Extra Wide Battery Operated Blinds


As an automated blinds expert, I've been here many times before. Lovely big patio or bi-fold doors need lovely big blinds. You don't want to interupt the flow of the expanse of glass by introducing multiple blinds accross a single span. And of course, because it's newly refurbished with all smart tech elsewhere in the house - Alexa, Hive, Phillips Hue, the client would like electric blinds.

Perfect, but for an expanse this wide you would need mains powered blinds, right? 

It used to be a common issue that at the end of a refurb project, customers would look at their wide windows, consider blinds, and then realise after discussing with an blind automation expert that they hadn't planned in any mains power or cabling to the window recess. This used to be a real issue, which could only be over come by breaking down a span of say 3 metres width, to a couple of blinds. Or if that span was made up of multiple panes, then 3 x 1 metre wide windows.

It always turned out fine in the end. Automated blinds, regardless of the configuration provide that "wow" factor to finish off any home refurbishment. 

But now we have a motor available which solves this problem. The Somfy Sonesse 30 RTS Li-ion motor. You can buy roller blinds using the Sonesse 30 RTS Li-ion motor, by clicking here.

The Sonesse 30 RTS Li-ion by Somfy is a new battery operated motor which is capable of lifting larger blinds, up to 3m wide. The benefits of this motor, are:

  • Strong enough for wide blinds: Up to 8 square metres based on a blackout fabric (500gsm weight) and up to 12 square metres based on a standard fabric (250gsm weight). Up to 3m wide on a 45mm roller tube. 3.5m on a heavy duty 45mm tube.
  • Ideal for Retrofit: Battery Operated. no need for any 230v power supplies or cabling.
  • Rechargeable: Batteries can be recharged so no expensive replacements every time they run down
  • Integrated Battery: The battery itself is built into the motor - so no need to worry about where you are going to position (hide) an external battery pack.
  • Shhhh.. it's quiet: Belonging to the Sonesse range of motors, it is lovely and quiet. 44dBa to be exact
  • Adjustable Speed: You can adjust the speed on this motor from 10rpm up to 20rpm. Consider this - your may want a slow awakening in your bedroom, but on your patio, a quick up-lift for speed of access.
  • Smart Home Ready: Because it uses Somfy's radio protocol (RTS), it is compatible with Somfy Tahoma - a smart home hub with Alexa integration and much more. It can also be integrated with high-end home automation systems using an RS485 RTS Transmitter or Dry Contact Transmitter.
  • Multiple blind types: Not just compatible with roller blinds, it can also be used to power venetians, romans and other types of blinds.

We're always on the look out for new blind technology and this filled a real gap for us in our offering - solving the issue of how to motorise those larger blinds where mains power is not readily available.

You can buy roller blinds using the Sonesse 30 RTS Li-ion motor, by clicking here.

We'd love to hear from you about your electric blinds requirements. For a project or bespoke electric blind installation, commercial or residential, please contact us by filling out our project enquiry form.


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