Suspension Bracket Assembly Set Fly Screen Accessories

SKU: 03536

For affixing a framed window fly screen without drilling, for window frames measuring 5–35 mm. 
Clip fixes into the profile groove.
Adjustable in height

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  • Accessory Type:
    • Brackets
    • Mounting
    • Spares


5 Metres

Thoroughly clean and dry the edges of the window opening.
Measure and cut tape for all 4 sides - carefully stick on the prepared surface.

Apply the mesh, pre-cut to size or close to finished size, by pressing the mesh onto the hooks. Tip - use a small brush with a dabbing action to locate onto the hooks. Start at one corner and pull mesh across the opening with sufficient tension to remove any sagging, but do not stretch it.

After applying all round, trim mesh if necessary.