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Measuring For Exact Blind Size


You should follow these instructions if:

  • You are installing your blinds outside of the recess.
  • You are fitting your blinds within a recess but want to make your own deductions.
  • Measure the *blind width* of where you'd like your blind to be. Note down the measurement.

  • Measure the blind drop: From the top of where you want your blind to be to the bottom. Note down the measurement.
  • To ensure minimum light gaps and maximum privacy, we recommend that your blind overlaps each of the four sides of the recess by at least 50 mm.
  • When you enter your measurements on our site, select size type as "exact blind size". We will not make any deductions. We will make the blind exactly to your measurements.



Please Note: when measuring for and ordering roller blinds, "exact blind size" is different to "fabric size". For width, exact blind size is total width including both fabric and brackets. Details about fabric size, can be found here: "What is Fabric Size".

Should you have any concerns when measuring your window, please contact us via e-mail ([email protected]) or on 0161 494 9616 (9am - 5pm Monday-Friday).

Read about recess size and fabric size measurements.


Frequently Asked Questions about Measuring For Exact Blind Size


Do blind measurements have to be exact?

A shade or blind mounted on the inside of a window recess needs to be custom-made to fit within the exact dimensions of the opening. As a result, when ordering custom window shades, you'll need to provide measurements for the window's overall width and height in three different positions - top, middle and bottom for the width, and left, middle and right for the drop. If you are installing your blinds outside of the recess, there is often more room for error, but you should still measure accurately and consider any items around the recess that may clash with the blinds.

Can you put blinds outside the recess?

Yes, you can install blinds outside of the window recess. It can be useful to do so if you have a recess that is too shallow to accommodate the blind. Or if there are obstructions within the recess (such as window handles or inward-opening window panes) that would prevent a blind from being installed. You may also just want to keep your window sill free. If you are intending to install your blinds outside of the recess, then you should submit the exact size of the blinds. As in, the finished width of the blind including any hardware and the finished drop of the blind including any hardware. We will manufacture the blinds to this exact size. The blind itself will need to be bigger than the recess size since when installed outside of the recess, we would usually recommend that a blind overlaps the recess edge by around 50mm on each side, top and bottom. You should consider that the blind will project outwards slightly from the face of the wall. You should also consider any obstructions around the recess itself.


How do I know what size blinds I need?

If you fit inside of the recess, then you should take careful dimensions of the entire window recess - width and height, in 3 places. If you are providing ‘exact size’ then you will want to make a small deduction so that the blind fits within the recess. Otherwise, you can select ‘recess size’ and we will make that deduction for you.
If you are installing outside of the recess. You should provide the ‘exact size’ that you’d like the blind to be, including any hardware/brackets. When you are installing outside of the recess, the blinds can be extended past the edge of the window recess to create space for the mounts and give the illusion of a wider opening. If you're looking for the best in light control and privacy, you might want to add an extra 50mm each side and top and bottom to ensure that the blind overlaps the recess and reduces any light ingress.


What is an exact blind fitting?

An exact blind fitting size is the finished size of the blind including any hardware. For example, for a roller blind, the exact size would be the width including the operating mechanism, the brackets and the bracket covers. The fabric itself would be narrower. And the height would also include the brackets and roller tube. As another example, for Venetian blinds - width would include the full width of slats and headrails. The height would include the headrail and bottom bar. Note it is normal for some blinds including roller blinds and Venetian blinds to be able to extend below the submitted height, since the position when lowered can be fine-tuned by the customer. When you submit an exact blinds size, no deductions will be made to this size during manufacture.

How can I accurately measure for my windows?

Measuring for the exact blind size,this is the overall finished size you would like the blind to be. This is usually required if fitting the blind outside the recess, so we just need the finished width and drop you would like the blind to be.

If fitting inside your recess we require the tight wall to wall measurements checking at least three points for the smallest width/drop.  our factory will then take a small allowance off these to ensure the blind fits between the wall of the recess 

It's important to remember that if you're measuring for example blinds for French doors, to allow for the door handles/skirting in your measurements to prevent any fitting issues. Please refer back to our detailed step-by-step instructions on our website. We are always happy to help with measure queries, please contact our customer service team who will be able to advise.

How do I ensure I'm measuring for an exact blind size correctly?

Precise measurements are vital as all of our blinds are bespoke made. Begin by determining the width and drop of your window space. It is recommended to use a metal tape measure for accuracy and to measure in millimetres if possible. Consider whether the blinds will sit inside or outside the window recess - this will affect your measurements. 

For inside the recess It's important to measure each window individually, even if they appear identical in size. Some slight variations can occur during construction, measuring the width and drop in three places: top, middle, and bottom for the width; left, right, and centre for the drop. When measuring for perfect fit blinds, we require the visible glass size. Finally, for outside the recess we need the overall size that you would like the blind to be, including any overlap of the window that you would like.

If you're unsure about anything in this process, contact our customer service team who are ready to assist you. Remember, the accuracy of your measurements will directly affect the fit of your blinds.



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