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- Affordable Powered Roller Blinds
- Control by handset, wall switch, smartphone, tablet or timer.
- Integrate with common brands of AV, building or home automation system.
- 12v Battery, Solar Powered or 240v available!
- Voice Activation and App Control are available here!

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    Control options - Stand Alone vs Integrated Control

    Our blinds can be operated using radio handsets and wall switches or by app control using smart phones or tablets. Alternatively, they can be integrated with smart home automation systems and building management systems (BMS). Common brands and protocols of automation system include RAKO, Control 4, Lutron, Crestron and KNX. However, our blinds are compatable with most brands.

    Buy Electric Blinds Online UK

    Electric Blinds can be purchased online for DIY install. We offer a free fabric sampling service to assist you in your fabric selection. Simply click the "order sample" button on the fabric page and we will dispatch samples to you by first class mail.

    Electric Blinds - Specification Service

    Alternatively, we offer a bespoke specification, advice and quotation service. This is recommended for larger or more complex projects. We can work alongside your automation system custom installers and in tandem with architects, interior designers and mechanical and electrical engineers. To request a call back about your project, fill out our electric blinds UK project form

    Premium Brands are SOMFY accredited Expert Retailers, meaning we have undergone Expert level training relating to automated shading and home and building automation. We offer best quality SOMFY branded motors, along with other brands such as Vestamatic, Qmotion and Lutron blinds. Most importantly, we are able to select which brand to use for a given project, given factors such as customer budget and expectations, building and home automation compatability and availability of power and control cabling.

    Our Track Record

    We have a track record of many small and large prestigious project installations which include 350 automated cassette roller blinds at Central St. Giles, a high end residential development on Tottenham Court Road in Central London. As part of the Olympic Legacy transformation, we installed 100 electric roller blinds with cassette and side channels at the "Copper Box", Olympic Handball Arena in the Queen Elizabeth Park. We also installed a central blind control system at this project which allowed all blinds to be key operate from a control panel. Our blinds have also featured on TV programmes such as a Restoration Man featuring a conversion of a WWII control tower in the far reaches of Scotland.

    Buy Online or Contact Us

    You can configure and buy electric blinds online making secure online payment. Alternatively, should you require a full turn key service, complete this projects form and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your blind automation project in more detail.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Electric and Remote Controlled Blinds

    Are motorised blinds worth it?

    To improve a home's convenience and efficiency, it may be a wise decision to make this purchase. In addition, it is well worth it for windows that are high up or otherwise inconvenient to reach. Even spaces with few windows can gain from motorisation if those windows are opened and closed often. Motorised blinds can enhance a home’s energy efficiency. You may know that having a blind pulled down can keep heat in (or out, depending on the season!).

    But how can you be sure that your blinds are pulled down at the right time? Incorporating your blinds with timers and/or sensors can take all of the efforts of adjustment out of your hands and ensure good insulation at your windows leading to better energy efficiency and lower heating or cooling costs!

    Can I use electric blinds on a UPVC bathroom window?

    Yes, you can use electric blinds on a UPVC bathroom window, so long as they are not exposed directly to water, or to high levels of moisture and condensation. We’d recommend low voltage motors, such as battery powered drivers. Electric blinds are a good option for bathrooms because they are easy to operate and can be programmed to open and close at certain times. They are also a good choice for people with limited mobility.

    Can I get electric Velux blinds?

    Yes, you can get electric Velux blinds. With the touch of a button, you can open and close these blinds because they are motor-operated. They are a great option for people who have difficulty operating manual blinds because they are out of reach or for people who want the convenience of being able to control their blinds from anywhere in the home. We offer our own brand of electric blinds for Velux windows, which are battery powered with a solar panel for trickle charging the battery.

    Are there any click-to-fit electric blinds?

    Yes, there are a number of click-to-fit electric blinds available including roller blinds which are provided with a battery opowered motor and controlled with a handset or mobile app. These blinds are easy to install without the need for drilling or screws. They simply click into the frame of your window. Click-to-fit blinds are a good option for people who want the convenience of electric blinds without the hassle of installation.

    Are there cheap plantation shutters available?

    Yes, there are cheap plantation shutters available. However, it is important to note that the term "cheap" can be subjective and may mean different things to different people. It is important to do your research and compare prices before buying cheap plantation shutters. You should also make sure that the shutters are made from quality materials and that they are well-made.

    Are made-to-measure skylight blinds available?

    Yes, made-to-measure skylight blinds are available. This means that you can get a blind that is perfectly fitted to your skylight, regardless of its size or shape.

    Are there window blinds no drill that are also electric?

    Yes, there are window blinds no drill that are also electric. Perfect Fit Roller blinds are available with a battery operated motor and use a remote control to operate. There is no need to drill or screw them into your window frame. They are a great option for renters or homeowners who want to avoid damaging their windows, and they are also a good choice for those who want a convenient way to control their blinds.

    Are your electric blinds suitable for use on French doors?

    Yes, our electric blinds are perfect for most types of doors including French doors. For instance, you may particularly find our blackout blinds for French doors a good place to start.

    How do electric blinds work and what options are available?

    Electric blinds work via a small motor that controls the raising and lowering of the blinds. Battery or mains powered are available. They can be operated with a remote control, a wall switch, or even with the use of a hub you can operate them via an app on your smartphone or tablet. At, we offer a wide range of electric blinds to suit various needs and aesthetic tastes, including motorised pleated blinds, roller blinds, wooden blinds, and many more. Our motorised pleated blinds are particularly popular due to their sophisticated look and easy operation and fantastic insulating properties, making them a brilliant choice for any room in your home.

    What is the price of the roof lantern blinds?

    The price of roof lantern blinds will vary depending on the size, fabric and options selected - Please see our Electric skylight page for more details or we will be happy to advise you please contact our customer service team.

    Can you automate roller blinds?

    Yes, roller blinds can be automated using motorisation technology. Automated roller blinds feature a motor which is inserted into the roller tube, where the chain drive would usually be. This motor rotates the tube in either direction, meaning that you can control the movement of your roller blinds with a remote control, smartphone app, or home automation system. Automated roller blinds are an excellent choice for those who want to add convenience, security, and energy efficiency to their homes.

    Why should you consider getting remote controlled blackout blinds?

    Imagine opening or closing your bedroom blinds from the comfort of your bed. How about bringing down your living room blinds or home cinema blinds at the touch of a button. Remote controlled blackout blinds provide convenience, energy efficiency, safety, and style to any home. They offer easy light and privacy control at the touch of a button, promote energy efficiency, are safe for homes with children and pets, and come in a range of sizes and colors to suit any decor.

    What is the difference between electric blinds and motorised blinds?

    Electric blinds and motorised blinds are one in the same thing. Both perform the same function as conventional blinds, but they can be operated automatically using an inbuilt motor. The use of a timer or a remote control allows you to programme activities. Electric blinds can sometimes be used to denote that a blind is powered using mains power - but these days, the term electric blinds is often used to describe any blind with a motor whether it be battery or mains powered. Motorised blinds again describe any blind with a motor, battery, or mains powered.

    Do motorised blinds need to be plugged in?

    Mains powered (230vAC) motorised blinds do need a permanent mains power source. This can involve wiring a plug head to the end of the power cable, and then plugging the blind into a near by 3-pin plug socket. However, more often than not, a switched fuse spur is installed and the cable of the blind is hardwired into this fuse spur. If you aren’t in a position to install a switched fuse spur, perhaps because you aren’t completely re-furbishing and replastering your room, then DC battery powered blinds are a very good option.

    These days, most battery powered blinds have an integrated rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which lasts for between 6 and 12 months between charges, depending on usage. These batteries can be charged using a plug in charger with a cable that can reach to the head of the window, meaning you don’t have to take the blind down to recharge it. Some people leave their charger in place, meaning that the battery is permanently on-charge, but this is not necessary.

    Battery powered blinds are a breeze to install as a retro-fit solution as nothing has to be wired. Instead channelling out walls and laying power cabling, just install the blinds and ensure that the battery of the motor is charged periodically.

    How long do electric blinds last?

    Most motorised blinds come with warranties on their motors lasting up to five years. However, If installed level, programmed and used correctly, blinds may not need replacing for many more years. Correct programming will prevent damage caused to fabric, hardware and the motor by the blind over-running. Level installation means that the fabric will not run-off to one side and become damaged or frayed by rubbing on the brackets.

    Window blinds that are automated and integrated into your home's central automation system or those that can be controlled from your smartphone, sensors or timers are less prone to damage than manually operated blinds. One thing to remember is that automated blinds are often operated without human presence. So care should be taken, for example, not to leave windows open or obstruct the operation of motorised blinds with the furniture as this can cause damage to unattended blinds.  

    How long do batteries last in motorised blinds?

    An ordinary battery powered window roller blind (1.2 m wide by 1.2 m height) with a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, operated once in the morning should and once in the evening could last anywhere between 6 and 12 months between charges. In terms of long term battery life, blinds that run on rechargeable batteries may require new battery packs every five years, as they eventually gradually lose their ability to hold charge. This might be a simple matter of replacing an external battery pack. Or if the battery is integrated into the motor, the motor must be removed from the tube so that the battery can be removed and replaced.

    How much do automated blinds cost?

    Advertised as the height of luxury, motorised blinds are actually more affordable than you might imagine. There is a blind automation solution for every budget, with prices ranging from £150 for entry-level battery powered blinds to £1,000 and beyond for high specification premium brands such as Lutron Blinds. These days even quite a low cost automated blinds can be controlled intelligently using home hubs, mobile apps, sensors and timers, or integrated with smart home and building management systems.

    How good are electric blinds?

    Electric blinds have always been an extremely convenient addition to any home or building. But the benefits of electric blinds if used to their full potential stretch much beyond mere convenience and include enhanced privacy, security via simulated occupancy and energy efficiency by reducing heat loss or heat gain - to name just a few benefits! 5 to 10 years ago, these benefits were only available to those with large budgets and deep pockets, the cost of automated window blinds being out of reach of the mass market.

    However, over recent years, the cost of electric blinds have reduced significantly making them affordable to most people. Blinds that are powered by batteries are now very low cost, require no power or control cabling making them easy to install and have long lasting rechargeable batteries meaning they are simple to maintain. Electric blinds have now moved into a sweet spot where the undoubted benefits are available at a very reasonable cost.

    Can you motorise existing blinds?

    Some types of existing blinds may be motorised. In theory, upgrading your blinds with a motor is a fantastic method to make them more practical and functional for a longer period of time. In practice it is worth considering though that some blind types may be simpler to automate than others. Roller blinds are a good example of blinds that are relatively simple to upgrade. In order to upgrade you blinds with a motor, you will need to know the type of blind system and tube diameter. The supplier of your existing blinds should be able to tell you this. It may even be detailed on the original paperwork.

    Assuming you can find out this information, then it will be possible to select an appropriately sized motor and the correct adaptors to make that motor fit with your existing blind. The cost and complexity of automating some types of blind, may outweigh the cost of buying a brand new automated window blind.

    For example, manually operated wooden venetian blinds and aluminium venetian blinds are a relatively low cost purchase, and any blind automation really needs to be automated during the original build, rather than as a retrofit, which would involve taking apart the blind and potentially replacing parts in order to incorporate the motor.

    Are motorised blinds any good?

    Motorised blinds have many benefits including convenience, privacy, simulated occupancy (security) and energy efficiency. In recent years the cost of motorised blinds has reduced to such an extent that the benefits are no longer outweighed by the cost. There are many blinds now available that are powered by batteries that are long lasting, rechargeable and capable of operating blinds of all sizes.

    Battery operation has also eliminated one of the key barriers and associated costs for many people because installation of mains power and cabling is no longer required. Battery-operated blinds are very simple to install because you don't have to worry about positioning an electrical outlet in close proximity to the window.

    How do automatic blinds work and what are their benefits?

    Automatic blinds, also known as motorised or electric blinds, use a motor to control their movement. They can be controlled by a remote control handset or switch, smartphone app,  home assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Home and by smart home systems such as Lutron, Crestron, Fibaro and Control4.

    The benefits of automatic blinds include convenience, as they can be adjusted without leaving your seat, security when programmed to open and close at specific times to simulate presence and ensure privacy, and energy efficiency when programmed to block out heat during the summer and let in sunlight during the winter. They can also be integrated with other smart home devices for added convenience and style.

    Can the electric blinds be fitted to any type of windows?

    Our electric blinds can be fitted to various types of windows. Battery versions are a fantastic option if retrofitting or for windows that are hard to get mains power to. For roof windows, we provide top-quality blinds for Velux windows. These have a solar-powered motor so no need to even charge, the sun will continuously trickle charge the integrated battery. For specific windows please contact our customer service team who will be happy to advise