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Control your electric blinds and curtains from your smartphone or tablet with AppyBlinds. AppyBlinds is made up of two components: • AppyTransmitter • AppyHub. Compatible with any Somfy RTS enabled product including their full range of RTS window blind and curtain motors, as well as their range of home/building automation products - garage door and gate motors, awning motors, lighting and much more!
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The AppyHub plugs into your existing wifi router. The AppyTransmitter plugs into your AppyHub. Your Somfy RTS enabled blinds are paired with the AppyTransmittter. You download an app to your smartphone or tablet which in turn is paired with the AppyHub. Once set up, if for example, you press the UP button on the App on your smartphone or tablet, a signal is sent to the AppyHub via your wifi router. The AppyHub pings this signal onto the AppyTransmitter. The AppyTransmitter sends a radio signal to your blind. The Blind goes up! It really is as simple as a touch of button, or in this case, a tap of a phone! The beauty of this solution is that you don’t even have to be within range of your wifi router. So long as your phone or tablet has connection to the internet, you can control your blinds from literally anywhere in the world!


  • Control By: App
  • Automation Brand: AppyBlinds


FAQS: Q: What types of smart phone and tablet is AppyBlinds for Somfy RTS compatable with? A: iOS (iphones and ipads) and android. Q: Is the app included? A: The app isn't included but is low cost, about £5. Details of recommended apps are included in the video instructions. Q: Is it easy to set up? A: It requires configuration. It's a detailed but fairly straight forward process. See the video instructions. Q: What else will I need other than what's in the AppyBlinds kit? A: You'll need a laptop, a smart phone or tablet, and of course Somfy RTS enabled blinds which have been programmed and paired with a Somfy RTS handset. You can buy the blinds - here For more information on AppyBlinds, feel free to read our blog aticle.