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Wide range of electric window blinds accessories available to buy online!

Electric Battery Powered Blinds are often controlled by handset, wall switch or timer. Increasingly electric blinds are being integrated with Home and building control systems (AV, Lighting, Smarthomes, BMS). We have a number of electric roller blind accessories that allow integration of our products with most systems.

We also have a number of packages for those who wish to control their blinds with mobile app or voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

If you have questions about the best approach for control, please contact us. If you require a full project managed installation service, then complete our Projects Enquiry form.

  • Control By: Alexa
  • Motorisation Brand: Somfy

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Smart Home

SOMFY TaHoMa Switch - Smart Home System

SOMFY TaHoMa Switch - Smart Home System

£137.50 + VAT
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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of electric blinds accessories are available on your website?

We offer a wide range of accessories for electric blinds on our website. Among the most popular are motorised controls, remote sensors, mounting brackets, power supplies, and accessories for electric pleats, electric roller blinds, wooden blinds and more. These accessories are designed to enhance the functionality of your blinds, making them more convenient and easy to use. Whether you need a replacement part or a new feature, you can find a great selection of electric blind accessories on our site. Please browse through our collection to find the right accessory for your needs.

Is it possible to control electric blinds from my phone?

The easiest way of enabling smart home control of blinds is using our electric roller blinds using Shade Flow blue-tooth enabled motors. Unlike many brands of electric blinds motors, blinds with Shade Flow Bluetooth motors do not require a separate hub to be connected to your internet router. Simply download the Shade Flow free app to your iOS (iPhone) or Android (Google) smartphone, scan the QR code that is sent with your new blinds, and Hey Presto! you will be able to control electric blinds from your phone or tablet!

Using Shade Flow, blinds can be dragged via the app to any position. Blinds can also be controlled in groups or by room! Timers can be set for automated operation, so that even when you are not home, the blinds will operate automatically for extra privacy and simulated presence. Battery-level for each blind is displayed in the App. Control of the blinds can also be shared with other people by scanning a QR code.