from the Sunwood range, with 25mm slats. We have a range of colours including warning light and dark woods and painted woods in white, grey and black.

Another advantage of Perfect Fit Blinds is that they can be unclipped from the window at any time to be easily cleaned. Louvolite recommend you clean your Perfect Fit Blinds once a year.

To view our range of perfect fit blinds follow the link. We have a range of resources for those thinking of placing an order including measuring and installation videos and pdf documents, a free fabric sample service and you can always email or call and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgable team if you have any questions.



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What are neat fit blinds and how are they different from perfect fit blinds?

Neat Fit and Perfect Fit blinds are both designed to provide a snug and secure fit within window frames, eliminating the need for drilling or screwing. However, there are some differences between the two:

Frame and Installation:

  • Perfect Fit Blinds: They come with a surrounding aluminum frame which is attached to the window using special push-fit brackets. This frame holds the blinds securely in place and is especially suitable for uPVC windows. They are known for their easy installation and child/pet safety features due to the absence of loose cords or the need for drilling​​.
  • Neat Fit Blinds: Neat Fit blinds do not require a frame for installation. Instead, the end caps of the blinds are simply slid into the window beading, making the installation process very straightforward and also negating the need for drilling or screwing​.


Comparative Features:

  • Perfect Fit Blinds: They are specifically designed for uPVC windows and are often praised for their child and pet safety due to the enclosed frame design​. Perfect Fit frames come in a range of colours which allows them to be colour coded to common UPVC window frame colours. Due to the Perfect Fit Frame, once they are installed they can appear to be an integral part of the window frame. Perfect Fit comes in a wde range of blind types including roller, venetian, pleated, wooden, vision and cellular.
  • Neat Fit Blinds: Neat Fit blinds provide a neat and tidy appearance without the need for a frame, making them a simple and efficient choice for window coverings. Their installation mechanism provides a neat fit without the use of screws or drilling or a frame, which can be preferable for certain window types and homeowner preferences​​. Since the hardware of the blind is exposed, there is no opportunity to conceal this with colour coded frame. The choice of blind types is more limited to pleated, cellular and venetian blinds.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Perfect Fit Blinds?

Perfect Fit Blinds are an innovative window dressing solution that attach neatly onto your windows without the need for drilling or screwing into your window frames. They offer a sleek and modern appearance. Perfect Fit Blinds can come in a variety of styles including Venetian, roller, and pleated blinds. However only the Roller version can be motorised if you require motorised pleated blinds, these are available as a standard blind.

What are Perfect Fit Blinds?

Perfect Fit Blinds are a unique and innovative window solution that are designed to fit directly onto uPVC windows and doors, creating a seamless and sleek finish. They work by clipping to brackets that fit under the rubber gasket/beading around your window or doors. This fitting method is why they are also commonly referred to as push fit blinds or click fit. They are available in a range of blind types, such as roller, pleated and Venetian, each offering different benefits for light control and privacy.

How can I successfully fit blinds to my UPVC windows?

At, our range of Perfect Fit Blinds or INTU is a great solution for fitting blinds to UPVC windows. These blinds are easy to install without the need for drilling or screwing into your window frames. They fit snugly into any UPVC window, making them a perfect choice to enhance your privacy and control light influx. The installation process is so straightforward, that you can do it yourself with the help of our comprehensive fitting guide. The result is a neat, flawless, and professional finish that adds value and character to your home.

Do I need to drill holes for installation or are there blinds without drilling available?

Good news! At, we sell Perfect Fit Blinds or INTU blinds which make for a great option if you're looking for blinds without drilling. These blinds click onto brackets that hold under the rubber seal/beading around the window or door, eliminating the need to drill holes into your window frames or walls.

Can Perfect Fit Blinds be installed in a bay window?

Yes, in most bays as these are designed to fit UPVC windows. Perfect Fit Blinds are actually an excellent choice for bay windows. With their unique fitting system, they can be easily installed into each individual window pane, maintaining the beautiful shape of your bay window. This means our Perfect Fit Blinds provide a neat and stylish solution for your windows, especially for a bay window where traditional blinds or curtains might not fit as well.

Are Thermal Conservatory Blinds available in the Perfect Fit range?

Yes, we do offer Thermal Conservatory Blinds in our Perfect Fit range. These specific kinds of honeycomb perfect fit blinds are designed with advanced thermal properties to help regulate indoor temperatures. Whether it's the height of summer or the chill of winter, perfect-fit thermal conservatory blinds will help to keep your conservatory at a comfortable temperature. They are extremely easy to install, no drilling or screwing into your conservatory frames is needed, giving you a perfect combination of style, practicality and thermal efficiency.

Can I use electric blinds for my bifold doors?

You can utilise bifold door blinds to seamlessly and effortlessly provide you with optimal control over light and privacy. Additionally, the electric function allows for easy operation, making them a convenient and stylish solution for any residence.

Do you offer any environmentally-friendly options such as solar powered blinds for Velux windows?

Absolutely, we always strive to provide our customers with sustainable and innovative solutions. A great example of this is our range of Solar powered blinds for Velux windows. These blinds are energy-efficient, using natural light as a power source, reducing electricity usage and making them an excellent choice for those conscious of their environmental impact. They're also very convenient, letting you operate your blinds with a remote control. 





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