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Our striped roman blinds are designed considering both elegance and quality in mind. We have striped blinds in different colours and designs such as striking wide horizontal stripes and subtle and classic vertical pinstripe patterns.

Our striped blinds can help you make a style statement, coordinate with accent colours within a more neutral decor, and can bring cosiness to a room.

We offer a range of modern and yet classic striped roller blinds that will complement any room in the house. Whether you're searching for stripe blinds that block out light to create the perfect bedroom atmosphere or simply want to manage light, reduce glare, and increase privacy in areas like living rooms and dining rooms, you can find a variety of blind types and striped designs below. These include black and white striped roller blinds, grey striped roller blinds, and blackout blinds. 

In addition to traditional screw-fix striped roller blinds, we also offer Perfect Fit and Intu "no-drill" systems which are available with striped roller and pleated blind fabrics.

Our striking Vision blinds (a.k.a Zebra Blinds or Day and Night Blinds) offer thick stripes in bold colours coupled with stripes in a transparent voile fabric for variable control of privacy and light.

In addition, we are able to offer striped vertical, pleated and panel blinds. Much of our collection can be motorised enabling control by handset, app, voice assistant or smart home.

Order free samples of your favourite striped fabrics. Get an instant quote and order online with speedy UK delivery!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Striped Blinds


Do black and white striped roller blinds effectively block out sunlight?

Depending on the type of base cloth used, black and white striped roller blinds may block out sunlight effectively. The type of design featured on a blind does not in itself influence the shading performance of a blind. The key thing to check is whether the base cloth is a blackout fabric as this will block sunlight from penetrating the fabric. More translucent base cloths will allow some light through.


Are black and white striped blinds suitable for both modern and traditional interiors?

Absolutely! Black and white striped blinds have a versatile design that can complement a wide range of interior styles. They add a contemporary touch to modern spaces, while in traditional interiors, they can create a subtle contrast or serve as a focal point, depending on the overall design scheme.


Can grey-striped roller blinds create a calming atmosphere in a room?

Yes, grey-striped roller blinds can contribute to a calming atmosphere in a room. Grey is known for its neutral and soothing qualities, making it a popular choice for creating a serene ambiance. The addition of stripes adds visual interest without overpowering the space, resulting in a harmonious and tranquil environment.


Can I find striped blinds that are suitable for high-humidity areas like bathrooms or kitchens?

There are moisture-resistant and waterproof options available for striped blinds that are specifically designed to withstand high-humidity areas. These blinds are made from materials that are resistant to moisture and are easy to clean, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.


Can blinds be fitted to UPVC doors?

Yes, blinds can be fitted to UPVC doors or windows. However, it is important to choose the right type of blinds and mounting brackets for the doors. Perfect Fit and INTU blinds are great solutions for UPVC doors as they feature clever brackets that can be installed directly to the door, sliding under the beading without drilling or screwing.

What are perfect-fit conservatory blinds?

Perfect fit Conservatory blinds are a type of blind that is designed to fit snugly into the frame of your conservatory window or door. They are a good option for conservatories since they do not require drilling or screwing which can invalidate the warranty of a new conservatory. They are supplied in an aluminium frame which once installed, appears to be an integrated part of the conservatory window.

What are wooden shutters blinds?

Wooden shutters blinds are often made from wood and are a traditional type of window treatment. They typically include horizontal louvres, which can be tilted open or closed for privacy and light control. They are also a good insulator, which can help to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our Perfect Fit Shutter blind system takes its inspiration from traditional wooden shutter blinds, but is bead-fitted directly to your UPVC windows and doors without the need for drilling, screwing or professional installation. They are made from robust and hardwearing PVC which has the aesthetic of painted white wood.

Can I install striped window blinds without drilling?

Yes, there are a number of ways to install striped window blinds without drilling. No Drill Perfect Fit and INTU blinds use clever brackets which slide under the beading of your windows. They are available in multiple blind types and an array of fabrics. The best option for you will depend on the type of window you have, the size of the blind, and your personal preferences.

What is the widest roller blind available?

The maximum width available for a striped/patterned roller blind will depend on the fabric width. We can make blinds up to 4mt wide however to achieve this width we turn the fabric so the wider widths tend to only be available with plain fabrics.