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Opal Faux Wood 35mm Wooden Blinds

- Measuring and Installation is Simple: Download our Measuring Guide (PDF)
- For blinds with ladder tapes, please email [email protected].

Opal Faux Wood 35mm Wooden Blinds

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Blinds will be supplied with the following specification as standard:
- Braided ladder strings.
- Cord Tilt Control is left side only.
- Cord Lift Control is right side only.
- Headrail size for blinds with 25/35mm slats is 40mm Deep x 37mm High
- Headrail size for blinds with 50/63mm slats  is 60mm Deep x 54mm High
-  Blinds are custom finished to your given sizes, to the nearest practical tolerance. Width tolerance +/- 5mm. Height tolerance nearest
string pitch + 1 extra slat.

Ladder Tape options are available at extra cost. For blinds with ladder tapes, please email [email protected]

Light Exclusion: Wooden Venetian and Faux Wood Blinds are not blackout blinds. When closed, they will reduce the amount of light entering the room. However, there will still be some light ingress around the edges of the blind and between the slats.

Colour: Variation in product colour is possible from batch to batch. Whilst we try to complete orders from the same batch, if this is not possible the closest match will be supplied.

Bay Windows: If your blinds are used for bay window sets or if blinds are intended to be installed side-by-side, please confirm this with us at the time of ordering.

Changes in Specification: We reserve the right to modify the specification or components as required, without advance notice.

Photography: Imagery used on the website is illustrative and display may vary according to your screen resolution and settings. We recommend that customers take advantage of our free sampling service as a best guide of wood shade, although shades may vary from batch to batch. 

BS EN 13120: 2009 +A1:2014.SLX: Wood and Fauxwood Venetian Blinds comply with the British and European Safety Standard for Internal Blinds.

  • Slat Size: 35mm Slats
  • Blind System: Blinds
  • Blind Type: Wooden Blinds
  • Colour: Neutral
  • Design: Wood Effect
  • Blind Feature:
    • Wipe Clean
    • Waterproof
    • Moisture Resistent
    • Privacy
    • View Out
  • Light Control: Dim Out
  • View Out: Opaque
  • Material: Faux Wood
  • Fixing Method: Screw Fix
  • Operation: Cord Operated
  • Window Type:
    • Window
    • Bay Window
  • Room:
    • Bathroom
    • Kitchen
    • Office
    • Dining Room
    • Living Room
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Child Safety and Wooden Venetian Blinds 

Wooden Venetian blinds are raised, lowered and tilted using control cords. When blinds are fully lowered, this cord will be manufactured to be no longer than 1 metre. This ensures that they are out of reach of small children. You will also receive 1 or 2 child safety cleats which should be installed no more than 1.5m from floor level and should be used to retain any excess cord. Safety devices have been fully tested in compliance with British safety standard EN13120. You will find details of how to install the devices in the installation instructions. Please contact our friendly customer service team if you need any further advice. Please note that beds, cots and other items of furniture should not be positioned next to operating cords, in order that the cords remain out of reach.

About Child Safety

At, child safety is of paramount importance. If left hanging freely, chains and cords from blinds can pose a direct threat to children. For this reason, we are working towards all of our products being cord-less or chain-free and therefore “safe by design”.

Where it is not yet feasible to supply a product that is “safe by design”, we ensure that the product is fully compliant with Child Safety legislation. Not only do we ensure that, where necessary, our products are supplied/fitted with child safety cleats/devices, but we also supply, free of charge, these items to our previous customers.

Click the link above to inform us of your requirements. To learn more about the BBSA ‘Make it Safe’ campaign and blind cord safety, you can watch the video below.