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Pleated Fly Screens

Combine blackout sun control and insect protection with our fabulous 2-in-1 pleated fly screen and blackout blind for skylights.

These pleated fly screens are suitable for any brand of skylight including VELUX, RoofLITE, DAKSTRA, FAKRO.  

Our range of pleated fly screens is ideal for loft conversions during those summer months. 

Available from stock with super-fast next-day dispatch. Find out more and buy online by clicking the image below!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pleated Fly Screens

What is a pleated fly screen?

Pleated fly screens are a relatively new type of insect screen that we feel will grow in popularity in the future. A pleated screen employs mesh with pleats that unfurl as the screen is deployed. When the screen is not required, the mesh stacks at the top (for windows) or side (for doors).

What is the difference between pleated and retractable fly screens?

Retractable fly screens consist of a mesh rolled onto an aluminium tube held within a cassette. When the window or door is open, the mesh is pulled out of the cassette to cover the opening. When not in use, because the cassette is spring-loaded, the mesh rolls away easily into the cassette. A pleated screen does not have a cassette, so instead of the tube rolling away and being hidden within the cassette, the mesh which is pleated stacks to one side or at the top. Pleated fly screens are tensioned rather than spring-loaded and this means that they operate very easily. They can be positioned at any point of the opening rather than the screen either being open or closed. Due to their ease of operation, pleated fly screens are an excellent choice for people of all ages and abilities.

How do I install my pleated fly screen door which I've purchased from NewBlinds?

Installing a fly screen door from NewBlinds is straightforward. Every pleated fly screen door comes with a step-by-step installation guide. The guide comes with clear and comprehensive instructions that will help you throughout the installation process. Should you need further assistance, our customer service team is always ready to provide additional installation support.

Can Pleated Fly Screens be fitted to any type of window?

Although our pleated fly screens are suitable for skylights such as VELUX, FAKRO, DAKSTRA and RoofLITE windows, we are also able to offer pleated fly screens for other windows, including but not limited to casement windows, sash windows, and tilt and turn windows. They are designed to be unobtrusive and blend seamlessly with your window decor, providing maximum protection against insects while maintaining optimal airflow. Contact our customer services team for further information.