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Fly Screens for Sash Windows

Finding fly screens for sash windows can be tricky! Most fly screens are designed for windows with hinged opening panes as opposed to windows with sliding panes. For hinged panes, it's possible to install insect screens around the opening, making them a permenant feature of the window. Sash windows typically feature a sliding internal opening pane, meaning that there is no fixed frame surface to attach the top of the screen to. 

Our extendable framed fly screens are the ideal solution for sash windows and are designed specifically for sliding sash windows. When you open the sliding pane of your window, you simply position the screen in the opening, extend it to fill the width, and then rest the opening pane of the sliding sash window on top of the fly screen frame. 

To buy online or find out more, simply click the product below. Fly Screens for Sash Windows

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Frequently Asked Questions

Along with fly screens for sash windows, do you offer any solutions for doors?

Yes. Apart from providing solutions for sash windows, we also offer a wide range of high-quality door fly screens UK. These screens are perfect for preventing flying insects from entering your home, office, or any business premises during the warmer months. These include mesh panel screens, chain screens, hinged and sliding screens, and retractable roller screens. Our door fly screens are easy to install and are available in various designs and sizes to suit your requirements.

How do I install telescopic fly screens on my sash windows?

Installing our telescopic fly screens at your sash window is very straightforward. Simply slide open your window, and insert our telescopic screen under the sliding panel of the sash. Because the screen is telescopic, it can be expanded horizontally to fill the window opening before you let the sliding sash panel sit on top of the screen.

Can I install fly screens on my UPVC sash windows?

At, our range we have a wide range of fly screens including fly screens for UPVC windows. In particular, our telescopic fly screen for sash windows is an ideal solution. Simply open your sash window, insert the fly screen in the open space, extend the screen to fill the width of the opening, and then slide your opening panel down so it rests on top of the fly screen. Alternatively, you can also select a roller fly screen and install this within the recess of the window. Not only do these fly screens keep your home free from pests, but they also ensure optimal ventilation and maintain the view outside your window.