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Sliding Fly Screen Door

Our sliding fly screen door is ideal for patio doors, and door configurations with a fixed panel next to an opening door.

Consists of a sliding framed fly screen (up to 120cm w x 2400cm h), with glass fibre mesh. The framed screen runs in top and bottom rails (up to 2350cm w). This screen is packaged as an easy-to-fabricate DIY kit, with full instructions. Profiles and mesh can be trimmed to suit your casement and opening size.

Install without bottom rail for barrier-free access.

Install two sliding door fly screens back-to-back to make a double sliding screen.

Available from stock with Next Day dispatch, when you buy online. Buy today. Enjoy Fresh Air tomorrow!

  • Blind Type: Sliding Fly Screen Door

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sliding Fly Screen Doors


Can you add fly screens to sliding doors?

A sliding door such as a patio door is a difficult opening to cover with a fly screen due to the size of the recess. The best options for this type of door are retractable roller insect screens and sliding fly screen doors. 


What type of screen is best for a sliding door?

Roller insect screens can be supplied as double screens with a roller cassette on either side, which each pulls to meet in the middle. When not in use, the mesh screens retract into the system's cassette, making it safe, secure, and concealed from view. Sliding fly screen doors are also a great option for patio sliding doors, as the fly screen only really needs to cover the opening panel of the door and not the fixed glass panel.


How much does it cost to install a sliding screen door?

Sliding fly screen doors can be installed by a capable DIY’er. Costs for installing a screen door might vary widely, but will fall within the range of £75 and £200, depending on whether the fly screen door the screen is supplied assembled and ready to install or if it is supplied in kit form and requires assembly. The typical cost of a sliding door fly screen in kit form is £150. The average cost for expert installation personnel is £30 to £50 per hour, and the time required varies from 90 minutes for installation of a ready-made screen to 4 hours for assembly and installation.


How long do sliding screen doors last?

Sliding screen door fly screens typically can last many years with regular mild cleaning but no substantial maintenance. 

Should you remove the sliding screen door for winter?

The typical mechanism for sliding fly screen doors consists of a track and roller wheels that allow the screen door to slide back and forth along the track. The screen can simply be lifted out from the rails and stored away during the winter. It is recommended that sliding fly screen doors are removed for winter because if the track becomes clogged with dirt and filth, opening and closing the door becomes difficult.


Can you put fly screens on French doors?

French doors can, of course, benefit from a fly screen. A retractable roller fly screen is the best and most flexible screen door option for a French door. A retractable screen door can be installed in no time at all and when not in use hide away in the cassette out of sight.


What kind of screen can you put on French doors?

Whilst retractable roller fly screen doors are the ideal french door fly screen, you may also wish to consider sliding door fly screens, walk-through chain fly screens or mesh panel screens.

What are some benefits of using door fly screens in the UK?

The primary benefit of using door fly screens UK is that they effectively prevent insects from entering your home, while still allowing fresh air to circulate. They are especially useful in the UK during the warm summer months, when flies, wasps, mosquitoes and midges are most active. These door fly screens come in various styles, to complement the aesthetic of your home. One of our most popular designs is the sliding fly screen door. It is attractive, user-friendly and easy to install.

Can I install a fly screen on my patio doors? 

Our sliding fly screen doors work perfectly well as a fly screen for patio doors. This DIY screen can be customised in size for a perfect fit. It's a brilliant way to keep your home ventilated throughout summer, while keeping out unwanted flies, insects and other pests. All while maintaining an excellent outward view.