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Panel blinds as a stylish alternative to Vertical Blinds for large windows and as patio blinds


Today, I’m going to talk about an alternative to Vertical Blinds – stunning Panel Blinds!

Do you have a large window overlooking a fantastic view? Do you have a patio door?

Vertical blinds are a popular choice for covering large windows and patios because of the fact they can be drawn to one side so that so that large windows with views can be used as "picture windows" or so that people can walk in and out of patio doors.

Vertical blinds remain ever popular as they are cost effective and come in a variety of fabric colours and types. However, they are not to everyone’s tastes!

So, if you're looking to explore alternative types of window blinds and add a touch of style to your space, there are fantastic options available. In this blog, we'll introduce you to some stylish alternatives to vertical blinds for your windows and patio doors that will elevate the look of your home. Let's dive in!


A great alternative to vertical blinds for large windows or patios is Panel Blinds.

Here’s how panel blinds are a great alternative to vertical blinds and patio doors.

  • Panel Blinds add a Contemporary Touch to the Space
    Panel blinds bring a modern and sophisticated look to any space. Their sleek and clean design adds a touch of elegance that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of both residential and commercial interiors. With their wide panels of fabric, panel blinds offer a minimalist look that complements various interior design styles, from contemporary to transitional.
  • They offer Versatile Light Control
    One of the primary purposes of blinds is to control the amount of light entering a room. Panel blinds excel in this aspect, allowing for versatile light control options. With their wide panels, they can be effortlessly adjusted to let in or block out light, depending on the time of day and the desired ambience. 
  • Enhanced Privacy is Ensured with Panel Blinds 
    Maintaining privacy is crucial, especially for large windows or patio areas that are easily visible from the outside. Panel blinds are a great window blind alternative and offer excellent privacy control, as their wide panels provide ample coverage. Whether you're enjoying a quiet evening on your patio or seeking seclusion in your living room, panel blinds can be adjusted to provide the desired level of privacy, shielding your space from prying eyes.
  • Panel Blinds Come in a Wide Range of Materials and Colors
    To cater to diverse customer preferences, panel blinds are available in a wide range of materials and colors. Whether you're looking for a sheer fabric to allow diffused light or a blackout material for complete light blockage, panel blinds offer choices to suit your needs. Additionally, the availability of various colors and patterns allows for seamless integration with existing decor, ensuring a cohesive and visually pleasing result. 
  • Panel Blinds are Easy to Maintain
    Panel blinds are not only stylish but also easy to maintain. The wide panels can be easily removed and cleaned or replaced if necessary. Furthermore, the materials used for panel blinds are often durable and resistant to dust and stains, making them an excellent long-term investment for customers.


Panel blinds are made up of up to 8 panels of fabric which run in channels on a discrete headrail. The panels slide along the headrail either one way, stacking to one side, or splitting in the middle and stacking on either side. This enables you to completely free up your window. There are two ways to control the blinds, either by cord or by using a wand.

Panel blinds can also be hung outside of the window or patio door recess so that the panels stack either side of the recess and don't take up any of the window/door space.

When closed the panels stand side by side with a slight overlap between panels, to create a full fabric screen.

Panel blinds have emerged as a stylish alternative to vertical blinds for large windows and patio areas, offering numerous advantages in terms of style, light control, privacy, space utilization, and maintenance. 

You can buy vertical blinds online at great prices, from Panel Blinds are also available to buy online in a stunning range of fabrics. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use panel blinds for large windows and sliding doors?

Panel blinds are an excellent choice for covering large windows and sliding doors due to their wide panels that offer excellent coverage and control over light and privacy. Alternatively, for additional ease of use and modern appeal, you could consider our motorised options - such as electric vertical or roller blinds. One particularly popular choice is the motorised pleated blinds, which can be controlled remotely, providing maximum convenience for large and hard-to-reach window spaces.

Can I use panel blinds or Vertical blinds for my patio doors and large windows? 

Absolutely! Panel blinds and patio blinds are especially designed for large windows and patio doors. They are a fashionable and efficient way to provide maximum control over light and privacy. If you also have Velux windows, our roller blinds for Velux windows are an excellent choice. 



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