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Bathroom blinds can be both practical and very stylish. You can choose from a variety of designs and colours on our website to complement the other decor in the bathroom.

Bathroom blinds are important, not just for privacy but for adding a little personality to what can often be a rather plain and functional room.

Chose a minimalist white, black or neutral colour to match the décor of your bathroom's interior. Choose a bold colour or a bright fabric design to liven things up.  

We recommend choosing a moisture-resistant blind for what can be a steamy environment. Or even waterproof, if your blind might be directly exposed to splashes of water!

We have many blind types and design options available below. With a free and fast fabric sample delivery available. You can get an instant quote and order online with quick delivery straight to your door!

  • Blind Type: Perfect Fit Shutters

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Perfect Fit 'No Drill' Shutter Blinds

Perfect Fit Shutters are available in two colours to coordinate with your window frame colour. Our Perfect Fit 'no-drill' shutter blinds simply clip fit into your window beading in minutes. There is no need for drilling or screwing. Get the look of traditional plantation shutters at a fraction of the price, without the long wait times. They are so easy to measure and install!

Arctic White Perfect Fit Shutters

Arctic White Perfect Fit Shutters
Perfect Fit Shutters, 63mm Slats

£27.49 + VAT
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Cotton White Perfect Fit Shutters

Cotton White Perfect Fit Shutters
Perfect Fit Shutters, 63mm Slats

£27.49 + VAT
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Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom Blinds

What are the best types of blinds for a bathroom?

The best types of blinds for a bathroom are those that are moisture-resistant and easy to clean, such as faux wood, vinyl, or aluminum blinds. Roller blinds made with moisture-resistant fabrics are also a good option.


Can you use wooden blinds in a bathroom?

While wooden blinds can add warmth and style to a bathroom, they are not recommended as they are prone to warping and cracking in high moisture environments. Faux wood blinds, which are made of composite materials, are a better option as they are more durable and moisture-resistant.


How do you clean bathroom blinds?

To clean bathroom blinds, start by dusting them with a soft cloth or a vacuum with a brush attachment. For more thorough cleaning, you should consult the manufacturer’s instructions for the particular blind type and fabric. Often wiping them down with a damp cloth and mild soap solution is appropriate, so long as harsh chemicals or abrasive materials are avoided as they can damage the blinds.

Can bathroom blinds offer privacy without sacrificing natural light?

Yes, bathroom blinds can provide both privacy and natural light. For example, if you choose a faux wood blind or aluminium Venetian blind, you can tilt the slats to an angle that gives privacy when required. However, by not completely closing the slats, you can allow some natural light in. 


What are the benefits of using blackout blinds in a bathroom?

Blackout blinds are a great option for bathrooms that require complete privacy and light control, such as those with street-level windows. They also offer added benefits such as heat insulation and noise reduction, making them ideal for bathrooms located in busy or noisy areas.

What are some moisture-resistant blinds for UPVC windows in the UK bathroom?

There are a number of moisture-resistant blinds that are suitable for UPVC windows in the UK bathroom. Some popular options include Roller blinds, Venetian blinds and Faux wood blinds. When choosing moisture-resistant blinds for your UK bathroom window, it is important to consider the amount of light you want to let in, the level of privacy you need, and your budget.

Where can I find Velux electric blind installation instructions?

The Velux electric blinds installation instructions can be found in box that came with your blinds. You can also find the instructions online at the Velux website. The manual will provide step-by-step instructions on how to install your Velux electric blinds.

What are the best blinds for skylights in the bathroom?

The best blinds for skylights in the bathroom will depend on your needs and preferences. Here are a few things to consider when choosing blinds for your bathroom skylight - the brand of skylight, the size, your decor, whether the skylight is within reach and what light levels you are looking to achieve. You should consider whether your blinds will be exposed directly to splashes of water or high levels of moisture. This will influence your choice of fabric and whether you wish to opt for electrically operated blinds or manual operation.

How do you hang blinds without drilling holes in the bathroom?

There are a few different ways to hang blinds without drilling holes in the bathroom. One popular option is to use a grip fit blind. A grip fit blind fits snugly into the window recess, gripping the sides of the recess, so there is no need to drill any holes. Another option is to use clip fit blinds. Clip fit blinds, such as perfect fit or INTU are attached to the window frame brackets which slide under the beading. This is a good option for window recesses that are not deep enough for a grip fit blind.

How much do lantern roof blinds cost?

The cost of lantern roof blinds will vary depending on the size of the blind, fabric selected and options required. It is really easy to price on our site just enter your sizes for an initial price and select the options from the list - If you have any queries please contact our customer service team who will be happy to help.