Art Chain Fly Screen | 90x210cm Chain Insect Screens

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- Ready Made Screen - 900mm w x 2100mm d (can be trimmed to size)
- We only use Top quality European anodised chain!
- Do not compare to cheap imported immitation chain which is not anodised and will rust, tarnish and turn brittle over time
- Rust proof and colour fast - will not tarnish
- Our customers enjoy years of use!
- Simple to Install
- UK's best prices
- Walk-through aluminium chain fly screen.

Art Chain Fly Screen | 90x210cm

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Fixing Brackets
There are several ways of mounting your chain fly screen.
1) Mount on protruding screws.
2) Screw through the headrail
3) Purchase hanging brackets (shown below)
Hanging brackets are ideal for face fix installation of chain fly screens, allow easy removal of the screen for storage out of the fly season.

Please Note: When brackets are ordered, they are put into the box at the start of the assembly process. So, you will need to remove your screen from the box to locate the brackets.
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A Durable, Walk Through Barrier to Pests

Keep out flying pests and enjoy fresh air this summer. Buy highest quality "walk through" Chain Link Fly Screens online at at the UKs best prices. 

Key features

  • Walk-through fly screen.
  • High quality and durable 20mm anodised chain
  • Silver, blue, bronze-brown and green chain available.
  • Rust proof and colour fast  - will not tarnish.
  • 77 lengths of chain per metre of width
  • Sturdy aluminium headrail in Silver 
  • Simple to Install
  • UK's best prices

Top Quality European Chain

We only use top quality anodised chain, sourced from within the EU. Sourcing only top quality chain means that our product remains:

  • Strong: The process of anodisation strengthens our chain and protects it from bending out of shape or become brittle. 
  • Clean and Shiny: Anodisation repels dirt and grime meaning that our chain stays looking clean, bright and shiny. 
  • Colour Fast: Anodisation protects chain that has been coloured ensuring that it retains its colour for many years.
  • Evenly Spaced: Our European manufacturer has perfected the process of making uniformly spaced chain, so our chain looks evenly spaced and tidy.

Beware of cheap imported chain that is either not anodised or has not been properly anodised which means that within a matter of months it can become dull and dirty, colour faded, brittle and deformed.

Our satisfied customers will recommend our chain link flyscreens to their family and friends and use our screens for years to come!

Aluminium Chain Link Insect Screen Curtains are ideal where hinged-door insect screens and roller insect screens are not practical or desirable. 

With a beautiful artistic pattern across, stopping pests invade your home has never been so stylish!

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