Cat Flap for Flyscreen Doors

-Allows cats (and small dogs) to enter/exit through closed hinged fly screen door.
-20x25cm, top hinged, in black
-Fit when building your fly screen or retrofit.
£7.49+20% VAT
Blinds Delivered: 2-3 WORKING DAYS


Cat flap for fly screen doors is easily installed to hinged fly screen doors. Like a traditional cat flap, it allows cats (and smaller dogs) to enter/exit through a closed hinged fly screen door.

It's easier to install this product to your fly screen as part of the process of building your fly screen for the first time- although retrofitting is possible.

*20cm x 25cm.
*Black plastic frame
*Charcoal fibreglass insert.
*Top hinged with lock.
*Suitable for cats and small dogs.